Crochet – Underwear and Swimwear

Crocheted Swimwear and Underwear

When you think of crocheting, I’m guessing that underwear and swimwear do not come to mind. I know when I think of it, I think of what my grandmother made. Afghans, stuffed animals, dollies, and other decorative items are what come to my mind. I have heard of crocheted underwear before, but haven’t tried any yet. So I was interacting with Jeanette from Slinky Swimwear and I thought some of you might find crocheted underwear and swimwear interesting. She mostly lists the g-string styles for guys in her ebay store, but she can make other styles including bikinis. Also she makes bikinis and thongs for women. Jeanette has customization options to fit your needs. I did a Q&A with her, so read on.

First off how long have you been crocheting?

So, I’ve been crocheting since I was a kid (doll clothes).

Swimwear or underwear isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind with crocheting. Why did you decided to start crocheting them?

Years later, after divorce my income wasn’t enough to live in NYC so I started making ladies bikinis and looked at one bikini cup and said, this would look great on a guy. I then got creative and sell mostly men’s thongs and bikinis

You got the idea for creating guy’s thongs from women’s, but where did you get the idea to start making bikinis for women? Something you made for dolls when you were a kid and decided why not make them for women? Were they in some crochet magazine?

I didn’t make bikinis til divorce. I figured, 4 triangles ought to be enough and 1 or 2 for men. I had no pattern but got design ideas and colors from internet. I only enjoy making the men’s.

Why do you like making the men’s over the women’s?

Don’t know, perhaps more sensual and knowing my customers appreciate an unusual item and I know they enjoy measuring. Lol

Took me a little bit to see it, but I can see how a women’s bikini cup could be good for holding the male anatomy. Does that mean your pouch design for guys came from the cup design of a women’s bikini?

Yes, from the cup. I don’t make the cups flat triangles. I make em with a curve depending on person’s measurements. A man has more variations than a female. I don’t want it to be too tight which squishes his prized possession or worse, too saggy.

What measurements are needed for a custom item? How many days would one expect one to be ready to ship?

After measurements are confirmed, it takes 1 day to make. Most important measurements are width and length but I ask very specific and personal questions. I’ve had customer’s with 2″ request for length and 15″. Most are “average”. I even make bikini sets for men

I didn’t notice bikinis for guys listed in your ebay store. Most looked to be g-string styles. Do you customize and make back coverage on the bikinis different amounts? Are all the sides just string or can you crochet different side widths?

I have a few bikini styles. They don’t sell well. I believe it’s because a man’s crochet swimsuit will probably not be worn on a family beach. So that leaves the adult only beaches where a trunk or boardshort is rarely seen. A g string gives a full tan, on beach, pool, spa, tanning salon or backyard

I can make sides wider and for full rear I get exact measurements

My thoughts are, the skimpier and more delicate, especially with tie sides, the more provocative it looks, not feminine. I just made 1 with tiny handcuffs

You are probably right about guys not wearing a crochet bikini to a regular beach. It’s a rarity for me to see a regular swim brief at the beach. I was looking at them being able to be worn as underwear too. Did it surprise you that men’s thongs became your top selling items?

Yes, it was a surprise. A lot of em say they wear one of mine under boardshort so a little of the rest of the thong shows, some wear it for tanning or lounge chair in backyard, some are photographers, some are strippers and order many and many customers buy a dozen for re-sale including europe

Anything else you’d like my readers to know about you and Slinky Swimwear?

I’d like your readers to know that all of our swimwear is proudly made in America. I take a lot of care to make sure the fit is absolutely perfect for every customer.

crochet slinky swimwear

Slinky Swimwear- Crochet G-String

I’d like to thank Jeanette for doing the Q&A with me. If you are interested in checking out Jeanette’s items go to her ebay store Slinky Swimwear. She will custom crochet a pair for you based on the specification you work out with her. Have any of you already tried out crocheted thongs or bikinis?

Update 9/20/18 – I talked to Jeanette a bit more on this topic and we discussed some questions that were in the comments. On the style topic she says, “All my thongs can be made with a Brazilian rear and I have a few selections online but most of my customers want a g-string for maximum sun exposure.”

The yarn she uses was probably what was questioned the most: “I use soft light weight cotton, cotton blends, cotton/bamboo (very silky and light weight); never acrylic or synthetic fibers since they are thicker and too coarse for that area.” I mentioned that a lot of us probably think about scarves and hats, which actually could be more knitting than crocheting. Her response was “Actually, I never thought of scarfs and you are right. My crochet thread is like 2 strands of sewing thread, really delicate so it feels good on that area, yet the crocheting makes it strong. ”

Then more on them in general:

I make em a tweak see thru for a reason. They are meant to feel and look sensual. After all, no man is going to wear a crochet bikini to a family beach, no matter how opaque and full cut it is.

These are great for beach, pool, hot tub, tanning or lounging and gag gifts around holiday time when I make “santa socks”. I’ve even made a few 2 piece kilt sets and mankinis – if my customers want a crazy design, I make it.

There are thousands of beaches worldwide that allow risque swimwear and many beaches and resorts in the US.

10 Responses

  1. EJ says:

    Never tried a crocheted g string definitely interested

  2. Mark A Simpson says:

    Like EJ I’ve never tried crotches Thong or G-String, but they do appear to be Very Sexy ( Risque ).
    Noticed in sample pics that many of the models ( human ), not manaquins are also wearing “C***rings”, which I know from experience help to ‘Bulge’ C*** and Balls into the front pouch area.
    I would Venture to say these are Designed ‘ to draw attention ‘ , and I’m Sure some Voyuers enjoy these also.
    And, for one I Enjoy drawing attention ?
    I’ve heard many comments on my ‘Whaletail’ being seen above my jeans by many Women, ALL were Positive and Welcomed?
    I sometimes wonder what their comments would be if they knew I was also wearing a C***ring ; )
    And ‘sometimes’ they are also ‘Snugly’ holding a Small Buttplug in place, he,he.

  3. T says:

    Had a look at the Slinky Swimwear website, but I wasn’t impressed by them at all. Surely the costumes must get soggy once they get wet?Just don’t think they would be practical or particularly comfortable. Probably has a novelty value as a posing pouch,but that’s about all.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Most of the ones she has listed on ebay would seem to be either for sunning in private or an adult area. More exhibitionist styles must be her top sellers. No clue how they’d be when wet. Guess depends on what the yarn is made of. For me, I would see crocheted items more as an underwear option than swim.

  4. EJ says:

    You’re right T- not practical, I get real impulsive when I see something different that might look good on me

  5. DonS says:

    I suspect these are not for swimming but just for sunning, so not interested. Who makes bathers from cotton now anyway, I wonder why she does not use a synthetic fibre yarn. It’s a pity she did not elaborate more with some of the answers. They might be alright as sleepwear, but I’m so used to nylon and polyester fabrics I’m not sure I’d want cotton now.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I would agree they would be more for sunning than swimming. No clue on what type of yarn she uses. Guess that is a question I should have asked. Personally I see them more as underwear option.

      • DonS says:

        The type of yarn was mentioned in the details of one of the styles I looked at – cotton blend. Don’t know if this is what all are made from, but the photos suggest that it could well be, and she’d be used to working with one fibre type for an easier life I expect.

  6. EJ says:

    Very sexy you have to admit

  7. EJ says:

    I’d use em for loungewear/ sleepwear

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