Kiniki’s Miles Thong Review

Kinki's Miles ThongThe Miles Thong is a cross between a g-string and a traditional thong. It has about 1/2″ string sides and then the back tail isn’t a string like the sides, but more of a traditional thong tail. The tail width is about 1 1/2″ wide. With the width of the tail you are going to notice you have a thong on. Though with the fabric being soft, for the most part the knowing you’re wearing a thong today is a comfortable feeling. You probably still want to be use to wearing thongs before picking this one. I’ll call it a U shape center seamed front pouch, which offers good lounging support and great for pajamas. It’s made of a 95% cotton and 5% elastane blend. Overall it is a pretty comfortable thong that is well made like all of Kiniki’s underwear I have tried. Only change I would considering making to it is taking a little bit of length out of it, so it sits lower. I machine wash and typically hang them to dry, but they’ve seen the dryer and are holding up well. They use to carry a similar thong like this called the Tonga that was made out of a nylon material, which I found to be a very comfortable thong.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 3.5
Overall Comfort: 4.5
Tail Comfort: 4.0
Recommendation: One thong up
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