Bikinis and Thongs: You Don’t Understand

Bikinis and Thongs: You Don't Understand
Do you think bikinis and thongs are only women’s underwear and swimwear? That men shouldn’t wear these types of styles? Maybe that these styles are only for the bedroom. They’re not comfortable styles to wear, particularly a thong. That only certain body types should wear them. They’re being worn to be a show off. Maybe you’re against them in another way.

Then you just don’t understand the bikini and thong styles. Perhaps you had a bad experience with them like a bad fitting pair. More likely you haven’t tried them for one reason or another. Most likely for guys it is society saying they aren’t styles for them. Well, let me pop the bubble. They are great styles for both men and women of any body type.

Bikinis and Thongs as Underwear

Let’s talk about bikinis and thongs for underwear first. For a lot of people underwear is something they just wear under their clothes. You know, for hygiene. Or their mommas told them they needed to, so they continued doing so. They haven’t had the pleasure of wearing nice fitting sexy underwear. Bikinis and thongs provide the hygiene benefit just like fuller styles, but you get more with them.

Comfort – Yes, they are comfortable. Even thongs with the fabric between the cheeks. Now, I’m not going to say every pair is, but there are lots of comfortable bikinis and thongs out there.

Great Support – For us guys they offer great support for the boys. Most of the mainstream underwear out there does not offer much in the way of support if any at all (boxers). For me it is hard to beat a good fitting thong for support. Plus an added bonus they are cooler, which makes them great for sports and working out too. Having the right fabric makes a great difference for the support of the bikini and thong, so keep that in mind.

Less Restrictive – One thing I hated about briefs was they were tight on the thighs. With bikinis and thongs that is not a problem. With their narrow sides, it gives the legs lots of freedom. You also get to show some legs and potentially give an illusion you are taller.

Sexy – Personally, I’ve always seen bikinis and thongs as sexy. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy. Wearing something sexy should make you feel sexy. Yes, guys are allowed to feel that way too. When I pulled on my first bikini it felt awesome. Got even better when I found better pairs. Twenty-five years later, I still feel sexy every time I pull a pair on.

Confidence – This goes a long with sexy. Feeling good (sexy) helps bring out one’s confidence. So starting your day pulling on a sexy pair of underwear should give you a bit of a boost. Remembering you are wearing sexy undies during the day might give you a bit more hop in your step. Having a pair of wild underwear under business attire is a great way to spice things up. It’s a fun secret that most likely only you know about, which just peps up the confidence some.

Fun – Why wear the same boring underwear everyday when you can mix it up. Most of us don’t wear the same outer clothes day after day. Maybe certain people have to wear a certain uniform, but that makes it even a better idea to mix up the underwear. It’s another way to express yourself even though it is expressing it to yourself over others. There’s lots of styles and cuts in the bikini and thong market. You can choose from many different fabrics along with many colors, stripes, patterns, and prints. Mix up those undies to add a little fun to your morning routine and the day.

Bikinis and Thongs as Swimwear (Swim Breifs too)

Onwards to swimwear and what they can bring to the table in bikinis, thongs, and swim briefs. These are scary items to wear for guys which also could be the case for women too. It’s against the norm and showing more skin then guys are supposedly allowed to. Along with the anatomy that is forbidden to be talked about let alone showing it in something form fitting. Once you get over all of that and say screw the norm in men’s swimwear, you’ll find they are awesome to wear at the beach and in the water.

Cooler – Basically less fabric means cooler at the beach. I run hot in general, so I love not having the extra fabric of shorts hanging on me absorbing the sun.

Free feeling – Not sure how to explain this one, but you feel more free. It’s not like you’re going to prance around the beach or pool. It’s more refreshing. Maybe it is because I’m letting go of my inhibitions and wearing what I want.

Better in the water – I think it is hard to deny that a form fitting suit is better in the water. That is why swimmers wear them over loose fitting trunks and board shorts. They feel better wet than shorts plastered to you. They look better on you wet and dry.

