How Many Guys Wear Thongs and Bikinis?

How many guys wear bikinis and thongs

So how many guys out there wear thongs and bikinis? Can that question really be answered? Not many guys or at least guys I know are really going to be open about wearing bikinis and thongs. When you are doing something against what is the norm, most people aren’t going to put themselves out there for the potential of being teased. Really does it matter how many of us wear thongs and bikinis? It should all come down to what the guy wants to wear and is comfortable to him.

Yes, it is nice to know that there are other bikini and thong wearers out there, hence the start of the blog. I’m here to say we are out there and by comments of my followers on past post you can see there are many of us. I’m sure there are many more out there that haven’t commented or stumbled upon my blog. We are still a minority in the underwear world and I don’t see that changing.

I’d guess the number of wearers have grown, since I started into wearing them. With the help of the Internet there are many more brands and places to buy bikinis and thongs than when I started. There are many brands that added them to their lines especially brands testing out the thong market. Unfortunately not so much in a brick and mortar store anymore, but we’d probably never get in store selection like online anyhow. So to me there appears to be more of a demand for thongs and bikinis otherwise we would not see the options that are out there.

Don’t let the numbers determine what you wear. If it makes you feel good, you like how they look, then wear them. It’s about you and not society’s opinion of bikinis and thongs for men. Go wear those bikinis and thongs proudly, we deserve to wear underwear that makes us feel good too.

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  1. DonS says:

    I don’t think the numbers, or proportions, really matter, but I’d be interested all the same. The underwear manufacturers might be able to help, but one flaw I can see is that with some styles only available on-line then those styles would be over-represented in the on-line data. Trunks/boxers that are easily purchased in store might be more commonly purchased that way rather than via on-line shopping.

    There are going to be men who, for whatever reason, prefer trunks to briefer styles, and that’s fine by me. However, I wonder if more older men, say about retiring age, might prefer bikini briefs or string bikinis. It’s what many grew up with as young men. This is all a guess, and there will no doubt be some who were glad to get rid of bikinis and embraced trunks when they became available. Not me though.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I would be interested too, but I haven’t come across what I feel is a complete or accurate enough survey. One survey I found of 650 men had 2% of them buy thongs when buying underwear. Then the other underwear listed was boxer briefs, boxer shorts, colored briefs, and tighty whiteys. No mention of bikinis, which I guess are also marketed as micro briefs depending on location. So maybe that is where they are grouped. A full brief is a lot different than a string bikini brief in my book and I think bikini cuts should be an option. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel 2% is low for thongs. Of course I don’t expect either bikinis or thongs to be a very big percentage.

  2. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Gents

    I agree with both opinions. One, we should not care about the numbers – as long as we are comfortable, sexy and is allowed to choose for ourselves.

    Two, DonS is correct in saying – if the numbers can pick up, the stores can see feasibility. Again, we want this- but like Tbdrawer said not many will go against the norm. So how many would really go in-store to go look, and buy thongs, strings and or bikini’s.

    The upside is -more men are into skimpy’s. Our geographic might be scattered but we are growing. So online is best, but it would be great if these companies sort men like us to do reviews/descriptions.

  3. T says:

    You would have to say that the amount of sexy undies available online from various manufacturers and sites would suggest that there are lots more guys wearing thongs etc than we could dare to hope for.Sadly,as Nate mentioned,finding them in actual shops is almost impossible nowadays. Perhaps we need to evangelize more to our fellow men about our love of skimpy undies in the way that missionaries and people of faith are supposed to share their love of the gospel,but instead of handing out a bible or leaflet,we could try handing out a thong etc. As somebody who has done both(though mostly the latter)lol,I know it can be a daunting task,but anyone who follows this blog will probably know that I’ve given g-strings/thongs to quite a few guys over the years with very positive results,the latest being the neighbour with the dog who alerted me to the presence of squirrels in my roof last year . He gratefully accepted several strings from me recently with the intention of wearing them on a sunshine holiday last month,and I will be asking him about that the next time I see him.
    I also have an ongoing ritual with a workmate who unfortunately wears boring boxer shorts. We call it a pant check which basically means when I see his shorts hanging over his trousers I comment on how unappealing they are.Anyway,a couple of weeks ago a new chap started in our warehouse and overheard our pants conversation. My workmate told him that I was a thong wearer and would probably ask the new chap what style he wore,so I did. White boxer briefs was the reply,which,although not ideal,are still better than the other guy’s boxers. The reason I mention this is that yesterday,the new guy came up to me and asked me what colour of undies I was wearing. When I told him they were camouflage coloured and semi transparent he smiled and went about his business. No fuss! No drama! No derogatory comments!
    If we want to see an increase in the number of guys wearing our kind of undies,then we have to be brave and nail our thongs to the mast(but not while you’re wearing it)!

