Summer 2022: Swim Briefing

Summer 2022 - swim briefing
This summer started out with a bang with swim brief wearing. Then things fizzled out until August where they got to do a little reappearance. This is my 6th summer of just wearing swim briefs to beaches. Unfortunately, there are still situations where I feel I still have to break out the trunks.This year it was 3 times. Twice to a water park and once to the wife’s coworkers pool. At least for the beach I have been a consistent swim brief wearer.

So how did my summer start off with a bang? We took a beach vacation this year. The beach location wasn’t really the best choice for swim brief wearing, but I wasn’t going to conform to the trunks. I ended up adding a few more swim briefs to my collection for the trip. I wanted a couple more slightly more conservative than my Speedo Solars I typically go for. You can read my complete write up on my trip here.

My conservative swim briefsHere’s a quick overview of that Myrtle Beach trip. I got 5 good days at the beach and then 7 days with some pool time. Basically it was the beach first and then pool and lazy river in the evenings. To the beach I stuck with my more conservative swim briefs from Turlock & Co and Sluggers. I stuck with those for the pool on beach days, but the other two days I went a little skimpier. I wore my vintage Speedo endurance and Speedo Shoreline swim brief.

My SpeedosOn the trip my in-laws got fully introduced to my swim brief wearing. I also received my first immaturity towards my swim brief wearing. You can read my post related to that here. Overall it was a solid vacation with the most summer swim brief wearing for me so far.

It really wasn’t until mid August that I finally got some more swim brief time in. Maybe in early August a little time in the Kid/Family pool with the kids occurred. I guess it counts, but the beach is the real goal.

For our first local trip I skimped down from vacation to my black Speedo solar. We didn’t leave the house until about noon. When we arrived at our beach we typically hit we discovered it wasn’t being lifeguarded, which means you can’t swim there. It appeared it wasn’t guarded at all this summer, since no lifeguard chairs there. So plan B was one of the main beach areas. The one we chose was a long narrow stretch of beach that was fairly full parking. There were about 5 lifeguards at this beach. It was about 1 when we arrived. Where we parked was at the one end of the guarded area. There was a spot fairly close to the water we took and set our blanket up. The beach goers were made up of quite a few families and then some empty nesters and retirees. There were two retired age women sitting nearby with their chairs facing us. They got to see me strip down to my Speedo. I feel the women of that generation respect the swim brief for some reason more. At times I felt they were looking my way, but hard to tell the way they were sitting. A majority of my time was spent in the water with my kids, so the swim brief really wasn’t on display much other than a couple times getting out of the water and wearing only it back to the car. We spent at least 3 hours there. We left when they shrunk down the guarded swim area and would have required us to move.

Our second local trip happened a couple days before school started. The kids wanted to fit one more in. Again it was about one when we arrived. We decided to stick with the same beach, since we knew it was guarded. Still had the 5 lifeguards, but was less busy than last time. We ended up in the same general area as before, just a little closer to the lifeguard chair, but near the water’s edge. This time I stripped down to my black Speedo Shoreline. I didn’t notice much from the other beach goers. Pretty similar group of people as the first trip. Though this trip I did notice a young mother in a cheekie/rio type bikini. Then a couple late teens in 3/4ish bottoms. The time before seemed to be the skimpiest was full back bikini bottoms or more coverage from the women. Of course I was the only guy in a swim brief both times. As with most beach trips with the kids I spent most of my time in the water. Doesn’t help with trying to get sun on my thighs. We spent 3 to 4 hours there before we headed home. I stuck with wearing only my swim brief back to the car. Only way I figure I can get more exposure of a guy in a swim brief out there. Plus I have to enjoy as much time as I can in them.

Thanks to our vacation I got a ton of swim brief time in. It’s not always easy being the lone guy wearing a swim brief, but it is so worth just doing it. Guys don’t know how much more enjoyable the beach and water are in one. Hopefully, many of you had some swim brief or less time too.

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  1. Michael says:

    I find that wearing swim briefs is best when you have a slim body.I remember seeing a picture of the long gone King Farouk of Egypt. He was obese and wearing a speedo. I found this profoundly off putting. Americans, in general are extremely conservative as far as beachwear If you go to Europe, South America, or Australia it is exactly the reverse. Frankly I prefer this more relaxed attitude.

