Underwear Addiction

Underwear Addiction
Do you have an underwear addiction or maybe a swimwear addiction? Then you can join the club. I’ve been addicted to bikini and thong underwear ever since I first tried them on. We normally relate addiction to being a negative thing. I do not see that to be the case with my underwear and swimwear addiction. To me it is a positive obsession. I can see it being a negative one if you are going into debt buying underwear. There are probably other circumstance too that can make it a bad addiction. In general I see it as a positive one.

Why is it positive addiction for me? First, I’m not hurting myself and others with all my underwear and swimwear. This means it is okay for me to find them to be enjoyable. It has been said many times, but they help boost confidence and makes one feel sexy. Both positive things to feel. It’s fun wearing something different each day and matching your mood instead of the same thing day in and day out. My interest in bikinis and thongs has lead me to meet a lot of interesting and great people. Many I keep in correspondence with. Those all sound like positive things to me. I’m sure there are other good examples and probably better ones that haven’t come to mind. I think at least that makes the point.

Now I wouldn’t object to having an underwear anonymous. Now the group wouldn’t be there to help you break an underwear addition. It would be there to help support you in your underwear goals. Give you the encouragement you need to break the norms of boxers and briefs. Support you in wearing that swim brief to the beach. I know I’m not the only one that could use some encouragement in reaching my goals. I’ve had guys say they are hesitant about wearing bikini and thong underwear even though they want to. They’re letting social norms win over their desire and/or question their desires. I know others that wouldn’t mind wearing a swim brief to the beach.

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  1. T says:

    I wouldn’t say I have an underwear or swimwear addiction as such,but I’ve certainly had a keen interest in the skimpier styles of underwear since my mid to late teens. I can remember back in the 70’s and 80’s the thrill of shopping for underwear/swimwear in the large department stores which in those days had large selections of bikini briefs(which I favoured back then)and the even more daring thongs which I would nervously present to the assistant behind the counter. Swim thongs could also be found in a shop called C&A(sadly no longer trading here). When I look back on these days,it makes me realize just how straight laced and boring the choice of underwear has now become in most men’s clothing stores and I barely give a second glance to the dull,grey boxer briefs/shorts that seem to be the only styles on offer. I can’t actually remember when I last bought underwear from a local retail outlet.Probably not since I discovered the delights of internet shopping.
    I hope this next “confession” doesn’t come over as being a bit weird,but I will admit to casting an eye over the contents of a washing line and trying to guess what type of guy might be the wearer of the pants on the line. The vast majority of pants on display do tend to be the dreaded boxers,but the good old brief can occasionally be spotted.I suppose it is possible that some skimpier styles are kept hidden indoors to save any embarrassing comments from curious neighbours.
    The “fashion” for men to wear low rise jeans and jogging bottoms which often display the waistband of their underpants is also a way of gauging what style of underwear is currently in vogue. Sadly,yet again,it would seem that boxer shorts far outweigh bikinis and thongs.

  2. E.J says:

    I’m 51 and married I wear string bikinis and sunbathe in g string thongs. I love having underwear variety, some people think it’s not correct- what do they know?

  3. E.J says:

    I’ve always liked wearing sexy stuff, I like women that wear it too.As we all know for some stupid reason it’s unacceptable for men.So I went mainstream garbage undies, but now gettin up there in years, but still have the body for it-live it up as long as I can

  4. E.J says:

    Underwear addiction works for me

  5. EJ says:

    Complete switch is on

  6. EJ says:

    Yup it’s the better way.I used to think boxers always at work-that’s stupid thongs & bikinis good all the time

  7. RT says:

    I wear all sorts of underwear except the old tightey whities and boxer shorts. A good 75% consist in half-back bikinis, thongs, cheeky ones. I keep buying revealing undies that male me feel sexy and daring but at the same time are comfortable. I guess I can call it an addiction.