  4. SM_thongguy says:

    That is great. I too believe this I also got a colleague who I am pushing to switch over. He has thick legs so he already does not like boxer Briefs.

    Last year I got a bikini style brief from the far east. It was too big, so gave it him. The other day he boasted he had it on. Prior to that I also got him to purchase a thong. He did. Since he has worn the thong to work as well. Perhaps I should give a few more.

    Then another good friend and gym buddy asked for advice and I got him to purchase boxer briefs. Down from bland Boxers. So his a slower adopter.

  5. Simon says:

    The numbers of guys wearing thongs or small bikinis does matter to a certain extent . If they became more commonly accepted then women would be more accepting . Because a lot of guys are put off by what they think their partners would think of them wearing skimpy stuff . I don’t think it will ever become mainstream but it would help if big name manufacturers or big well known stores supported thong/ small bikini sales . If you could go and get a Nike thong say for example that is more likely to be accepted by a partner than some unkown brand because you can say , well this is what modern guys like and wear .

    • SM_Thongguy says:

      `Hi Simon

      This is actually one of the more actionable goals. If Nike, were to offer men’s sport thongs that would shift a whole new gear.

      Although I do think its to do with their own underwear not being a cash cow. Yet I see what you mean. That would not change our minds as men, but more importantly the women (mother’s, sisters, lovers etc.) in our lives as well.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      There are some big brands that have a thong or have offered a thong. Jockey has a thong out. Calvin Klein at least use to, but not sure if they still do. Even Speedo offered a thong. Maybe the problem is they aren’t marketing them like their other styles. Positive marketing of skimpier styles might help. A celebrity wearing some could possiblly be good for them, but social media would probably blow up with a lot of negativity on the subject. We can always hope for improvement of people’s views of men in thongs and bikinis.

  6. Randy Lange says:

    The only way to make it more mainstream is to put it there that we wear thongs and bikini’s. This morning I went to the gym after I left work, I wore a black thong under my pants. When i changed I left my thong on while I got my things ready just so other gyms in the locker room would see it.
    Then here is part 2 of men’s problem I feel, I took that off and put a pair of compression leggings to workout in. I don’t wear shorts over them and wear a normal length tee. I get some smiles from women on the gym floor and looks from men. But if we don’t wear what we stand for it will never get more mainstream. But I did see a post in Men’s health magazine about telling guys to ditch the shorts over leggings. Which is great for that cause.

    • SM_Thongguy says:

      Hey Randy

      Please drop the shorts unless the leggings are transparent or has way to much showing in the front. I have a legging from the far east. Its great, but the front is like normal boxer briefs. Meaning full display.

      Kudo’s for changing in the gym locker room though. Usually have the best workout freedom in my thong. However, I change at home and arrive to gym ready to go.

