Web design rant on underwear sites

How underwear layout should be

I’d prefer to see the bikini style like this and the color options displayed with it.

This may just be me, but I just don’t get why several underwear sites have gone to listing their products by individual colors instead of by style. Did they do a study that this is the way consumers like to shop? Personally I like to browse the styles to find what I like and then I’ll check out the color options. Now I have to look at multiple listings of a style I may or may not like and keep paging through extra pages just to see all the styles. If they want to show the colors with the styles why not use little swatches of colors below the style image. If I want a certain color then I can use the filter to select the color(s) I’m interested in and then that could be the time they just list all the colors and style combinations though just seeing the styles would still be fine with me.

how ecommerce sites are doing it

This is how I’m starting to see underwear sites listing their products and wish they’d stick to just showing me individual styles.

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  1. EJ says:

    If they show the same style one color individually it looks like they have more inventory

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