JM Closing Their Doors

JM Closing it's Doors
Update 8/23/17 – JM is coming back under new ownership. Start delivers September 15th.

Sad news about a brand I just tried this year and reviewed as recently as last Friday. I received an email yesterday from JM offering 50% off and that they will be closing their doors. They have the same message on their website. Guess I shouldn’t have taken so long to give their thongs a try. I’ve always heard great things about them for years. Took me awhile to get to ordering from them, since I’m pretty brand loyal. I’ve only branched out a bit more with blogging.

JM has been in the business for 35 years. They’re in both the men’s and women’s underwear markets. They also offer some swimwear for the guys. I like the companies that sell both men’s and women’s underwear especially ones that offer men’s bikinis and thongs. It brings attention to the women that are shopping there that guys have options to choose from too. Now unfortunately there will be one less. What made JM’s products great was their fabric along with them being well made. Their soft fabrics made their underwear and swimwear super comfortable especially their thongs. They were going to be my top beginner thong recommendation. Guess back to the drawing board on that one.

I need to be at least thankful I was able to get a Natura and Skinz thong. Both are solid traditional thongs that are very comfortable. I’ll be sure to take extra care with them to make them last as long as possible. It is a bummer to see a quality brand close it’s door especially with just getting my hands on their product. I’ve already got several shocked responses when I mentioned it on social media. Are you surprised at their closing? Anyone have a thong that they would say is comparable to the JM Skinz or Natura thong? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Yves says:

    I love the fabric jm used. I have many pairs of their undies. Any ideas on a brand that has similar fabric? Loved the softness and stretchyness of it. Not too cottony and not too spandexy

    • Check out the Turkish brand Doreanse. A lot of their underwear is a similar fabric as the JM Natura line. Their fabric is a blend of cotton, micro modal, and Spandex. So far only have one pair from them, but want to try more. I like the fabric they used in the pair I have. Not sure of a similar fabric to their Skinz line.

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