  8. Stephi says:

    I have a serious underwear/panty addiction. I probably have over 200+ pairs but so many types, styles, work, gym, etc. It got worse with Victoria secret 7 for 28 sales. I have enough to last if my washer broke for 2 years jajajajajaja! It’s true if there was a panty raid at my place I probably wouldn’t notice unless it was one of my favorite pairs. I should be on my strange addiction show lol!

  9. EJ says:

    I hear ya Stephi and my string bikini/ g string collection increases- there’s worse stuff to be addicted to

  10. Stephi says:

    I recently did an inventory/ fold them as small as you can like i was taught in military and i probably have more like 300-400 pairs cuz i still keep them if they are not stretched or ripped and falling apart. I have a plastic shoe cantainer for those ones (gym, working outside ones etc) then i keep a stash in my car probably 30+ pairs with socks & some bras in case it rains or emergency stash. I always keep extra clothes in my trunk, it comes in handy living here in Florida. i admit i have some from 90s jajaja! They are still in good condition lol! Im an underwear horder jaja!

    • When you have so many pairs they can last that long. When you only have a dozen or so pairs they’ll wear out faster since they are worn and washed more often. I have pairs that are around 10+ years old. They’re more designated my old pairs that I’ll wear more when I’ll be getting sweaty doing work. It is a good idea to keep clothes in the car. Never know when you might need a change. Something I should do. Thinking about keeping a swim brief and towel in mine over the summer months.

  11. E.j says:

    2 funny Stephi, not strange for underwear junkies like us- I never thought of keeping a stash in the car- 30+ lol

  12. Stephi says:

    We wont talk about my swimwear addiction but i have a pool thats my excuse to buying lots of swim suits in the summer jajajajajaja! I always keep clean underwear in my trunk with extra clothes one never knows when you are going to need a clean pair, or need a fresh pair if you had a long day at work and go out with your beau etc.

  13. EJ says:

    I hear ya BD- I got 4 string bikinis and 3 g strings earlier this month, 2wks later I had another 5 string bikinis on the way. I’ll probly need another fix in a few wks

  14. Stephi says:

    I totally had a relapse the 7/$28 sale at victoria secret did it again. Its funny i lost a pair of the cutest hiphugger ones dont know where but i tore up my house looking for them. I have over 400+ pairs if i really did a count. It diesnt help also having victoria secret outlet in Orlando where i am heading today. I am getting bras lets see how good i am just getting vras but if i get one pair a panties it will lead to more ans more. Its the best place for an underwear addict because not only do they have tons on the table to choose from there are large boxes underneith the tables one can get lost in. Its just not known to too many ppl, i just happend to be there at the right time when the clerk said to look underneith. We will see how i do today ill check in later to see if i can be good or break down and get more pairs.

  15. EJ says:

    Too bad there’s no stores like that for guys- I’d get a PT job at one just for the employee discount

  16. Stephi says:

    I guess they dont think men have underwear addictions but there are more choices, styles, and colors for guys, just have let the market know they need to open up a fruit of the loom outlet for guys. Its coming more guys are caring what draws they wear. Boxers are always adorable on men.

  17. EJ says:

    Depends what kind of boxers, I have a few different boxer briefs- one kind is Hanes the fabric seems thinner and softer than most m, and they a little shorter on the thighs don’t remember where I got them couldn’t find them online. You could call them adorable I guess but as long as I have a decent body, I’ll go with string bikinis and g strings

  18. EJ says:

    Inspired by a past topic, my underwear addiction continues- I have MP Euro g strings on the way I’ll review them on that blog, seein as I dig g strings

  19. Stephi says:

    I am very proud of myself i went through my unde wear drawers last weekend and threw out some that were less to be desired for jajajaja! I have a small plastic shoe box that i keep some for gym, outdoor activities and some in my car trunk in case one has an emergency, at the beach all day, etc. The next sale at victorua secret i will be there jajaja! I still love Fredericks of Hollywood even though they closed their store down at the Mall of America (where i used to go) and the one at Citrus park mall boo hoo their quality is better, but thank God i live 2 hours away from the victoria secret outlet and Vanity fsir or elese i would be there every weekend shopping feeding this addiction lol!