    • T says:

      Hi Michael. While I respect your right to have an opinion about what type of body shape looks best in speedos/bikinis etc, sometimes it’s better not to share those thoughts on a blog which tries to encourage men of all body shapes and sizes to wear whatever they want rather than conforming to the dork shorts brigade. The Egyptian King in a speedo obviously wasn’t to your liking, but I commend him for wearing one and by doing so possibly inspiring more of his larger framed citizens to do likewise.
      I don’t buy the only gym toned guys with buff bodies should wear speedos argument. A casual scroll through Instagram will reveal lots of guys of varying shapes and sizes totally rocking their skimpy swimwear, and long may they continue to do so.

  2. John says:

    Being a railway enthusiast as well as a guy who doesn’t like to carry a gallon of water with him when swimming, I have learned not to give a damn what others think – if I got upset whenever some moron made a silly comment about ‘trainspotting’ or my swimwear, life would be a bit miserable. My business and nobody else’s.

    But it is sad that Britain has so many such idiots minding other people’s business. Is it an Anglo-Saxon thing?

  3. swimmer78 says:

    Sounds like you had a fantastic summer Nate! I’ve had a few opportunities at the beach since May but more time at the municipal pool wear we had a summer membership. I don’t have a big collection of swimwear. My go to bikini this summer has been my Sporti Euro brief. It is skimpier than the Speedo Solar. I’ve worn Sporti Euros for years now for swim workouts and Masters meets but decided to take it to the next level for casual swimming. I bought one in bright turquoise earlier this summer and have proudly wore it at the pool and beach a few times. I also bought a Sporti brief in print and have enjoyed wearing that one too. I hope to get at least one or two more beach outings before it gets too cold here.

    Don’t feel bad about not wearing a brief to your wife’s coworkers pool. My rule of thumb is that if I’m going to a public beach or pool I’ll wear bikinis. If I’m going to a pool at a private residence, I opt for the boardshorts just out of respect for the person, unless its close family or someone I know won’t mind me wearing bikini briefs. The waterpark would be tough. I haven’t been to one since I was a kid. I not sure how swim briefs would hold up against waterslides. I guess maybe they would be fine since women wear bikini bottoms down the slides without issues. Plus your waiting in lines and other crowded areas with a lot of opportunities for immature encounters.

  4. Gavin says:

    I’m glad to say that I had quite a bit of thong time this summer – don’t wear anything else (except a G-string) where I can possibly get away with it. Perhaps I’ll get more this weekend. A few immature comments, yes, but one expects them. Managed a few trips to the local beach in a very small leather stringthong that I had custom made.

  5. Richard says:

    My brief summer was brief. Did not get the opportunity to wear it swimming at a local family beach here in Northern Michigan. By August, felt bad for my black TYR and decided to wear it going between the parking lot and a secluded beach and back. While passing through the family section a younger guy exchanged greetings with me. I took the hiking trail on the way back to the parking lot and passed a middle aged woman and her 16ish year old daughter (presumably). They both greeted me. When I got home, told my wife it may have been the first time the girl saw a guy in a Speedo in person. Good experiences, building up confidence.

  6. mrrigid says:

    I had a good bikini summer. It started on a high note on a cruise, wearing 10 different bikinis, which I detailed in the forum:
    The highlights were going to a swim-up bar in just a Speedo Solar, and wearing two different N2N Vortex suits on the top deck of the ship.
    The rest of the summer my wife and I spent time at the local beach bar. I generally wore a Hawaiian shirt over various swim bikinis. We could sit there, walk around, and generally enjoy the sights. Sometimes the shirt would come off.
    That highlight would be wearing my Sport Hydrolast while hanging out with my wife’s best friend, and having my wife take pictures of us! I miss summer already!

    • mrrigid says:

      As far as others, I did see three other men in swim bikinis on vacation, and one from a distance at the beach. A couple other guys in square legs, but not many.
      For women, of course, of all ages and sizes, more skin is popular. Cheeky is very in.
      I saw one woman in such a small bikini sitting at the bar that, walking up from behind, I actually thought she was naked at first.
      And younger girls, in very small swimsuits. Umm, pros and cons there…

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