Better for sunning – Obviously with a smaller suit you get more sun exposure on your skin. Why roll up the short legs when you can wear a suit without them. Go get some swim brief tan lines or smaller at the beach or outdoor pool.

See above – You get a lot of the benefits I mentioned with underwear too. Wearing a form fitting swimsuit is going to give you great support. You’ll feel less restrictive in them, sexy and confident. They are comfortable to wear too.

Just More enjoyable – What’s not enjoyable about finally manning up and wearing what you want to wear. Putting yourself out there breaking a norm and leading by example. Even when you are a reserved person. It feels great wearing appropriate beach and swim attire. Don’t wait to give it a try. I missed out on many years of just wearing a swim bikini brief.

Now, you really probably won’t understand until you give bikinis and thongs as underwear or swimwear (swim briefs too) a try. Finding that pair that fits just right holding everything nicely in place will really put the icing on the cake. Especially when it comes to thongs. I’m sure there are other benefits I did not mention that maybe you will discover or will get covered in the comments. It’s time to be brave and try some new styles.

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  1. T says:

    I find Instagram a constant source of polar opposite views when it comes to the subject of skimpier styles of underwear/swimwear for men. I love to post positive comments whenever I see a guy going against the flow and wearing thongs and bikinis etc as underwear or swimwear, and sometimes I will suggest that a guy should consider a bikini, rather than say a square cut Sunga. Inevitably the haters churn out their old fashioned views that those styles are solely for women and you can almost hear them sneering the term “man panties” as they type their displeasure at such a notion.
    I saw a post yesterday of two guys standing mid thigh deep in the sea which totally demonstrated the good and bad of men’s swimwear. One guy was wearing a sexy bikini which showed off his toned physique and was perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The other guy, who had posted the pic, was also in great shape, but he was wearing red board shorts that were waterlogged and were clinging to his loins and thighs. I pointed out the contrast in my comment, and the guy in the board shorts replied. He said “style was subjective and that more fabric sometimes grabs more attention or gives a different vibe” but concluded by saying the other guy’s swim briefs were “super sexy!” Can’t say I agree with the more fabric comment grabbing more attention(unless negatively), but at least he acknowledged how hot the other guy’s bikini was. Interestingly, two of the comments below mine were “I’ll take the red bathing suit” and “Need that speedo!” Opposite views again!

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Amazing article

    Light but factual and playful but with a strong point.

  3. Randy says:

    Nice blog post Nate.
    Feeling free: what’s wrong with prancing around the beach or pool in a skimpy swimsuit? I do it all the time 😉
    Yes it is cooler in small suits and shorts for that matter.
    Enjoying wearing small suits is awesome experience once you go small you never go back!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks. You may prance all you like.😄 Just doesn’t describe exactly the free feeling I felt especially the first time stripping down to a swim brief. I definitely didn’t feel like prancing around then.

      • Randy says:

        It will get easier every time you go out.
        Just last night I went to the pool at the hotel I was staying at, a man was in the hot tub when i walked in. I took my coverup shorts off to get in the hot tub wearing a neon yellow small pouch semi sheer sting bikini. Wore it like i owned the place.

        • T says:

          Got to ask what was the reaction of the guy in the hot tub?

          • Randy says:

            Nothing he was talking to a woman on his phone. After he hung up we started talking about work, covid, teens and stuff. I got out of the tub and went for a swim in the pool, he asked how is the water. He was wearing a square cut swimsuit or dark underwear. I think it was underwear but who am I to judge.

            • T says:

              I think we are long overdue a Randy “Share the Goods” post with all these amazing thongs and bikinis we hear about, but rarely see!

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          I’m improving….I’ve at least stopped putting on my shirt and shorts for the walk back to the car. Things are always easier with the wife and kids along. Some of the hotel pools you seem to own! Glad to hear you are still getting time to enjoy the skimpy swimwear.

