2020 Bikini Favorites

2020 Bikini Favorites

It’s that time of year again to go over my top 5 favorite bikini pairs I’ve been pulling out of the drawer this year. Not much exciting happening to this list from last year. I didn’t try a pair that really struck me and a pair in the drawer didn’t really say wear me more. As you’ll see I prefer narrow sides with 3 of the 5 being string bikinis. The other 2 are narrow too. Also none of the pairs feature a full back. Here’s my 2020 picks from my drawer.

5. Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Number 5 is the Prevail Sport Rio Brief. I’ve been buying this bikini brief for years until Prevail Sport closed their doors. I enjoy the moderate coverage pouch and 3/4 back. It’s been an excellent string bikini to pull out the door.

4. Kiniki Cambridge Tanga
Kiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga

Kiniki’s Cambridge Tanga is super comfortable with the supplex lycra blend. This is one I consider an everyday string bikini. I really like the fit of it all the way around. Unfortunately, Kiniki no longer offers it. Their Raffles Tanga is same cut, but different fabric.

3. Kiniki Narrow Front Brief – Print
Kiniki Narrow Front Print Bikini Brief

I was hoping this would be my replacement for Prevail Sports string brief, but they stopped offering this design in the poly lycra prints. It would have been a decent replacement. They do offer the cut in a 95% cotton blend, which maybe I’ll try and see how I like it in that fabric. I like the amount of front and rear coverage of it. I enjoy how the fabric clings and holds in front and back. Hopefully they’ll bring more options in this style.

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Here’s another one on my list that doesn’t appear to be available anymore. I wouldn’t say there is anything fancy about it, but just the right amount of coverage. The microfiber fabric gives this a good overall fit. I also feel it can be worn for active activities with it’s decent support and fabric blend. Many times this is the one I like to pull out for doctor visits.

1. Prevail Sport String Brief
Prevail Sport String Brief
Well, this one is staying on the list until I wear out all the pairs in my drawer. The Prevail Sport string brief is really my favorite style in my drawer. I love the cut of it. It has the right amount of coverage front, back, and side in my opinion. It has great support and stays in place doing pretty much anything I have done wearing it. Can only hope someone revives them before I wear them out.


Sadly all the bikinis on my list of favorites in my drawer appear to be no longer offered. What was your go to bikini(s) this year?

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  1. Parns says:

    I only wear bikinis/tangas as swimwear under protest, where I’m not allowed to thong, but I have a couple of Kinikis that I like, especially the Cuba. I straddled the two this year with Skinzwear’s new 4-way adjustable bikini, that can slide into a thong back and a narrow pouch front. Which is the configuration I wore it in descending the travertines at Pamukkale.

  2. David says:

    I don’t know if I am allowed to comment as the owner of an underwear company that is rarely mentioned on this site despite being around for 30 years, but there is a good selection of bikinis and thongs on my site at BodyAware.com, the Greek God brief has always been a favorite. And AceandIndigo.com has some very nice eco micromodal bikinis and briefs.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      As long as it is relevant to the post(s) and doesn’t sound keyword spammy then I’ll allow comments. I have actually mentioned BodyAware many times in the past. Especially early on in the blog and then with conversation with other on different medias. My first purchase from you was probably around 20 years ago. I’ve always thought you create well made quality underwear. Unfortunately, the price for a pair of bikini or thong is not in my budget range anymore, which is why I have not purchased to review anything in quite some time. The price also holds first time buyers back some, because it is a lot of money to find out you dislike a pair. I’ve heard that specifically about Ace + Indigo. Then in the earlier days there were more pairs that grabbed my attention than in recent years, so that is why I haven’t mentioned BodyAware as much lately.

    • DonS says:

      I wish we could get more comments from the manufacturers to get a hint of the latest thinking is terms of styles and fabrics. It might also help with the ideas put forward in these posts that can only be speculation – confirmation or rejection would be useful.

  3. DonS says:

    It does seem to be common with Kiniki now not to have their individual styles around too long, which is a shame because once a good style is found it’s great to be able to get more of the same and know what you are going to get.

    For example, the modal fabric was pushed just a couple of years ago and now seems to be deprecated.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’d rather see colors and patterns changed up over styles unless the style really isn’t selling. You are right Kiniki use to not change things up as much as they have in recent years. Of course they do away with the styles I like and then replaced them with styles with branded waistbands that I do not like. I liked the ploy lycra fabric they just recently seemed to go away from. I know some brands seem to change yearly or even multiple times a year.

  4. Daniel Kennedy says:

    Both my Prevail and Blueline I cherish! Both fit perfectly! Also Prevail had no outside logo and Blueline is hardly noticeable. Both great. Thanks for your blog!

  5. JR2 says:

    This year some of my favorites are , the JOR Phoenix bikini, Joe Snyder Bulge Full bikini & kini,
    and lastly SWIC body hugger and Brazilian Bikini . The JOR phoenix though stands out the most , It fits great , the fabric is amazing and its shows a little more cheek then a standard bikini. Through out the year I have bought some bodyware and have liked them as well . I am a fan more of their tangas. The Rare Earth and Satin Mini Tangas are the ones that I like the best. I wish they would bring back the eminence tanga . I liked the style and it was nice to have some pairs with out the front seam

  6. David_nc says:

    It’s great that the ones you wore the most and are obviously many years old have and continue to hold up so well. It’s a shame that others can not purchase these brands/styles. For me the bikinis that were wore the most would include the Jockey String bikini, the Ace and Indigo Sporty brief, and the Obviously string bikini. I hope to expand and buy some new brands in 2021

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