  7. EJ says:

    You never know who wears the good stuff- with me there have been people for whatever reason think I do but looking at reviews on Amazon regarding this type of underwear I’ve seen guys that work construction jobs saying g strings are cooler & more comfortable hinting they live in a warm climate, on this blog there was a doctor saying nurses liked to guess which thong he was wearing under his scrubs-guys from all walks of life do- maybe a lot of guys think it’s not ‘normal ‘.True underwear discussions between guys isn’t too common.Myself, I change into work clothes a few feet from a co worker I think it amuses him he’s not judgmental so he’d probably faint if I showed up at work wearing boxers. It could be anyone walking down the street or in a grocery store but I think these days not many things surprise people. Still kinda taboo of course maybe why guys that do wear the good stuff keep it to themselves. Last summer I was standing next to my wife when she told her nephew’s girlfriend I sunbathe in g strings after commenting on my tan/ no surprise reaction or derision at all and I wasn’t wearing a g string- unfortunately board shorts were more appropriate for a canoe trip

  8. Mike says:

    I can say that as a gay man, they’re fairly popular in the gay community. A lot of guys wear jockstraps (which I never liked) but others like myself wear thongs almost exclusively.
    I commend you for trying to get straight guys like yourself aboard the thong train, a lot of straight guys are missing out!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Hopefully, the blog is getting other guys ditching the boxers and briefs for something a bit more revealing. A lot of straight guys aren’t going to put it out there they wear thongs. I’ve been doing better putting myself out there wearing bikini styles more so than thongs. Though I’m not in too many situation where others see me in my underwear. I’ll work on promoting the thong better.

  9. EJ says:

    Definitely and how many gay men wear boxers? There’s gotta be at least a few in the world

  10. Greg says:

    I’ve worn thongs since I was a teen. I shared this with a few girls and a few guys but overall it was a secret. Now that I’m getting older I’ve changed my attitude, wear them to the gym, wear them to the doctor, wear them all the time. It’s underwear, nobody cares once you escape the age of peer pressure. I used to be ashamed by my sexuality, now I embrace it. I was in an adult shop the other day, I of course bought some new undies but I also interacted with the young woman working there, not in a creepy way but in a confident way. Life is too short for shame.

  11. Dave says:

    I decided to try wearing thongs everyday just under 3 months ago now. I’ve worn some novelty g-strings and thongs to bed now and then since I got married (26 years ago). I’ve found the softer thinner materials definitely make or break a thong for daily wear. I really like how thongs fit, feel and look. There are plenty of thongs of all kinds made for men.

  12. Kairu says:

    I got curious when I was a teenager when I saw my girlfriend at the time was wearing one. I asked her if I could wear one of hers to understand. The front obviously had no support but I felt free and sexy with how little it covered. Eventually I bought my own online and loved it.

    I’ve been wearing thongs for roughly 9 years now. They’re becoming my daily choice of underwear, unless I need to do laundry. This year I decided to buy my first thong swimsuit, although I’m still building the courage to wear it out in public. I’ve done it once to the beach but I was away from others as to not draw much attention to myself. It felt so free and liberating to wear what I find comfortable. I wish there were more varieties a thongs for men; cute, sexy, functional, etc. I’m trying to build my confidence to wear my thong swimsuit out in public around other people but it’s a slow process.

    I think we should we allowed to wear whatever we wants. In my opinion, thongs are the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn. And I love it when the girl I’m dating wears them with me. They’ve been a weakness to me ever since I saw a pre-teen and it’s never left me. The number of how many wear them doesn’t bother me, I just want more options for me to wear, even be able to go to the store to buy some myself instead of just purchasing online.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks for sharing your start into thongs. I don’t see any time in the near future we’re going to see the selection that women have in stores. Now the selection for us guys has grow quite a bit however online in the bikini and thong area especially in the last 5 years or so.

  13. Vincent says:

    Been wearing thongs for a few months and love it. They are supportive and comfortable. I enjoy the minimalist feel when wearing tight pants. As a straight guy my girlfriend didn’t like it at first and called me gay…. I thought she would have drooled over me?(lol) She exclusively wears thongs as they fit her best since thongs they follow the natural curves of the body. I enjoy cuddling and foreplay while wearing a thong too it’s very sexy. I found some nice options on Amazon and eBay. I have been trying all different sizes to find the right fit and found that wearing it a little loose makes it feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. I have a size 32” waist but have been ordering size XL.

  14. Simon says:

    I thoroughly recommend Doreanse brand for their range of men’s thongs. Such quality and excellent price point. Been wearing thongs most of my adult life and I am 45 now.

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