Stages of Underwear in a Relationship

Stages of Underwear in a Relationship

Do you think there are stages of underwear in a relationship? I read this article “The five stages of underwear in a relationship” a while back that talks about the stages women go through with their underwear in a relationship. For most men there is probably 2 stages clean/new underwear to broken in underwear until new is bought for him.

Here’s a quick overview of the 5 stages. The first is called new lust, which is described as sexy, risque, kinky. The next stage is get comfy, which the writer rips on the thong for more fuller underwear (brief, boyshorts). Stage 3 is maternity and post-baby, which basically is described as comfy all the way with stating “Big Kahunas of underwear kick in.” On to stage 4 with suck it in, so this means shapewear. The final stage they have is acceptance underwear after years of marriage. Basically the granny panties stage.

Now there were some good points made in the article. First sexy underwear can make you feel sexy even if you’re the only one going to see it. Also that feeling sexy can make oneself act differently, which I’d describe carrying yourself with more confidence. Then the last one that sticks out to me is wear what is comfortable for you and not what is necessarily pleasing to your partner. Hopefully your partner is pleased with what is comfortable for you.

I don’t really feel my wife is fitting the stages. The only change I’d say is a reduction in thong wear, but still other cheekie styles and bikinis are worn often. Guess part of it is because I make sure she has sexy, but comfy underwear. I still will throw in an occasional thong purchase just in case I stumble upon the one.

I’m in agreement that both sexes need to wear what makes them feel sexy and not care what others will say about their underwear choice. I think the description of stage 2 to 5 in the article is what needs to be avoided and wear something that makes you feel good. Who cares if you don’t think you have the body to wear a thong or a skimpy bikini. If it is comfortable and makes you feel sexy then wear it. That goes for swimwear too.

Now onto guys underwear stages. Or maybe lack of stages. I don’t really see stages with men’s underwear in general. Personally I don’t know if I consider myself going through any stages with my underwear or see myself moving to less revealing pairs of underwear. I switched to solely bikinis and thongs about my sophomore year of college, so that is what I’ve been wearing from the get go with my wife. I don’t recall if she saw me in a bikini or thong first. Maybe I went from less revealing to more revealing with my underwear. All I know it was skimpy men’s underwear. In general I wouldn’t say there have been any stages in my underwear wearing with my relationship.

Maybe the stages for men would depend on what is in the drawer when the relationship began. Say you have boxer briefs, briefs, bikinis, and thongs in your drawer. I could see the stages working to skimpier underwear as you become more comfortable in the relationship. I mean I’ve read women say if my guy wore a thong that would be the end of the relationship. With that mindset I could see guys holding back on wearing skimpier styles. Though obviously that woman wouldn’t be the right one anyhow. Guess my thought on underwear is you should make sure you wear the styles you want to wear from the get go. If you wear boxer briefs only around her for a long period of time then it is going to make it harder for you to introduce skimpy styles. She is going to wonder where they came from all of the sudden or where the newfound interest came from. I guess you would test the waters and say you are thinking about trying skimpier styles and see what her thoughts are on the subject. Though to me that route should only be taken by guys that haven’t already worn them and are in a relationship already. Wear the skimpiest styles you own from the get go. Let them see the true you and say no to underwear stages in a relationship.

What are your thoughts on the women’s underwear relationship stages article? Think men and women have underwear stages in a relationship? Do you feel you or your partner went through any underwear stages in your relationship?

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  1. Stallion says:

    I’m in thongs, regardless.
    So I assume as o get older I would go back to briefs, or the shorts.
    Now me being single, I don’t know what my partner would wear, but I assume she would be in thongs, as that may be a sign, that she might be able to feed my appetite, but that’s for another subject.

  2. t says:

    I firmly believe that a guy should wear whatever style of underwear he finds comfortable,and his other half should not try to control what he wears. The only possible exception would be if a partner was trying to spice things up a little e.g buying a thong for their man rather than another pair of his usual boring boxers,but even then,it would be the guy’s choice as to whether he wore it or not. Dull undies would not be a deal breaker in a potential partner,but it probably would bug me eventually,and I wouldn’t compromise my choice of skimpy undies for anyone.

  3. EJ says:

    Definitely yes I wear g strings & string bikinis and love women in them too

  4. DonS says:

    Blanket coverage by assuming all do the same thing is the big problem with these type of articles. this article applies to some women, no doubt, but not the ones I have known.

    I’d also say there is a stage missing, although it’s not strictly one of the relationship stages. I’m talking about the “advertising” stage where some women wear sexy clothes to show what they’ve got available. This might be the sexy panties, low-cut or tight top and tight slacks or short skirt. Once someone is caught, the clothes may then change into the “new lust” stage, but might not either.

    But I strongly suspect that most women don’t have stages, they wear what they like, which may change over time of course, but that’s due to them changing tastes or new styles becoming available rather than progress in a relationship. That’s based on 100% of a few women I have known doing just what I have described.

    I suspect most men might be like me too – I wear what I like and that is something that is comfortable and good value for money.

  5. DonS says:

    One other issue with the logic in the article. It assumes that only young women need to start relationships. Consider a women, recently retired, so say 70, who has lost her husband. Now ready to start a relationship again to see out her final years. She has to start at the beginning relationship-wise, but does she start at the beginning underwear-wise. This is a real situation based on a women living a few houses further along the road from me.

    • T says:

      I think in the case of an elderly person finding love again after the death of a partner,they would be entitled to expect their new love to accept them whatever they chose to wear under their outer clothes.I would hope the choice of someone’s underwear would be low on the list of any potential compromises to be made in a new relationship. As someone who is getting on a bit(lol),and has spent many hours visiting care homes,I wonder what would happen if I found myself living out my twilight years in such a care home? Would I be expected to throw away all my skimpy undies and settle for boxer shorts and y-fronts with my name written on the label? Or would my g-strings be held up and made fun of in the laundry room? I personally hope I never have to find out!

  6. Law says:

    Me and my girlfriend both wear string bikini styles.

  7. RR says:

    Ha ha I have to laugh because the first night my wife and I spent together I was wearing a black thong. Rather by accident. I wasn’t intending to spend the night otherwise I probably would have worn something more conservative. I think this way turned out much better though since I didn’t have to worry about how to introduce her to me wearing thongs (ie go through any ‘stages’) anyways she thought it was sexy and continues to think so.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      That’s how it should be done! Guys shouldn’t change from skimpy styles just because they are in a relationship. Shock and Awe from the beginning. A lot easier than trying to introduce them later on.

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