Review: Kiniki Dynamo Tanga (String Bikini)

Kiniki Dynamo Tanga

I’ve been a fan of string bikini underwear from the beginning of my dive into the skimpy underwear, so always up for trying out a pair. I was drawn to the pattern of the Dynamo line and the skimpy back. With Kiniki their tangas aren’t all the same amount of coverage in the back. Even ones considered half backs have different amounts of coverage. The Dynamo tanga is a half back, which from the photos looked like it could be one that stays in place. A lot of half back bikinis do not do well at not becoming a wedgie. The wedgie ones should probably be called something else.

So does the Dynamo half back string bikini stay in place for me? Drumroll please……..well sort of. It does not become what I’d call a wedgie. It does slide some and I guess the best I can describe it is a verge of a wedgie feel. Personally I do like how the back of these feels. Great reminder I have a sexy pair of undies on. I do consider these ones a half back.

These are a flat front pouch, which I don’t mind. Though I am starting to prefer the look of contour pouches more and more over the flat front ones. I think the print helps give the flat front pouch a better look over a solid color. The pouch is actually just slightly narrower than the back. It is wide enough pouch and fabric has enough stretch to accommodate what it needs to. The sides of the Dynamo string bikini measure about 3/8″. The bikini’s fabric is a 100% poly lycra. It can be hand or machine washed, but it is recommended to hang dry. As with my other items’ from Kiniki, I find them to be well made, quality underwear and swimwear at a good budget price.

Overall I’m happy with the performance of this Dynamo string bikini. I like the cut and fit and thinking I’ll add another one to the drawer in the future. For an added bonus it gets me a bit away from the solid palettes in the underwear drawer.

My Rating Overview

Support Rating: 5.0
Overall Comfort: 5.0
Recommendation: One thong up

Pros: Back stays in place pretty well
Cons: Flat front pouch, but wide enough and stretches enough to accommodate.

Additional Photos
Kiniki Dynamo Tanga FrontKiniki Dynamo Tanga BackKiniki Dynamo Tanga Pouch
What do you rate the Kiniki Dynamo Tanga (String Bikini)?

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  1. DonS says:

    That looks like the orange version you have, I have the mulberry. I agree with what you have written about this one. I prefer the Apollo as the fit is tighter and the back stays in place better. The Apollo is a different type of tanga with slightly thicker straps. These are the only two Kiniki tangas I have. I wonder how the thinner straps of the Dynamo will go over time – will they continue to offer sufficient support for the garment. Kiniki do say that the Dynamo prints are a limited edition, so once they are gone that’s it. But overall mine was a well-made item and it fits well.

  2. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Huge fan of string bikini underwear here too BD…right from the start. I have a 3-pack of these dynamo tangas from Kiniki too. They fit pretty well although I find the waistband can cut in to the skin/can be slightly scratchy. I do like the look of them though and the half back is kind of interesting. Not *the best* tanga I’ve tried but not bad. I’ve bought the dean tanga and the raffles tanga also. Out of the three I think the raffles tanga I like the most. It could have a little more stretch but I like how it looks on me. I notice on the kiniki website they have a new tanga – ‘the Leo’…looks kind of cool and the tri-satin tanga looks pretty cool. Maybe future purchases…: )

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I don’t have problems with the Dynamo digging into me, but the waistband doesn’t have as much stretch the Raffles for sure. The Tri-Satin tanga is one they brought back. I have a pair from years ago. Review of it here. It’s made of nylon, so not much stretch in the fabric. I agree the Raffles is a nice tanga, which mine is wearing out and need to replace. I also like their Cambridge tanga. It is a similar cut to Raffles.

  3. jr says:

    Great review BD, I thought I would give them a try. I am a fan of string bikinis as well and this looks like great pair. It been a while since I have ordered from Kiniki and it was time to update a couple pairs. I also wanted try other styles they , so I thought I would try a dynamo micro brief, dynamo thong and the Leo tanga too .

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Let us know how those styles turn out. I’ve given up on their micro brief styles. I’ve decided they are too low cut and don’t stay where I want them. The dynamo thong looks similar to the Newton thong I have with the wider back style. It’s grown on me, but find it takes the right adjustment to get it to sit right. Hope they work out for you.

      • jr says:

        Overall I am pretty happy with my kiniki order. They all seem to be well made . The tangas though I thought were the best of them . The Leo had a little softer material then the dynamo but it didn’t stay in place as well dynamo. The thong I thought was pretty good . With the wider back it did remind you that you were wearing thong I also noticed that the thong had a seamed front compared to the smooth front of the tanga and brief . Even with the occasional thong pull it is still comfortable enough to wear all day . The micro brief was OK. I thought i style was nice for a brief , but it wasn’t as comfortable as the comparable prevail sport and Joe Snyder briefs that I have . Thanks again for the dynamo review ,

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          Glad to hear you were pretty satisfied with your Kiniki order. I thought at first I liked the micro brief, but have decided not so much after other purchases of the style. I still have a narrow front brief of theirs to review, which I think will be a winner.

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