Do you organize your underwear drawer?

Do you organize your underwear drawer?Do you like your underwear organized? Do you organize them by styles? Colors? Brands? A combination? Do you use multiple drawers for this organization or just one? Use dividers in the drawers?

I’m not one to really organize my underwear drawer. About the only separation I do is good pairs and old pairs. Old ones are for when I might be getting sweaty working in the yard, playing a sport, etc. Good are for the other times. The negative of not having my drawer organized is when I want a certain pair. That pair is sometimes hard to find. Typically I just decide if it is going to be a thong day or a bikini day. Then I like to just randomly grab out pairs until I pull one I want to wear that day. So far all my underwear fits in one drawer, which is the advantage of small undies. My collection is getting close to needing another drawer or an underwear purge. Guess which will probably win that battle….most likely another drawer!

Fill out the survey below to let me know how you organize your underwear.

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  1. T says:

    Just did a quick check of my drawers(pun intended)and the results are in.
    I have 5 underwear drawers and 1 for swimwear. I must have over 200 items in total,the most popular being g-strings, followed by thongs,then bikini briefs and finally jock straps. I tend to favour my Daniel Alexander,Gregg Homme and Cover Male strings as well as a couple of lesser known brands, which means the vast majority of my undies rarely see the light of day. I even have some that are in their original unopened packs. I really should have a clear out and pass them on,but I’m not sure if skimpy thongs etc are accepted by most charity shops.

    • I’m really considering an underwear purge. When trying to put some order in my drawer, it just seemed like a waste of space with some in there that I know I won’t be wearing. I have a swimwear drawer too, but a lot smaller than the underwear one. The charity shop would probably take new ones in package.

  2. Joelo says:

    I don’t have nearly as many pairs as 200, but I still have quite a few pairs of underwear compared to any guys I know. I favor thongs having about 35 thongs mostly from Cocksox, and joe boxer. I do separate my underwear out by style. So I have dividers for bikinis, thongs, some briefs, and then my last one has some for some trunk briefs, that I don’t really wear but have on the off day that I feel like wearing them. Organization is very important to me so all my clothes drawers are organized like this, not just my underwear. Nice conversation to bring up.

  3. RT says:

    I know the last comment was in February but wanted to comment. I’ve organized them by style: g-strings (very few), thongs, mini cheeks, 2\3’s, half backs, 1\3’s, cheeky boxers, mini trunks, some boxer briefs. I have two drawers with dividers. Collection keeps growing.

  4. EJ says:

    I do sunbathing g strings in the bottom 1 side bikinis g strings I use for underwear on top, next to those the bikinis I wear to work, next to those are 5-6 boxer briefs I have and don’t use much since I found this blog- I care about those so little, sox go under them

  5. RK says:

    I organize by style, then by colour. String bikini underwear is my most common style, followed by thongs then g-strings. For swimwear, it’s micro-bikinis then g-strings in that order. All told, I’m probably at about 100 pairs, with most in regular rotation.

  6. Mark says:

    I used to keep my thongs in a drawer in the master bedroom dresser but as the number of my thongs and bikinis kept increasing I had to start using other drawers and by now I keep the thongs I sleep in a top drawer in my dresser with swim suit bikinis on drawer down. The thongs I like to swim in are kept in another room in clear bins (I like to see what I have) separated by if they’re lined or unlined plus smaller bikinis in another box. I like to think of all of my thongs and bikinis as a hobby I can wear in different ways.

    • I’ve called my selection of underwear and swimwear a collections before. Never really looked as it as a hobby. That is a great way to look at it and refer to it.

      • Mark says:

        My wife like most women has a collection of shoes and I view my thongs/bikinis the same way; I wear what and when I want given my inclination at the time plus I get more enjoyment of them since I can use most of my thongs/bikinis as underwear and swimwear.

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