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Watch for these ReviewsI’ve been holding out a bit on this score of undies that I got during Freshpair’s blow out sale. At least that is what I’ll call it for now. Maybe over 2 months ago is not quite a little bit, but still a good score for me. With the sale, I added two new brands that I haven’t tried yet and have been wanting to. Those brands are Male Power and Doreanse.

Here’s what I got in my order: 3 thongs, 1 g-string, and 1 bikini. I’m not really a big g-string fan, but the wife likes orange and it was cheap! One of these days I’ll break it out for her :-). The g-string is the Male Power Euro G-string. Mainly I’m not a fan of how the back of a g-string looks on me; other than that they are fine to wear.

Next on the list is the Male Power Rayon Swag Wonder Bikini. The fabric of this bikini is super soft and lightweight. Last one with the Male Power brand is the satin bong thong. Let’s say my first impression of it is a good one. This next thong I added to the collection is from Doreanse. It is most likely going to be show up in my drawer in other colors in the future. Freshpair call it the Euro Thong (1392).

The one from the brand I’ve somewhat recently tried is the Blueline Pro-Mesh Camo Thong. I’ve said before I’m not a fan of sheer, but thought the print on the mesh would not show too much off. Also the thought is mesh would be cooler in the summer. Let’s say overall I’m pleased with the purchases. Keep your eyes peeled for the reviews in the months ahead. I’ll be linking this post to those ones.

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