  4. S says:

    I’ve been drawn to swim briefs or less for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I purchased my first swim brief secretly at a sporting goods store and went to the local lap pool to swim a few times just so that I could wear it. Then one summer in high school, I secretly purchased a swim bikini from Macy’s (it was the early nineties…, today, Macy’s only sells dork shorts). When a large group of friends and I went to a local waterpark, I took it along and purposely got one of my friends to dare me to wear it. After a few jokes, all returned to normal, and I think admiration was garnered from the females in our group. Wearing the bikini out with my friends was incredibly freeing. As a child, I was routinely admonished with “what would others think”. Then in that moment, wearing nothing but my swim bikini in front of friends, facing the fear head-on, and not becoming an outcast was beautiful. I embraced all that the waterpark offered, and enjoyed the day. However, it was the only time I wore the bikini in public other than a few deserted hotel pool experiences.

    Not swimming much in college and into adulthood, when I did go to a pool, I reluctantly stuck to swim shorts. Hating it every time they got wet. I would go to the beach, take my kids to a hotel pool, and not go into the water; just so I would not get wet and have to experience the soggy drippy shorts. I hate that feeling. I looked purposely for the shortest swim shorts I could find at traditional retail stores and was repeatedly, thoroughly disappointed with how these so-called shorts sat on my 5’7” frame. Swim shorts should not cover or come to your knees.

    I’m a bit older now and have been weathered by health concerns. A couple of years ago, I finally worked up the courage to visit a naturist club which changed my perspective and concern ‘about what what others might think.’ I’m not ready to go streaking down the street but I care a lot less about perceptions. I am fed up with the modern male fragile sense of heterosexual masculinity; doing any and everything not to appear effeminate or gay. Experiencing the freedom of full nudity and being accepted without clothing has opened me to finally wear swim briefs to the local beach. I haven’t worn swim shorts in the past two years.

    When my in-laws visited this past summer, we all went to the beach where I confidently wore my swim brief. In fact when we were all piling back into our SUV I didn’t bother getting dressed. I drove the group home in nothing but my brief and spent time in the backyard with everyone including in-laws, who were completely unfazed by my choice in attire. Additionally, my backyard does not offer privacy. I take it as a positive that none of my neighbors ever commented about it.

    Now, when outside of my immediate local area or with my family at the lake I’ll wear a swim bikini (my favorites are Skinzwear Tan Through M79 or M75). Though when at the lake with just my wife most often I just go nude. That truly is the best way to experience life in nature. Currently, we are planning a vacation to a Caribbean island which has a clothing optional beach. While my wife is not into naturism she is open to my exploration and sharing the experience with our younger children. She believes it would be best to introduce them to it when other naturists are naturally nude at the beach (avoid the “umm, Dad’s naked” reaction with others being nude too). While I’m looking forward to just being nude around the family for appropriate activities, in appropriate areas, this may give me the confidence to try thongs when not at a clothing optional location.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks for sharing your journey. It’s great you’ve gotten back to the swim briefs you’ve been longing for. You’ve given some great insights too. Good luck with your trip and it’s good to try and instill body positivity to the kids. My wife and I aren’t into naturism either, but try not to act like we are ashamed of our bodies around the kids if they happen upon us in less than clothes.

  5. T says:

    Hi S. Thank you for sharing your story and giving much encouragement to those followers who may still be hesitating about wearing a swim brief in front of family or baring all in an appropriate setting. Sounds like choosing to wear a speedo at the beach with the family gave you the courage to remain like that on the journey home and later in your back yard, and all without any negativity from those around you.
    As someone who enjoys being naked when the weather and circumstances allow, I take my hat off to you(or should that be all my clothes),that you, with the blessing of your wife, feel comfortable enough to be naked in front of your family(something I don’t plan on doing anytime soon)lol. If that doesn’t give you the confidence to wear a thong out with a clothing optional location, then I don’t know what will? lol.

