Why I wear bikinis and thongs

Bikinis and ThongsIf you haven’t read my previous posts about how my interest came about, you can read about it here.

The main reasons I wear bikinis and thongs are they are comfortable and I like how they look on me. I find them less restricted than the normal brief and more supportive than boxers. Also, you don’t have to try and stuff them in your pants like boxer. They make me feel sexy and adventurous with multiple styles to choose from instead of the same boring style and cut day after day. I guess you could say it makes me feel a little daring, since it’s not the norm for guys to wear thongs and bikinis these days. Which still causes me hesitation when changing in a locker room especially when I’m in a thong, but not as much when it’s a bikini. I’m finally getting to the point of who cares, it’s what I like to wear. Also in warmer weather they help keep me cooler which is an added bonus.

Doesn’t hurt that my wife seems to enjoy seeing what pair I have on for the day. Though she’s only ever seen me in bikinis and thongs and I haven’t heard any complaints about it. She’s the one that actually got me to wear a swim bikini in the public’s eye for the first time, which I’m still working on making it more of a regular appearance. It’s nice not having all the extra fabric when you’re on the beach. Makes it a heck of a lot cooler when laying out and better tan lines or maybe that is burn lines! Feels great not having water logged trunks on in the water and not be dripping wet when exiting the water. Faster suit drying time too! Again I also like the support of the swim bikini, which you don’t get with the swim trunk netting lined brief. Hopefully the swim brief will make more appearances on the beach in the near future.

Another good thing about bikinis and thongs is they don’t take up much room when packing for a trip or you can use that extra space to add in some extras for a selection. Those are some of the reason why I wear thongs and bikinis and will continue to do so.

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  1. Bill L. says:

    I also like wearing bikinies especially string types. Thanks for giving honest opinion s about these type of underwear. I also like wearing thongs. Once you get used to them. I’ve worn them for awhile now.

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