What’s in store at The Bottom Drawer and Myself in 2023?

2023 Blog thoughts

So what’s to come in 2023? That’s a great question and something I’ve been pondering. I probably should have a game plan, but I never really do. I might have some ideas in mind, but nothing mapped out. Basically, this falls in line with the past and I’ll be going with the flow.

I’m already late on my first post of the year. Too many other distractions I guess along with getting back into routine after a holiday break. What I’d like to get out there this year is my magazine I’ve been playing with and slacked on in 2022. Then on the blog I’d like to get back into some Q&A’s and conversation pieces. Of course there will be reviews and I’ll continue to share my experiences and my pushing my comfort level slowly. Then there is the share the goods series if anyone wants to share their collection or a part of it. Have topic suggestions send me a message.

This year has potential of another beach trip for us. My in-laws want to go back to Myrtle Beach again. I definitely would prefer a different beach area, but I guess swim brief wearing is swim brief wearing. We’ll see if things work out for it. I haven’t set any personal goals for a while and not sure I really have anything I really feel I need to push myself to do. I’ve come a long ways over the years and pretty happy with just being able to push against the norm. People that know me would really be surprised I’d wear a swim brief in public. Even wearing leggings/tights in the limited capacity I do hiking and walking the dog. Guess I could do a goal of continuing on and not backing down from where I’m at. Got to keep my confidence going and work on building upon it. Do you have any personal goals in mind this year?

My main hope is always that I’m inspiring others. I think we have a good little community going here and I hope to see it continue to grow. Thanks to all that contributes.

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  1. Max says:

    Can we see some pictures of you in your skimpy swimwear?

  2. John says:

    My aim is to continue trying to normalise the wearing by guys of bikini (and less than bikini) swimwear. Only on one occasion have I seen a man at my leisure club doing so, apart from myself, in the past year but I have not had any adverse comments either.

  3. Jordan says:

    I’ve seen videos on the beaches in Florida, around Miami, and you can see that many girls have tight bikinis or Brazilian panties that barely cover their buttocks. Or not at all! Maybe on these beaches, men can wear bikini swimming costumes without the public taking offence?

  4. Mike says:

    I love this little community of like minded guys, focussing on underwear and bathers. I’ve always worn “speedos” in public, but have recently been wearing thongs to the beach, it’s a huge step for me, they are fairly conservative as far as my collection goes, but in still a bit nervous wearing thongs to a public beach.
    I’d be more than happy to contribute more to the website or your magazine.
    Happy to share my collection of undies, bikinis, things g strings, solid colours, mesh and see through. I’d also like to see a few pictures of guys in bathers, nothing obviously sexual, but just normal guys on the beach, in whatever they want to wear.

  5. Jason says:

    I have been working on my own video series relating to men’s underwear, dispelling fears and phobias based in ignorance. I also plan to discuss social issues related to men’s underwear styles. But first, I need to set up another YouTube account, because obviously I don’t want to tie this into my personal YouTube account, which is one of the reasons that I am creating this video series. We shouldn’t have to hide or be ashamed of our underwear.

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