Swim Brief Beach Dreaming

Swim Brief Beach Dreaming

I’m a swim brief beach dreamer. All winter long I dream of how I’ll be hitting the beach in a swim brief. I guess sometimes during the summer too. You know walking out all naturally to a spot on the beach. Then setting up your chair or blanket. Removing your footwear and shirt. Then dropping your shorts to reveal the swim brief like you’ve done it a billion times.

Then you come back to reality and that confidence you had in the dream dissipates. You wrestling with the idea of wearing the swim brief or fitting in with the swim shorts. Finally you talk yourself into wearing the swim brief and head to the beach. Once at the beach you look for the area with the least amount of people and head that way with butterflies churning in your tummy. You get yourself set up and case the area to see who is looking your way. The footwear and shirt come off easily, but when it’s time for the shorts the nerves really kick in. Sheepishly you slide your shorts down and immediately lay down. Then you’re looking around to see if anyone caught a glimpse or is staring your way.

Does that sound familiar or maybe the shorts never come off. I’m sure I’m not the only one that struggles like this. It’s a reality in our culture that it is hard to go against the norm in fear of ridicule. If you really want to wear the skimpy swimwear then you have to take a chance to face that ridicule. That is what I finally did locally last year. You can read that post here.

That experience has increased my swim brief beach dreaming. I at least know that my dreaming can be a reality when the weather warms up this year. I’m sure I’ll still have some struggles with breaking out the swim brief, but the theory is they should lessen over time. Hopefully, I can inspire others to break one out too at local beaches.

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. At this time of year I think we can all relate to the title of your latest blog,and I’m sure there will be some of your followers who will share your yearly anxiety about breaking out the swimwear.
    I can’t remember when I last visited a beach in my home country of Scotland,but weather permitting,I would like to think I would have the courage to wear whatever skimpy style I chose to wear without fear of ridicule and negativity from the board shorts wearing masses.
    I know you overcame a big personal hurdle last year when you donned a speedo brief when you were at the beach with your wife and children. This year,again with your family in attendance,why not try a brief with narrower sides and back,but still in a dark or patterned colour(s) which will not accentuate or draw attention to your package? I honestly feel your best opportunity for wearing the skimpiest bikini style at the beach is when you are engaged in fatherly activities with your children and are accompanied by your supportive wife. You are much less likely to be subjected to negative comments than a single guy on his own.

    On a less serious note……….
    Remember the picture of the black Hom swim thong I sent you? Would you believe I wore it while delivering to one of my customers? Let me explain……….
    On Valentine’s day I made my usual delivery to this particular shop, and one of the women in the shop said she had hoped it was a Valentine’s gift,to which I replied that there was a guy in a thong waiting outside to deliver a special surprise for her. All her workmates laughed,and I jokingly suggested that I would wear a thong the next day. Well,true to my word,the next day I walked into the crowded shop wearing my thong and was immediately surrounded by all the women asking all sorts of questions about the thong. Then another delivery driver came in and said that he wasn’t keen on the colour,but personally preferred a pastel shade. Now,before you think I’ve gone mad and risked being arrested for indecent exposure,I should confess that I wore the thong around my neck(like a neckerchief),but it still got all the women(and the red faced male owner) talking.
    I’m sure you’ll agree it was a somewhat unconventional method of promoting a “man thong” but it certainly got attention.

    • The plan this year is to go a little smaller on the swim brief. I’m looking at the aussieBum Classic 1.5 I have and the Speedo Solars for sure. Also considering the Kiniki Riviera swim bikini I got last year. If we make the trip a few times to the beach maybe I’ll work my way down to it. I agree that being with the family is a great opportunity for breaking out swim bikinis. Makes it harder I would think for others to complain that my swimwear isn’t kid or family friendly with kids in tow. Of course the wife backing it up is good to have too. Probably still avoid the popular areas, since my guess is those would be the ones with the more close minded individuals.

      That’s one safe way of promoting the thong. Guessing it proved that women do have some interest in male thongs.

      • T says:

        In a recent survey here in the U.K 25 items of clothing including leather trousers,croc shoes and flares were listed and people were asked to name their most hated item. Sorry to tell you that speedos were voted top of the list with more than two thirds of the people saying it was their number one hate. Looks like we’ve still got a long way to go to make them acceptable for the majority of people,but that shouldn’t surprise us.

  2. EJ says:

    T’s gonna spearhead a movement stating ok for men to wear thongs- not a surprise lol

  3. JM says:

    One thing that may make it easier to lose the shorts is to drop them before you take off your shirt. Take off your shoes first, shorts second, and finally the shirt.

    I tried this a few times and it was easier for me than making the shorts the last item to come off.

    • Thanks…That’s a good idea.

      • JM says:

        No problem! I’m always glad to offer advice based on what my experiences have been.

        Generally speaking, this has always been easier for me because taking off a shirt is not as taboo as taking off your shorts. When you drop the shorts first, you can tell yourself that your shirt is still covering you. Then, when you are ready, pop off the shirt and you are good to go!


  4. PeruMan says:

    I’ve commented before, and I find that I need to give advice on how you can stop this paralysis of over-analysis when it comes to wearing skimpy swimwear/thongs in public. Skimpy swimwear wearing is just like pulling off a band-aid–you need to grit your teeth and just quickly yank it off (so to speak). I used to be as bashful and shy as you, but now I truly don’t care anymore. I go by myself, no friends or significant others, and just thong it out. Though I do make sure that the beaches in which I do this are welcoming, non-judgmental spaces.

    This is my piece of advice–you should plan for a vacation to a nice, warm spot somewhere in the world during winter, where you can effect this dream in real life. It’ll give you some needed wind for the upcoming summer.

    I’m already planning for my February get-away in 2019 (I’m lucky to get a whole week of paid vacation during February from my government job). I’ve landed on Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a balmy, tropical getaway that will certainly dispel the NYC winter blues. I chose it because it has a large gay beach. As I stated before, that’s where you can feel free and easy to go about in skimpy swimwear, including thongs, without the negativity. Yes, you will have a few guys check you out, but that’s a hell of a lot better than someone judging you harshly.

    I haven’t reserved hotel spots yet, but I’m also checking out what Puerto Vallarta hotels are fine with me wearing a thong poolside.

    I CANNOT WAIT to make my fantasy into a reality–taking off my clothes, lying on the nice, hot sand, letting the sun envelop me in its great warmth. Mexico here I go!

    And you should too, along with your wife, where you can really let it all hang out! 😀

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