Oh No Not a Thong!

oh no not a thong

This post title isn’t the reaction to seeing a guy in a thong, but just what I think is a general reaction to a person that hasn’t tried a thong when they see one. Why are thongs so scary? I mean it’s not just guys that avoid trying a thong. There are plenty of women that haven’t given one a try. For men, some of it has to do with the stigmas that come with a thong. Kind of going along with a post I did several weeks back, thongs are associated with being women’s underwear. That is hard for some guys to get past that thongs are for everyone.

The biggest factor for the Oh no not a thong reaction comes down to the back of the thong. Now how can that be comfortable is what you’ll hear. It’s the dreaded wedgie thought that scares people off. Who knew a piece of fabric between the cheeks could be so intimidating. It’s not like you are getting a full back pair of underwear between the cheeks. Or someone actually pulling the back of your underwear for the ultimate wedgie. A thong was created for the purpose of going between the butt cheeks unlike other styles of underwear.

Yes, thongs can be annoying. But it might mean you didn’t find the right thong for you. Maybe you bought the wrong style, fabric, or even size. I’ll admit, I have had thongs that have been comfortable for many wearings, but one day the pair can just annoy me. I’ve actually had the experience recently with one of my top 5 picks for 2018. Obviously it’s not the thong in itself, since it has been comfortable for many wearings in the past and even after. Which brings me to the point that one thong try is not a true trying of a thong. So that doesn’t give you a pass to say oh no not a thong.

If you truly gave thongs a try with multiple styles and wearings then I’ll allow you to react to thongs as the title says. If you have not, thongs are not something to be afraid of. They are more than sexy underwear for the bedroom and for hiding the underwear lines. They are not just stripper wear. They are a great choice for all day wear for both males and females.

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    I know that since I have given thongs a try, i now also have more underwear than I’ve ever had.
    Despite them being easy to hand wash, and taking up very little space, I think it’s comes more from the more varying styles of them as to why I have so many pairs.

  2. Victor says:

    True. In the last 20 odd years, I have tried all kinds of underwear – briefs, boxer briefs, string bikinis etc. Me being an underwear nerd, I never really understood the point of having so much fabric in the back while wearing boxer briefs and briefs. I thought it was high time I tried something else that might not exist for men – thongs. So someday, when I was looking online for thongs for my girlfriend, Calvin Klein’s Modern Cotton Thong showed up where, the reviewers were also many men who had tried these and seemed to recommend it strongly.
    I took the leap and bought two of them, tried one on when I received it. BAD CHOICE. My boys in the front didn’t get enough shelter, understandably because it’s a thong made for women. So I gave the thongs to my girlfriend, who really loved them.

    Two years back, after I learnt that there is a variety of male thongs made out there specifically designed keeping in mind the male anatomy, I made the switch to male thongs and started loving it. In my opinion, thongs are the only kind of underwear that makes sense in terms of the design – A pouch that holds things in place in the front and minimal fabric in the back. Again, you need to make sure you have the right size and the right material (cotton-modal blend). If you ensure these two, I promise you, thongs are the most comfortable kind of underwear. At least, me, I am genuinely happy with the decision to switch to thongs. There isn’t anything “gay” about it. It’s a choice that you need to stick with if you like it. It doesn’t matter what others think about it.

    I hadn’t thought that I’d someday have a drawer overflowing with thongs. But now I have one and need to upgrade my drawer to accommodate more thongs.

    P.S. ‘Doreanse’ is perhaps my favourite brand for everyday wear.

  3. T says:

    Sad to say that if you substituted the word “speedo” for “thong” in your heading,you would still get a similar reaction from the general public in our respective countries! Hard to see how that is going to change.
    If a group of lads go abroad to Spain,Italy etc there is a chance that some of them might follow the lead of the local guys and risk wearing a speedo, and one might,for a dare,even sport a thong.
    When it comes to wearing thongs as underwear,the taboos are very strong and don’t need repeating here!
    I’ve certainly noticed on places like Instagram that some guys are wearing thongs under their compression tights and shorts,but they tend to be the guys that are demonstrating their glute building programmes and don’t want unsightly vpl.
    I guess we just have to keep promoting our skimpies by not being afraid to be seen in them,and hope that we can inspire someone to give it a shot.

  4. Rick says:

    Several friends of mine who know I occasionally wear thongs, regularly ask me “How can you wear that.” They admit it looks sexy (and they think their sexual partners — both gay and straight — would like to seem them in it, but can’t go over the “it looks uncomfortable” part. Somehow, I’ve never felt comfortable says “do you want to try mine.” I have tried giving them advice on brands/specific styles that I think they would find comfortable. One guy took my advice. (there may have been alcohol and on-line shopping involved). Hs wife thinks they are cute on him, and he actually enjoys wearing them occasionally. I wish more guys would give more styles of underwear a try.

  5. The Stallion says:

    It’s just plain and simply ignorance and fear.
    Lack of knowledge about thongs, and fear of trying something new, and maybe fear of what others think.
    I too used to think the same way, until I tried them, and yes I had to try a few brands, but then I found my “Go-2’s”.
    Yes, the ignorance and fear can be spread like a disease or virus, as in partners may have influenced the fear or lack of knowledge.

  6. Greg says:

    In your second paragraph, BD, you say “It’s the dreaded wedgie thought that scare people off”. Well that’s one of the reasons that I love about wearing a thong. The feel of the snug pouch, narrow waist, and the rear strap make wearing thongs exciting. I dated a woman briefly last year who liked my thongs when things got romantic, and I talked her into buying a few thongs for herself. My being so open about wearing thongs made her feel good about owning some of her own. She had never owned any before meeting me, and admitted to feeling sexy in a thong. She also mentioned that she always thought the back strap would feel uncomfortable, but found out that it felt good in a naughty kind of way.

  7. Scott says:

    Like that comment about the wedgie.
    My wife got me into wearing a thong cause she said she liked the way it looked on me. She insisted I wear one to bed. I started wearing them every day and now it’s my regular underwear. Recently, I bought some very thin briefs thinking I would like to have something different to wear but was blown away how much they would ride up into my a** giving me a wedgie and how uncomfortable they were. My wife agreed with me and said isn’t it funny how a thong doesn’t bug you but regular underwear will bunch up and feels like you’re wearing too much under your pants.

    • T says:

      I bet there are some guys reading this who wish their other half was as supportive of them wearing thongs, as your wife,Scott. Have to also agree about your comments about the thin briefs giving you an uncomfortable wedgie in comparison to the comfort of a thong. I wear g-strings 99% of the time,but on the rare occasion that I wear a half back bikini,I am aware of their tendency to ride up and have to be adjusted,rather like Rafa Nadal before he serves(lol).

  8. joe says:

    I’ve always loved thongs on women ever since i saw girls with whale tails when i was in grade school. Was always intrigued with the look of that little triangle and always wondered how they would feel to wear. My girlfriend (now wife) in highschool wore only thongs and i always loved them on her. On our honeymoon i convinced her to wear a thong swimsuit, and she would only wear one if i did. I happily agreed, knowing the place we went to was very private with a pool. I ended up loving it and the wife loved it! It felt very liberating and surprisingly comfy! I hinted that i wanted to try them as underwear and she said happily agreed. Now I have a drawer full of thongs, but I still wear boxer briefs from time to time when I think there might be a chance of a whale tail around someone from work or one of the guys. For now I would like my thong wearing to be just between my wife and I. Maybe someday I might care less of what others think.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks for sharing. Always nice when the significant other is supportive of the thong wearing. Hopefully you can get to the point to ditch the boxer briefs and wear want you want without caring what others think.

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