2018 Bikini Favorites

2018 Bikini Favorites

I’m going to change my top 5 bikinis for this year up a little bit. You can read the 2017 post here. This year I’m dropping the Bodyaware TLC Brief off the list and bumping number 3 and 4 down a notch.


5. Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Prevail Sport Rio Brief
The Prevail Sport Rio Brief falls a position to allow room for a fellow string bikini higher up. The Rio is a great string bikini with moderate coverage pouch and 3/4 back. I’ve been buying this model for years and love the fit and look of these on.

Available at Prevail Sport and Cotton/Lycra version

4. Dietz Joker Mini Slip & Pulso in Sport Mesh
Dietz Joker Bikini BriefDietz Pulso Bikini Brief
Also dropping a position are these pairs from Dietz. The Joker mini Slip still remains here with its snug fit. Plus I like the black and yellow together. Again I’m having it sharing the spot with their Pulso brief in sport mesh. I like that it is a bit different than other pairs I have. It is a lower rise pair and I like how it hugs me. Also breathable with the mesh fabric. Nice pair to change things up a bit.

Joker available at Dietz
Pulso (New version not sport mesh) available at at Dietz

3. Kiniki Cambridge Tanga
Kiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga

This is the new pair that makes the list. I reviewed it at the end of last year and it’s a great everyday bikini. It’s super comfortable with the supplex lycra blend. For me it has the right amount of frontal and rear coverage and holds the boys nicely. I’m always a fan of a solid string bikini as you can see by this list.

Cambridge available Kiniki

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
The fit of these is keeping it at number 2 for another year. There really isn’t anything fancy about this pair. The microfiber gives these a nice overall fit and makes them a good option for something a bit active. I like that the back isn’t full coverage. This string bikini is often a choice I wear for doctor visits.

Available at? Check eBay or Amazon or a search engine. I do not have an online store I’ve ordered from before that carries them.

1. Prevail Sport String Brief
Prevail Sport String Brief
The string brief from Prevail Sport has been a favorite, since I discovered them pretty much in the beginning of my bikini wearing. I love the cut of these with the narrow sides, ¾ back, and moderate pouch. First time I pulled them on I knew they were going to be a hit. It’s the style I wear the most year after year and see no reason for that to change in the future.

Available at Prevail Sport and Cotton/Lycra version

What was your go to bikini this year?

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  1. Jan says:

    Hi! I recognize the Blueline bikini. I bought them in a store in Schweiz. Very seldom that I wear them, because I am full in to thongs. But that said, they provide a good comfort, and looks good. Do you wear them for beach, tanning or only as underwear? The shape of P Rio brief looks good to me. I just got a China purchase of swim speedoes. Pretty satisfied.

  2. Mike says:

    Nice list but considering I’m not a fan of cotton underwear, my top 5 is obviously different.

    Honorable Mention: Joe Snyder Classic Bikini

    5. Olaf Benz RED Brazil Brief
    4. Ergowear X3D Suave Bikini
    3. Modus Vivendi Low Cut Silk Bikini
    2. Cover Male CM1020 Contoured Bikini
    1. Bodyaware Gun Slinger

    Olaf Benz and Ergowear make some of the best stuff in the world…their swimsuits are phenomenal. The Modus Vivendi Silk and Cover Male Contoured are new models that are off the charts comfortable. The Bodyaware Gun Slinger is still the top dog.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’d like to try Olaf Benz, but on the expensive side and haven’t seen them sold in the US. So shipping fees on top of the price of the part makes it hard to pull the buy trigger. Been eyeing Modus Vivendi ones too. I’m afraid I won’t like Ergowear’s pouches, so I’m hesitate to spend the money on them too. Cover Male is a brand on the list to try and more likely to happen. Bodyware makes some good underwear, but seems they are offering more feminine looking ones than the use to compared to ones I would purchase. Thanks for sharing your list.

  3. Kally says:

    For the last year I’ve been wearing bikinis from TXM in Japan. I really like the strike skin material. Very thin fabric but stretches well so they aren’t too restictive. But they run small so I buy large and they are still a snug fit. Very sexy in my opinion.

  4. DonS says:

    Groovin Store string bikinis from Singapore for a few years now. Nothing else. They are a comfortable, well-fitting nylon mix.

    I agree about the Kiniki supplex fabric, I have a G-string in that fabric that is very comfortable.

  5. EJ says:

    I’m always looking for a string bikini with very minimal coverage. I have a few Daniel Alexander Brazilian back string bikini they are cheeky but looking for a real small back if anyone has input

    • jr says:

      EJ , The cover male string bikini is very similar to DA , I have both, fit is pretty much the same . on these i found i had to size up , so the back wouldn’t fit like a thong .

  6. Jr says:

    Great list tbd, though I haven’t tried anything from Dietz yet , their stuff looks pretty good . Prevail sport is definitely towards the top of my list as well . Their string bikini , French secret, and Zealand are some of my favorites . The joe snyder classic bikinis I always seem to add several pairs a year . Also in the mix would body hugger string bikini from rubber tree latex. One brand that I would like to try has been manstore, but those always seem to be on the pricey side to.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’ve been pretty happy with the pairs I’ve gotten from Dietz. Those are all good prevail sport styles! I like the looks of Manstore stuff too. They’re owned by the same company as Olaf Benz now. Like you the price is keeping me from trying them.

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