  6. S says:

    Thank you for the encouragement, T.
    In a naturist environment being nude is normative and expected, whereas wearing non-conformative swimwear (bikinis and thongs) in a textile environment is entirely different. To me, that is a bigger hurdle due to it being counter to the normative expectation. Internally, becoming comfortable nude greatly aids my openness to wearing less. However, to me, thongs are another step beyond, a bikini in being counter normative. In the end, it is about being comfortable; less wet cloth equals more comfort. Now it is about exposing others to what isn’t normative to help them reevaluate and change previously held concepts of what is acceptable.

  7. RespectTheKini says:

    Couldn’t have been better said. 👏 This should be the top post, and hope inquirers of mens different choice in undergarments find and read to understand and maybe learn something new! Those examples / patterns shown in the picture, are great by the way!

    +Respect The Kini 🩲+

  8. DonS says:

    Well written post. This article needs to go to a wider audience, especially those who might be considering these briefer styles. Great encouragement for them to try.

    As far as coolness goes, I can confirm that for some women one of the factors against a one-piece swimwear is that they are hot while not in the water. So there are similar issues for women, it just seems that skimpier swimwear is more acceptable for women to wear publicly.

  9. Jan says:

    Hi Nate! Great post about what’s in or out in people’s eyes. I go swimming indoor or outdoor once a week. It’s a local indoor pool and by certain hours restricted to adults only, which I prefer. I always pack 2 pairs of speedoes, one pair of pretty conservative and one pair of more skimpy style. What to wear depends on how many visitors there are. I mostly end up with the skimpy ones, and have never had any comments. Lately I went to another place where they have a combined indoor and outdoor pool. Also only for adults. I dropped the speedoes and brought only a thong. If I had brought a speedo too, I would probably have worn them, even if I from home would have decided to wear a pair of thongs. The guts would have left me as so many times before, but this time there where no regrets to do, as I only had brought a pair of thongs. So I did it, and I think there was some looking, but no negative comments or any thing that way. I survived and had a great swim feeling almost naked in the heated and warm pool. In the end I did it, and felt comfortable wearing only a thong in public. I for sure will do it again😊

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks! Congrats on breaking out the thong. Not giving yourself another option is the way to go if you really want to try and force yourself to just do it. Took me too long to figure out not to wear swim trunks over my swim brief if I really wanted to just wear a swim brief.

  10. BLP says:

    I would try a thong if it feels silky like nylon, satin or silk! Hey I wear men’s panties already.

  11. Jason says:

    What brand is the red bikini in the photo that you used for this blog?

  12. Mike says:

    I was wondering what brand the red brief was as well, thanks for letting us know.
    I just looked it up and they’ve gone out of business!
    What a terrible shame.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yes, they are and I was very bummed about it. They said it was for retirement at least. Thought someone would have taken them over.

  13. Ray says:

    I enjoys my 1.5wj loose style aussiebums. Very comfortable and skippy no inner linings. Light colors go very transparent when wet. Wears darker colors at public beaches and indoor pools.

  14. Jason says:

    I love wearing thongs. A bikini, you may forget that you’re even wearing one, but a thong never let’s you forget that it’s there! The feel of the fabric wedged between my ass cheeks is a lot like having my woman’s hand on my l ass and she’s constantly reminding me that, “I’m with YOU, and i love you! Your mine and I’ll never leave you!” Wearing thongs can be quite sexual and exciting when you think of it like that! It’s also the fun of knowing what you’re wearing under your trousers that no one else knows about, especially when odds are that every other man in the room is wearing boring, mundane boxer briefs or the same tighty whities their mother has been buying for them since they were 2 years-old.

  15. Jason says:

    What I’ve always had great difficulty finding are bikinis and thongs with vertical striping. It’s easy to find horizontal stripes, the market is lousy with them! but finding bikinis and thongs with vertical stripes is nearly impossible and even more impossible when you’re a big and tall size man and most of the bikinis and thongs made for men don’t go above a 40 inch waist

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