    • Congrats on doing a bit of a purge. It’s on my to do list a some point this year. Probably a good idea to have some spares in the car. I think I’m going to keep a towel and swim brief in the car just in case an opportunity presents itself. There is always online for Fredrick’s of Hollywood though then you have to wait for them to arrive. Happy shopping at the next sale.

      • A Guy says:

        I’ve never cared for the choices us men have for underwear. I’ve always loved bikini, thong or the cheeky styles. Since I do not like to shop on the Internet for my underwear and it is nearly impossible to find the styles and materials I like to wear in any store, not to mention there is no male specific underwear stores anyway, I did the next best thing. You may think it’s odd but I’ll tell you I am a straight guy married for almost 14 years. I went shopping at Victoria’s Secret for myself. Let me tell you before you judge….try it. Victoria’s Secret underwear is absolutely amazing. The seamless line material is the best and the new logo waistband cotton panties are awesome as well. I have about 200 pair in about a year. Wearing them feels great but the shopping experience as a guy in Victoria’s Secret is something you as an underwear lover would love. If you go in with confidence it’s quite nice. I’ve had a number of positive comments and conversations with Victoria’s Secret salespersons. A few recognize me and know what I like and are glad to show me the new arrivals. Yes not only am I addicted to underwear, and underwear shopping I’m addicted to Victoria’s Secret underwear shopping and wear my panties every day.

  20. EJ says:

    I like my addiction- waitin on cheap string bikinis from China to wear at work I wouldn’t consider some kind of 12 step program

  21. Greg says:

    Thong wearing has to be one of the healthiest addictions in the world. The great feeling that they provide us is refreshing. Having a “group therapy” session with other thongers would be fun.

  22. EJ says:

    I could probably use group therapy my underwear drawer used to have sexy stuff & boxer briefs last week I found out i have enough string bikinis g strings & thongs to fill it (always looking for more) the 5-6 boxers are buried in with winter clothes. Underwear addiction is ok with me

  23. Stephi says:

    Im in msybe a group therapy sesssion is good then we can figure out why or where this deep rooted addicrion comes from. I believe there are soo many other people in the world with an underwear addiction. Some dont want others to know. Its hard for mw when i have 4 dresser drawers and 2 plastic shoe boxes over flowing with underwear. I cant hide it. Its because my mother made us wear home made underwear when we were teenagers. My mom made our clothes alot of them but i got picked on, she could of took us to family dollar jajajaja. Now i have over 400+ pairs just love all different styles and colors.

  24. EJ says:

    I don’t want to know where it comes from- I’d rather have 4 drawers, plastic containers filled with g strings and string bikinis oh yea have a bunch in my car I got a long way to go but I’ll shoot for that no hope for me I guess

  25. Stephi says:

    The funny conversation with my brother about in college when i was in tri-Delta ?️?️?️ we had a panty raid for prizes jajaja! My brother said well if they took a pair you would not notice jajajajaja! Probably but if it was a favorite pair i would be mad. Too many pairs of underwear not enough time time to wear them all but ill be thankful when hurricane season starts lol!

  26. Stephi says:

    Having an underwear addiction doesnt hurt anyone or your health just maybe your budget but my beau loves all the different styles and colors that are in my collection, and he loves how i match every thing and once in a while a special treat with ones that have the garter belt. Too bad Fredericks closed all their stores love their stuff.

