Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer (510) Review

Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer ReviewBy the name of this pair you would probably wonder why I’m reviewing it on a men’s bikini and thong blog. Maybe you are still wondering, since these aren’t along the lines of the narrow sides I like and review. What intrigued me to try this pair of underwear is the back styling. This pair is what is called a cheekie most of the time. I don’t know if it should be called a brief cheekie or a bikini cheekie. I’ll be categorizing it under thong, since there is some between the cheeks action. My wife seems to be a fan of wearing cheekies over a thong, so I wanted to give one a try. On a side note, I do find the cheekie look a sexy one.

This is my first try at the brand Daniel Alexander and my initial impression is a good one. Their designs are in line with Joe Snyder and Cover Male, which I’ve only tried Joe Snyder so far. The Daniel Alexander fabric is thinner than Joe Snyders, which I like. Joe Snyder’s is more a swimsuit thickness while Daniel Alexander is more an underwear fabric in my opinion. This pairs’s fabric content is a blend of 85% polyamide and 15% spandex. I like the clinginess of the fabric and it helps hold the goods nicely in place.

I’m not one that really talks about pouches. As long as they are snug and holding everything nice and secure I’m happy. There is something about the pouch of these that just stands out to me. I’m not 100% sure what it is. It says they are an anatomical pouch, but not like others I’ve tried that just have too much room and let you hang/flop down. These pull your sack up and is snug fitting. It does seem to have a pouch created to hold the goods. Whatever it is I do like the pouch of these. Maybe someone can explain the pouch to me and others better.

The back is described as a 1/3 covering, but cheekie is the way to go. They show off the base of your butt cheeks. These are going to give you a wedgie feeling, but with the cut you’re not getting a lot of fabric between the cheeks. I find them very comfortable and are reassuring me I have some sexy underwear on. The sides of these are about 2 3/8″, but they can be scrunched up on the sides some if you like. They are made in Columbia and are to be hand wash and hung to dry.

To wrap things up, I was pretty excited to try these so called boxers even more so after my short try on of them when they arrive. They are a nice in-between of a thong and a bikini. They’re a new way for me to change things up a bit with my underwear. These exceeded my expectations and the plan is to add a couple more of these in some other colors when the time and sale is right. These could be a good stepping stone for those that are thinking about trying a thong.

Update 4/27/2017: I did recently add two more colors of the risky boxer to my drawer (See image below). I went with the sale colors of beige and royal blue. Finding them to be a fun pair to add in the mix. One thing I didn’t mention is they can be a bit warm, which seems to be the case with Lycra as underwear. At least Daniel Alexander’s Lycra is lighter than others I’ve tried.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Tail Comfort: 5.0*
Recommendation: Two thongs up

*I wouldn’t exactly call the back of this having a tail. But with it having some in-between the cheek factor, I thought I’d treat it as a thong and give it a tail comfort rating.

Additional Photos
Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer FrontDaniel Alexander Risky Boxer BackDaniel Alexander Risky Boxer PouchDaniel Alexander Risky Boxers new additions to the drawer
What do you rate the Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer?

5 Responses

  1. Cocksox Guy says:

    I have many of these from Cover Male, Joe Snyder and Daniel Alexander styles and wear them around my house as shorts with a great sexy feeling every time I have them on. I wear them if I have a gathering of friends for a bbq or pool party with many friends wearing similar styles or thongs if we have a pool party. I don’t find this odd as all my mates wear these or thongs as everyday wear. I am a Manager and wear thongs or gstrings everyday to the office and business meetings and they make me feel confident and sexy thinking about who else in the room may have on, I know most women in the office wear skimpy thongs at minimum as they are forever talking around the office about what they have on or have purchased of late. I am a muscular 45 year old married father that is far from gay but love to wear skimpy underwear and don’t mind some fabric working its magic between my *** cheeks. They hold your balls so much better than conventional jocks and make for great feeling while wearing all day. I will wear them for many years to come.

  2. Jeff says:

    I have the Joe Snyder version of this pair and I love them! I agree with you on the pouch, I think it has the “bulge” design somewhat so it pushes everything up and out. Another good thing about these is wearing them if you are going to be crouching down or bending over… Avoiding a possible thong slip or “whale tail” which could be embarrassing in the wrong crowd lol

  3. RT says:

    Several pairs of these in my bottom drawer. Different colors and even the sheer ones. Probably my favorite style ofunderwear. I wear them with any kind of clothing including athletic apparel. If clothes fitted (and sometimes not that fitted) enough you can surely see the outline (kind of like it to show a little). And of course I love to wear them as my swimwear on the beach. Feeling pretty cool and risky when wearing them.

  4. BJ says:

    Happy to see a review on this one as it really caught my eye on their website. I own a few of the joe synder which I love the look on my backside. The only thing I don’t care for is the pouch can be too snug and by the end of the day, I’m ready for a different style thong. I was hoping this pouch has a little more room.

    • Haven’t tried the Joe Snyder one, so can’t say about the differences in pouch roominess. The Joe Snyder items I have are a thicker more swimsuit type fabric. I assume that is still the case, since it has been quite some time since I’ve bought a pair of theirs. DA is still along the lines of swimsuit like fabric, but it’s thinner. I like it better from an underwear stand point. With it being thinner I would assume it has more stretch than the Joe Snyder one. Though that is just an assumption. Maybe someone has experience with both brands and can let us know.

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