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Parks For Recreation Brand: Palm SpringsI have a couple bikinis and a few thongs from the brand Parks for Recreation. Many years ago I bought them from Metroman USA who is no longer in business. I found them to be really well made and great everyday underwear. Their bikini that was made of 90% cotton and 10% lycra was probably my favorite from them. It features a 3/4 style back with about 1″ sides and had just the right amount of coverage. Their thongs were pretty decent too, but they were ones you typically knew you were wearing a thong. They were still pretty comfortable thongs. They used the thicker elastic, which seems to always make wearing a thong noticeable when brands use it.

Anyone aware if this brand is still available out there? I’ve found them mentioned a few places. Also at one point I found them in a PDF flyer, but no luck with anyone selling their products online. Let me know if you know anything about the brand or if you owned the brand.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Those look awesome! I would’ve ordered some if they were still available…I do miss the”retro” styles from 15 years ago when I could first buy my own underwear. Haynes string bikinis and bikinis, assorted BVD styles, nice Jockey styles, and I actually still have 4 or 5 thongs I bought off of a rack at Macy’s. None of those options are available now, the “wildest” undies I can find in a store are Life, string bikinis at Walmart and they are poor fitting and seem low quality. I don’t know how anyone who follows this blog feel, but I am shocked how men’s underwear has regressed in my life.

    • They’re pretty solid bikinis and thongs. Would like to get more. Would be nice to go to a store to pick up some bikinis and thongs. Found some good ones at Kmart years ago when I first got into bikini I really liked. That was before I discovered places online in college to order from. The regression seems to be more the brick and mortar stores. Online the selection is booming. Life string bikinis are about all I find too that are somewhat sexy now a days. They’re okay until you discover some goods ones online. For the price you can’t expect a lot of quality especially if you compare them to a pair that cost $10+.

  2. Eric says:

    I still have several that I also bought from Metroman. They’re still some of my favorites.

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