Swim Brief? Will This Be The Year?

Year of the Swim Brief?The last few years were suppose to be the year of the swim brief, but I haven’t accomplished the goal. It’s been almost 6 years now that I finally broke out the swim bikini brief for the real first time on the beach on my honeymoon. Since then I’ve really only made it two more times out in the public eye in a swim brief, which were also both on vacation. I’ve got lots of swim brief time in the backyard over the years, but unfortunately the swim trunks have seen too much time at the public pools and beaches. Mostly the excuse is I didn’t want to be the only one in a swim brief at the populated spot or extended family was with us.

I prefer more of a bikini style swim brief over a full brief, which also seems to inhibit me from just doing it. To help some with the endeavor of a breakout year, I purchased a few conservative suits last year in hopes to break the ice at the local beaches. Unfortunately I chickened out on my only chance last year.

With it being 2016 now and summer starting to approach here, I’m starting my dream of 2016 being the swim brief year. I’d really like this to happen this year, so I can join in the Underwear News Briefs (UNB) swim brief challenge. Since I have started to contribute some to the blog, it seems I should join in and be successful in the challenge. This year the challenge includes thongs, so for those who have the courage to do that you can join in too. Basically all you have to do is tweet @UNBBlog with the hashtag #unbswim and you can included a picture if you like when you do the challenge. Here’s a link to the challenge on the UNB Blog.

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  1. Jason Boag says:

    i think i will join in as weight loss incentive

  2. T says:

    Only recently discovered your website and I’m really enjoying catching up with all your swim/underwear discussions and adding my own twopence worth.Have to say I was quite surprised and a little sad to read that you are having real confidence issues when it comes to wearing a swim brief in public. You say that you wear them in your backyard,which is a positive step. Is your backyard totally private or is it possible for your neighbours to see you in your briefs? Do you cover up when someone comes to the door? If so,I would suggest that the next time the mailman delivers a package to your door,you answer it wearing your swim brief and act totally casual,as if you do it all the time.
    As for your issues with the beach/pool. Can I suggest that the next time you go to the beach or pool with your wife,you wear your bikini brief. People are less likely to pass comment or wrongly jump to conclusions about your sexuality if they see you are part of a couple and not a single guy.
    Hope these suggestions might help you overcome your fears.

    • I’m still working on that confidence! I would call my backyard semi-private. Neighbors could see if they are out in certain parts of their yards. Then we have a park that borders the back of our property, which can get busy at times. So I’m not isolated from people being able to see. Haven’t had anyone come to the door while in a swim brief. We don’t live in a neighborhood, so not many people but family come to the door. My goal the next time I go to the beach is to not wear swim trunks, but the swim brief with other shorts that will have to come off. It’s been suggested to just go with the swim brief, but that prevents stopping at stores on the way to or from the beach. Once I get confident at the beach I was then hoping to move to the pool. In the end I know I shouldn’t care and just do it, but hard to do than say. The wife support does help. Glad you are enjoying my blog and thanks for your suggestions and support with me breaking out the swim brief.

  3. Black Stallion says:

    I have been wearing The Rio Bikinis now since 2013 for pool Use, and have not looked back.
    I try to get them as skimpy as possible because I have the confidence, which believe it or not came from just biting the bullet one time.
    all it takes, is to grow the balls to go out.
    Don’t do it for any other reason than to be comfortable, and for your on confidence. soon it will be just as easy as wearing pants.
    Now I cant even see myself wearing the jammers or anything more.
    I save the jammers for the gym, running or walking, or biking.

    • I hope to get myself to that point soon. Once I can bite the bullet at the local beaches I think I may be set. With underwear I can’t imagine myself in anything other than bikinis and thongs. Hopefully that will be the same with swimwear.

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