How the interest in bikinis and thongs came about – Part 3

Male Thong Back CartoonWow, fabric in that area doesn’t really hurt, but does feel a little different. Not like a wedgie like people think. I did like how they looked on me and showed off my butt. Then I wondered if they’d start bothering me the longer I wore them or not. So I decided to stick with them for now and slipped my pants back on. I hung out in the room a while to see how things would go with the thong. Now and then they got a little uncomfortable, so I adjusted the back strap. They weren’t as comfortable as the bikinis but they didn’t really hurt. I decided to take a break from the thong and slipped on a new bikini for the rest of the day.

Since I liked the look and support of the thong, I decided to keep trying the thong several more times. Eventually it started to get more and more time between the times of adjusting the back. So the day came to try and wear it a full day. Now and then I had to do a little adjustment, but by the end of the day it was starting to feel like there wasn’t a strap between the buns. With that positive experience I decided thongs were something I’d continue to try. After continuing to wear them a few more time, they became as comfortable as any of the bikinis and I hardly could tell I was wearing a thong.

Transition to bikinis and thongsIt was probably my sophomore year of college, when the big decision came after I built up my bikini and thong collection. It was time to make the commitment to say bye bye to wearing the whitey tighties for good and hello to bikini and thong underwear every day of the year. And it continues on today.

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  1. Jeff says:

    I just stumbled across your site and it’s great! I see that this post is from a few years ago so im not sure if anyone will see this. But I had the exact same experience…down to the undergear catalog showing up at my house when I was in high school!! Lol.

    • Glad you are liking the site. A lot of guys I’ve interacted with have had a similar experience too. Undergear (RIP) has seem to have been one that has brought lots of guys into the bikini and thong world.

  2. Greg says:

    The point you make about wearing a thong for longer periods is exactly what I went through initially. Now that I am an experienced thong wearer for many years, I love the feeling that only a thong can provide. The support of the pouch, and the nice feeling of the crack-strap are unbeatable.

  3. Larry Phelan says:

    Tightey Whiteies should be burned at the stake,better things have been [and boxers along with them ]

    • Jason says:

      Hell yes! If you’re a man, and you’re still wearing the same kind of underwear that you mommy has been buying you since you graduated out of wearing Pampers, you might want to consider changing your underwear! I don’t see how women tolerate their men wearing such boring, childish and unromantic underwear. The way I see it, I am no longer a 3 year-old boy, so why should I wear underwear made for little boys. The day will come when my body will grow old and weaken and I will have to throw out my bikinis and thongs and exchange them for adult diapers… until then, I will enjoy what I have while I can.

  4. Jason says:

    I think my interest in bikinis first came about after me parents separated. We (mom, older brother and I) went to live with her sister and her two sons. Her youngest son Eric, who was a freshman in high school at the time, wore bikini briefs and likewise I wore plain, white Y-front briefs that mom had been buying for me since I had been potty trained. My cousin’s wearing of bikini briefs sparked a curiosity inside of me- never in my life had I seen a man (or teenage boy) wearing such underwear… underwear that at the time I thought were only reserved for girls and grown women. One day when I was home alone, I decided to try a pair of his cotton bikini briefs on. They were a little tight, as I was a little bigger than he was. I felt a rush of excitement as my heart began to beat faster and I began to sweat a little. I reached down and felt the bulge of my testicles and erect penis against the tight-stretched fabric of the bikini and I loved it! I wore the bikini for only a minute and then I took it off. From then on, I knew that I never wanted to wear regular, old boy’s Y-front briefs ever again.

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