My Swimwear Collection 2019

swim collection 2019

At some point in the past someone’s comment inspired me to make a note about doing a post on my swimwear collection. So I thought I’d go over what’s in my drawer now and where I believe I feel most comfortable wearing them. Right now there are 26 suits remaining in my drawer after recently clearing it out some. Guess I’ll start with conservative and work my way down. Here’s the groups. If I reviewed the pair, I linked them to my review though some are no longer available.

There is still a pair of red swim trunks in the drawer, which I’ll save you from a picture of them. They are above the knees, but shorter above the knees than my last pair. Still could use shorter ones, but at least these are being worn less. Mainly they get worn for parent and child swim class, water parks, and possibly with my kids’ friends and their families. Community pool may go to the swim brief, but the verdict is still out. Don’t think we’ll be going to one this year to find out.
square cut swim briefThis one I’m not sure where it fits into the swimwear wearing. I got it because I was thinking it would be a stepping stone from trunks to swim briefs, but didn’t go that direction. I guess it can be the whenever I feel like something different one. This is a pair of the Prevail Sport’s Boxcut.
conservative swim briefThe next ones feature around 3” sides. In this group I have an aussieBum XS swim brief and probably a knock off one of their swim briefs I got off ebay. These I see are kind of my introduction swim brief options for people. Possible option for community pool break in too. These were two I was considering for the family trip, but decided with the Slugger Classic one. It sort of fits in this group too, but put it in the next group.
local beach main swim briefThis group is what I’m seeing as my regular swim brief wearers. Basically I have 5 pairs of the Speedo 1” solars, an aussieBum 1.5 Classic and their Surge swim brief, and the Sluggers classic swim brief. These are the ones I’ll typically choose from for the beach and hopefully they will also become for the pool too. Basically all sides are less than 2”. One of each style besides my new Sluggers have made an appearance at the local beach. I’ve been pretty comfortable wearing them in public.
local beach swim briefIn my next group, we have two Kiniki Rivieras, a HOM Alize, and an Adidas swim brief. These ones are on my option list for the local beach. They are a little more revealing than my go to ones for the local beach. I have worn the HOM one at the beach on my Honeymoon. The Adidas and HOM show VPL a little more with their flat fronts. Then with the Rivieras, they have a little less coverage all the way around. I still feel these should all be appropriate for me to wear at my local beaches.
sunning local beach swim briefThese aussieBum 1.5 loose fit swim briefs are ones I think will be more for a public sunning options. With them not having elastic in the waistband, I don’t feel comfortable wearing them in the water. I like the color combination on them is why I got them. The red has a bit of sheerness when wet, so not really a good family beach option for getting in the water either.
swim bikini swim briefNow on to some skimpier cuts of bikini. In this group I have my favorite swim brief cut in the HOM micro brief. I also have it in a black and blue pouch with a black back that I wear sunning in the backyard. Then another one I really like the fit of is the Dietz Traxx swim brief. The light bluish greenish one I got from Undergear is the Tactics Greek swim brief. The green one is one I got off ebay, which I think is some China brand. I don’t see me wearing these ones to the local beaches here. The HOM and Dietz pair I would like to break out a beach somewhere.
skimpy swim bikini swim briefUp next we have my skimpiest bikinis. We have the Tactics Buns string bikini and the Kiniki’s Cobra half back bikini. These I definitely don’t see being worn at my local beach. May be potential away from the crowds at the right beach away from the hometown.
swim thongsFinally we have a couple thongs in the drawer. Not legal to wear locally and don’t know if I’ll take the step wearing a thong in public or not. They are at least an option in the swim drawer if an opportunity arises. The thong options I have are a HOM thong and the other is Kiniki’s St. Tropez thong.
There might be some others floating around, but those were the ones I actually pulled out of the swimwear drawer. As you can see prints are lacking from my swimwear, which will be what I aim to add to the collection with future purchases.

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  1. DonS says:

    Thanks for the summary and especially the photos. That’s all I need to see what each is like. Will stick with the Kiniki tanga for the private pool which is about the only swimming I do now.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Which Kiniki tanga is that?

      • DonS says:

        The Europa, mainly because the pattern was the same as the Eliot G-string I also purchased. The half-back on the tanga works for me, unlike some other brands. Tight at the front, so shows the bits, but it’s used mainly for private swimming so I’m not bothered by the fit. Kiniki seem to be reducing their styles substantially (both Europa and Eliot have been discontinued), which makes me think that polyester/lycra is too expensive now to be able to offer cheap underwear and swimwear. Shame, as that was a comfortable fabric.

