Underwear: What’s in it for you?

Underwear What's in it for you?

It’s probably safe to say most guys don’t think much about their underwear. For women there would be a higher percentage than men that do put thought into their underwear. I do wonder high how the percentage would be for women. I’m sure age would play a factor. It’s a pity little thought is taken when it comes to underwear. So many people are missing out on what underwear can really be with both sexes.

Underwear is more than a layer between your personal parts and your outer clothes. It can help define you. It’s the first article of clothing you put on. Well, that is if you are not going commando. Give it some thought instead of something economical, boring, sloppy looking, and not really suited for you. I know not everyone is into thongs or even bikinis, but there are better options than what a lot of people are wearing.

Finding a great fitting, well supporting pair of underwear can really make your day better. Having a pair that forms to your body instead of being baggy, should help with that confidence. Especially when they are giving the support you deserve. Add in some color or patterns allows you to express yourself or just have some fun when the outer clothing is on the boring side, which mine typically are. Have some variety with your underwear with different fabrics, styles, and brands. Some fabrics are better for certain occasions over others. Even if you prefer one general style of underwear there usual is still a variety in their cuts.

I’d of course encourage you to try bikinis and thongs. It seems once they are tried and the right fit is found it starts the obsession of wanting to expand those underwear drawers. In my opinion they bring the sexy factor to underwear. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy, which in itself boosts one’s confidence. To me boxers have no point and should be avoided. The only reason I can think for them is if the boys need some room for fertility. Then again why not go commando.

So what’s in it for you? Well, really you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If I had to pick one thing for what’s in underwear for you, it would be enhanced confidence. Now get out there and experiment.

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  1. Undies4Life says:

    If you asked me a year ago if I would be a thong wearer the answer would have been NO. But I have evolved since then. With encouragement from online friends, I have given thongs a try and now love them!

    I am surprised how comfortable they feel. And I feel super sexy wearing them. I encourage guys to try them out.

  2. CRick76 says:

    I actually converted my (now) husband (then friend) to decent quality underwear shortly after we met. (I’m not shy about my body and had apparently stripped down to my skivvies at some point.) Up until then, he had worn discount store 5 packs of tighty whities. While he still prefers briefs, he has a wide assortment, and has strong opinions about fabric and cut. When he told me that I had inspired him to make the shift, he also complained because, now that he had quality underwear, he couldn’t stand to wear the cheap stuff any more (as in cheaply made — he still loves a good sale when possible).

  3. Greg says:

    For men who are new to thongs or bikinis, it may take a while of ordering from the many companies out there before the proper style and fit are found. Once you find the thong/g-string/bikini that feels great on you, chances are that you will become an addict like me (haha). My thongs of choice are from Prevail Sport (Micro Thong), and Skinz (M44).

  4. DonS says:

    What I get from my underwear is comfort first and a good feeling from the fact that they fit well and that I don’t look too bad in them.

    Maybe it’s time to talk to the wife/girlfriend, or enlightened sister if you have one to get some idea of the perception amongst women. Yes, age certainly plays a factor. From talking to my partner, who was a teenager in the late 1970s, at least here in AUS, the percentage of teenage girls who gave their underwear a bit of thought was high according to her. Mostly it was due to the new-found sexuality that they knew they had. Just some caveats to this: a far greater proportion of teenage girls in the 1970s were slim compared to this decade; here the school uniforms were mostly skirts/blouses or dresses, which were near knee-length for the everyday wear and shorter for the sports day, so more likely than modern uniforms to show undies; there was not the concern about showing the outline of underwear then that there is now; and home air-conditioning was rare, using just fans, so wearing brief underwear was desired for comfort outside of winter. Of course, at that age Mum had to buy their clothes, so she had to be willing for the daughter to wear such styles, but mostly this was accepted.

    So all this meant that briefer styles like string bikinis were very popular amongst teenage girls then.

    Having been introduced to these styles, most kept them into their 20s, not just for the boyfriend but for their own comfort as well. My partner said it was pregnancy and child-rearing that did it in for the briefer styles, but not for all women, and even then it was mostly string bikinis to bikini briefs, nothing larger. Now in their 50s, it’s not the effects of age and pregnancies that make them wear bulkier styles, it is the difficulty of getting the briefer styles now in chain stores. My partner knows of a few women who lament the loss of those earlier days, and are annoyed that their daughters missed out on what they experienced.

  5. T says:

    For many men,their choice of outerwear is dictated by the job they do. A uniform in the case of policemen,security guards,armed forces etc,and a suit,shirt and tie for office workers,city bankers and such like. Thankfully,with a few possible exceptions,we are free to choose what we wear next to our skin.
    For me,wearing g-strings is a perfectly normal thing to do and is proof that I don’t follow the sheep when it comes to choosing underwear. I’d like to think that beneath the smart suits and uniforms there are thongs,bikini briefs and g-strings being worn rather than the regular boxers and boxer briefs,which in my eyes shows that a guy has put some thought into his choice of undies.
    Some of you guys will be familiar with Dr Markin,who posts on the forum about how the nurses at his hospital pass comments on the colour of his thongs which apparently can be seen through his hospital uniform. I think he should be commended for sticking to his guns and not being put off by the attention he receives.
    Just imagine we were blessed with Superman’s x-ray vision. I don’t mean this in a tacky way,but would we be disappointed or pleasantly surprised by the underwear worn by the guys we meet in the course of our day? Unless they all start wearing Dr Markin type uniforms,we’ll never know!

  6. Bikini Obsessed says:

    Thanks for this article Nathan, as I feel passionate about the underwear I wear and how I feel in it. For me a large part of it is fashion…making a fashion statement even. Its fun to wear different styles to see how they look. A lot of it is for comfort though and I think us guys are just expected to wear something ‘uniform’ like boxers or boxerbriefs. One would think with our particular anatomy that it’d be more socially acceptable to wear underwear that actually serves to help us guys out with comfort and even fashion issues. I guess the underwear brand ‘SAXX’ and maybe others like it are actually getting advertised though. I have tried some of saxx underwear and it is comfortable for sure. As far as styling and having different options that way, they are very mainstream (boxers/briefs)..nothing in the way of bikini briefs. Ever since I tried bikini briefs I’ve felt that they just make me feel ‘like a man’ lol. The way they accentuate your anatomy, how they’re a little ‘daring’ and away from ‘the norm’ also. They literally feel awesome to wear, knowing that you’re wearing something cool/funky/sexy/hot underneath your clothes. I think in a way I feel like a ‘stud’ wearing them even haha. I find i’m motivated to stay in shape also as they are obviously form fitting. But basically I feel like ‘a hot guy’ wearing bikini briefs or thongs.

  7. Funderwear says:

    I only started putting thought into the underwear I put on each day a few years ago and I can say that it has absolutely made my life so much better. I feel more confident, comfortable and sexy literally every day. I have also just come to enjoy thinking about what style, fabric, color or pattern will look good with the rest of my clothing when it peeks out a bit to say hi throughout the day ?. Having the right pair for the right activity makes a big difference too.

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