  27. EJ says:

    My wife not into my underwear addiction, if I wore a garter belt for her it’d probly send her off the deep end lol

  28. JS says:

    I’ve had an underwear fetish since my early teens. It eventually branched out into brief/bikini style swimwear and mostly recently women’s underwear. Even with the internet available, I felt that the underwear selection for men wasn’t as exciting as some of the women’s styles and definitely more expensive. I very rarely buy men’s underwear now and have a serious buying addiction to panties. Jockey panties are some of the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn and fit amazing. I have almost 100 pairs of panties now and I feel like I am out of control even though I’m not hurting anyone. My wife doesn’t really mind that I wear them. At first she was a little weirded out, but now she says they’re just underwear. I have purged my panties many times, but I always buy more. My wife discourages my purging because she knows I’ll just buy more. I would like to get back to men’s underwear because that seems a little more normal in my head, but the feel of a nice new panty on your butt is one of the best feelings ever.

  29. T says:

    I’m sure if you took the time to look you would find men’s underwear that would be every bit as comfortable,if not more so,than the women’s that you currently favour. I’ve never been tempted to try female underwear and I can’t help thinking that they are not really intended to fit a man’s package. It would also be detrimental to the sale and manufacture of men’s undies if more men chose to wear the female equivalent.

  30. Jim says:

    I have had a penchant for sexy underwear and bikini swimwear for some time now. It started when I was a teen and hasn’t really stopped. Up until a few years ago, I was strictly wearing men’s underwear, but the prices of some of these styles were getting ridiculous. I’ve seen some that are upwards of $40 for a single pair. My men’s underwear was borderline panties, so I figured maybe I should try some real panties for a fraction of the cost. Long story short, now all I wear is pretty much panties. I have over 100 pairs now in various styles, colors, and fabrics. My wife knows about my panty wearing and doesn’t mind. At first, she was a little freaked out, but then just realized it’s only underwear and now will buy them for me on occasion. I’ve tried to quit wearing panties and just go back to men’s styles, but the vast selection is just too hard to pass up! I think I have a problem now. I must warn those who are considering going the panty route. It’s a slippery slope if you already love sexy undies and swimwear. I own at least 50 pairs of bikini brief swimwear as well.

  31. TMK says:

    As a young boy, one of my earliest memories is dressing up as a girl and helping my mother around the house.

    When I was a teen I would occasionally sneak her nylon camisoles and slips and wear them in bed. I loved the silky feeling against my skin. My first pair of sexy panties were stolen off a clothes line on a drunken walk home as an 18- year old. Neither of these are proud moments looking back although I suspect far from unique.

    As a married man, I eventually returned to my love for sexy lingerie and began buying for myself online – I had resolved never to sneak my wife’s and never have. I was eventually discovered and had the conversation, which my wife is lukewarm about. Still, I’m glad because I don’t want to waste money on inevitable binge-purge cycles… once hooked it’s hard to go back.

    I mostly like nylon blends with elastane/spandex and lace. I’ll wear boyshorts, hipsters, tangs and thongs – anything other than full briefs and granny panties. If I want that full coverage I’ll stick to my men’s microfiber boxers.

    Favorite brands lately have been: Aimer (lace trimmed hipsters), Maidenform (my favorite go to brand), Wacoal b.tempt’d line of cheeky hipsters and BUBBLELIME nylon sports thongs.

    Pantyhose and stockings have always been a part of my life ever since being put in hose as a child for a warm undergarment while skiing.

    Some of it is the daring sexiness, some of it crossdressing and transformative wish fulfillment and a large part is the unadulterated hedonistic love of the tactile sensations.

    Guys and girls, you do you.

  32. Ned says:

    I think my underwear addiction is out of control. At first it was only men’s bikini underwear, then men’s bikini swimwear and now I have an addiction to panties. Women’s underwear has so many more styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics compared to men’s underwear that it’s hard not to become addicted to them if you already have an underwear fetishism. I have at least 100 pairs of panties now, probably 50 or so men’s bikini swimsuits and I’m not sure how many pairs of men’s underwear. There are days where I love my panties and love wearing them, then there are other days where I am disgusted with myself. My sex life with my wife is non-existent for reasons I don’t wish to discuss, but has nothing to do with my underwear. I think the absence of sex has only increased my desire to wear exotic underwear and panties.

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