Summer 2014 Not Quite the Swim Brief Year

Well, I didn’t quite hit the goal of wearing a swim brief to the local beach this summer. Though it’s a little hard to reach the goal when you don’t go to the beach! We didn’t know if we should go to the beach with our 18 month old son, since he could enjoy eating sand. Plus he has tubes in his ears and isn’t suppose to get untreated water in them. Then the weather wasn’t the best for the beach until late summer either. I know excuses excuses.

Family Pool

The 6′ x 10′ Family Pool

On the positive side I did get to enjoy wearing a swim brief some this summer. We purchased a kiddie pool for our son to splash around in. Actually they call it a family pool. It’s a 6′ x 10′ blow up pool, which I figured was big enough we all could get in it together to cool off. So several times this summer for a couple hours at a time I got to slip on a swim brief and walk around the yard and sit in the pool with my son and wife.

My wife and I got to lay out a bit in the back yard this summer when our son was napping to catch some rays. So got some swim bikini time in then too. Not enough to show in the tan department.

Summer of 2014 swim briefs

Some of the swim briefs that made an appearance this summer.

Only one time this summer was a non-backyard bikini time. I was able to get some time in an AussieBum swim brief at a hotel pool on a mini vacation. When we got to the pool no one was there, so no issues getting down to the swim brief. After a little while a young couple probably early twenties arrived and went to the opposite end of the pool. I didn’t notice any reaction from them. I was in and out of the pool a few times when they were there, so they had to see me in my swim brief. I would say they at least respected my swimwear choice while they were there.

Even though I didn’t meet my goal to hit the beach in swim brief this year, I did get a good amount of backyard time in one. Maybe would have gotten more if the weather was a little better especially on non work days.

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  1. Haavard says:

    I’m a long time wearer of thongs, stringbikinis and bikinis in Norway wich did not got any good results in your survay.

    I have several thongs/bikinis from Kiniki and other manufactors, and its my main choice of swimweare and underweare.
    In the local swimclub my first choice is the kiniki amazon. The locker rom is mixed gender with seperate showers, but I don’t mind stay in my thong there. I have got some looks, but I think thats mostly of curriosity and suprise than negative.
    Don’t be afraid of what others will think, mean or say, whats important, is that your happy and confident to do what you want.

    You write positive about the feeling of the water on your skin in your thong/bikini suite, and you write that you find secluded aeriasand private places, why not slipping everything off? Thats the absolute best way for a swim in the lake and fir drying of.

    Keep up the good work, trust yourself and please post more photos 😉

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting. The surveys were ones I found on some travel websites. Do you find swim briefs being acceptable in Norway then? That’s good to hear you haven’t gotten any negative reactions with your choice of swimwear or underwear. Does seem the swim brief is more acceptable for doing laps in the pool to people. I don’t particular like to be naked for some reason. Probably modesty, so I prefer to wear a swimsuit.

      • Haavard says:

        It’s not the norm, use speedos at the beach but I use the Kiniki amazon, speedos and joe snyder and Kiniki bikinis at the beach, without any negativ reactions. I have got some looks but only in a positiv way.
        I actualy think that most girls (and guys) like the speedos, but no one want’s to take the first step in their “gang” and admit it.
        So my “mission” is to be a role modell and “legalise” the speedos, and I think you and this blog also doing a good job.

        • Sounds like it is pretty much the same as here in the USA with the swim brief attitude. My goal of the blog was to hopefully give some encouragement to others. I know when I started just wearing bikini underwear I was looking for the extra encouragement to just wear what I wanted to and not care what others thought. Thanks for the feedback. Always nice to hear from my readers.

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