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          I have an old Amazon tanga from them, which appears to be gone now. Guess not a surprised with them only offering black the last I saw it. It appears the prints in the swimwear are going bye bye other than the tan through ones. Unless they are going to be offering new prints. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Would the Europa tanga be the same cut as the Cuba tanga?

          • T says:

            Am I right in thinking the Amazon tanga was available in black, green and possibly white or yellow? I used to keep all my Kiniki catalogues, but threw them out years ago. I did buy the Amazon in black, but disliked the shape so much, I never actually wore it. Maybe I should sell it on eBay (lol).
            Funnily enough, the last swim tanga I bought from them was the Cuba,in white. Great half-back and string sides, but the pouch?(see reply to Don S).

            • The Bottom Drawer says:

              I don’t recall the other colors for sure anymore. I got the lime green one a long time ago. I’d consider it a full rear and if it has any pouch contour it would have just been at the base. Definitely not a defining pouch. Basically it looked like the Cuban and the Amazon were the same design other than the backs.

          • DonS says:

            I’d say it resembles the Apollo underwear tanga. The pattern is the same black and white semi-circles of the Eliot. The website image of the Cuba shows a slightly wider back than the Apollo/Europa.

        • T says:

          I’ve bought a number of Kiniki swim tangas over the years. Some great, some not so. Never had a problem with the half-backs,but some of the pouches would squish my package rather than enhance it,which is not really the desired effect(lol).

          • DonS says:

            Yes, there was a great comment on the Feefo reviews about the Kiniki model being deformed if he could wear one particular style. But that could easily be the luck of the draw as we have discussed here before about the Kiniki quality control. One item fits well, the next not so much, and you just hope that the first one bought of a style is a good fitting one.

  2. T says:

    Great trawl through your swimwear collection and I like how you kept the real skimpy suits till the end. I’m encouraged that you’d even consider wearing the string bikinis at a quiet beach away from your hometown. And finally…….the thongs!!!!! Nate,you are a young guy in good shape who has posted a picture of your posterior clad only in a red thong on a blog viewed by many men who have shared and empathised with you as you struggle to overcome your genuine fears about being seen in public in a swimsuit that goes against the “norm.” It would be such a shame if, in years to come, you look back with regret wishing you had had the courage and dare I say “balls” to thumb your nose at society by baring your butt in that Hom thong. Even if it means driving miles to a secluded beach for one day to enjoy the sheer thrill and feeling of liberation you get wearing a thong. And remember, this is coming from a guy who years ago would never have been seen with even his top off in public, never mind a Speedo, and now thinks nothing of baring all whenever and wherever possible.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I am happy with wearing what I am now, but the option of course will remain open to skimpify if a situation presents itself.:) Option for a thong would be driving somewhere, since they are not legal at the local beach. It is stated plainly on the rules on the life guard chairs with no thong style swimsuits.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    Great collection, like the pics and summerary of what, when, how and why.

    I recently bought my first Brazilian cut yellow bikini. Which after T saw the Pic of the bikini highlighted that it looks set to be transparent when wet.

    So like you TBD I think that will be saved for the private pools and far away beaches.

    Will be buying a 3inch side for the public beaches and family day pool adventures.

    Let’s see how I feel after that. Maybe I’ll find a middle ground of 1.5 – 2inch side for anytime swimming.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I started out buying skimpy ones years ago that I wore at secluded places. Then I thought maybe fuller swim briefs would get me wearing them, but they were just too bulky looking on me I thought. I think around the 3″ side mark was a good compromise to get my feet wet wearing them in public. The ones I mainly wear now are between 1.5″ and 2″ with pretty much full backs. So I think you are on the right track.

  4. Dan says:

    Great to see your collection laid out and really appreciate the photos. I grade my swimwear in a similar way although really into 3 main categories which dictates where I wear them; regular swim briefs which I wear daily at the pool; skimpy briefs/bikinis which I wear on the beach and then swim thongs which I wear if I am near/at a nude beach or at a remote beach. I would echo other’s thoughts on encouraging you to find an opportunity to wear your thong swimwear. I did it for the first time a few years ago and it was incredibly liberating! PS I have my eyes on your HOM micro brief – the cut and the pattern is amazing!

  5. Sub thong wearer says:

    I have been swimming for a while competitively and just to keep in shape. I had worn the three inch sides for a while and the TBD turned me on to the speedo solar. Been wearing that more regularly to the pool now and I am liking it a lot.

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