Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Since we have experienced some fall like weather, I guess it is time for a 2018 summer post. My overall swim brief wearing time I would say declined overall last year. On the plus side the drop in it was more the backyard time. It seems that the free time never lined up with decent weather this summer. In the end there was success at meeting my resolution this year, which was to continue my swim brief wearing at the local beach. Plus I added in wearing one a bit skimpier than last year. You can read last year’s post on my beach visit here.

This year we did better than last by getting to the beach in mid July instead of the end of August. This meant more potential for crowds, but we did go during a weekday. I stepped up the game a bit with wearing an aussieBum Surge swim brief. Still a pretty full frontal and rear cut, but showing off more leg than last years choice. I was surprised I felt more comfortable than I expected this go.

We arrived probably around 11 at the same beach area as last year. Last year there wasn’t a lifeguard, but this year there started out with one. It wasn’t too bad crowd wise when we got there. We ended up setting up not too far from the lifeguard chair. Everyone else seemed to be at the ends of the designated swimming area for some reason. Typically I head to the outskirts, but this time we were front and center. As soon as we had our area set up I removed my sandals, shirt, and shorts with no hesitation. Then we went down to the water’s edge. With the kids, I was pretty much at the water’s edge the whole time or standing in the shallow part of the water. As it became afternoon, more people started coming and two more lifeguards showed up to the beach. It was definitely the busiest beach so far I’ve been at in my swim briefs. Of course I was the only guy and surprisingly there weren’t that many women in bikinis. Guess they were at a different beach. I did feel a couple kids left the area when I went down to the water where my wife was with the kids one time. They seemed to look up at me from in the water and moved on. Maybe I was wrong, but anyhow overall it was a great beach day that left me wanting more.

More time was achievable, it was getting down to the last chance for the summer. This time we ended up going in the afternoon. We arrived around 2. Not as good as a beach day as we thought it was going to be. It was more overcast than expected and breezy. The beach wasn’t anything close to as busy as the previous visit during this time of day either. Maybe part due to no lifeguards on duty at this beach and the weather. Again we picked a spot and set things up. I removed my sandals, shirt, and short to reveal my black 1″ Shoreline Speedo. Again I felt pretty comfortable in being the only one. I headed down to the water’s edge with my son and a girl about his age came over to see if he would play with her. That they did pretty much the whole time. She was there with her grandpa, who offered me a chair a little while after standing there supervising my son. I always find it nicer when someone approaches me when I’m in a swim brief. Allows me to know they are at least tolerate of my swimwear choice. We did chat on and off some through the afternoon. When my daughter woke up, I was back up again helping her around the beach. It was another solid swim brief day.

For me, I’m going to call it a successful summer. Two decent days at the beach and more people introduced in person to a guy in a swim brief. No photos to share since the kids are in them.

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  1. Mark says:

    See, the ground did not open and swallow you nor did the police arrive due to a public commotion.
    All you observed was t a little passing interest probably due as much to the fact you were out and playing with your kids as much as to what you were wearing. Go to the beach again before the weather gets too cool and wear some colors and prints before you lose your nerve! You’re on a roll, go to your local gym wearing thongs as underwear and brief liners. You and others will get used to it. Less is best!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’ve been eyeing the forecast, but when it looks decent it doesn’t line up to a time I can make it. Like last weekend would have been a great beach weekend, but already had other plans. Not looking good based on the 10 day forecast for another chance this year. Guess I’ll hope for an unseasonal warm day to pop up.

  2. EJ says:

    Those kids probably weren’t judging ya BD- more than likely they got bored where they were and moved on

  3. T says:

    Just came across the post you did four years ago about minimizing your swimwear and I must admit I was surprised that you opted for Kiniki’s Amazon string bikini,even though you never wore it in company.
    You’ve certainly come a long way in those years,albeit gradually(lol),but now you are confident enough to wear your speedos on a busy beach even when you are the only guy doing so.
    Like EJ says,I don’t think those kids were judging you.If they were very young,they wouldn’t know what a speedo was,and if they were older, they probably went to ask their dad why he didn’t wear a speedo like the cool dad with the two kids.
    Who knows,maybe this time next year you’ll be bragging about baring your butt in a thong at your local beach(lol).

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Guess I’m more a tortoise than a hare. I doubt the kids were judging, but was odd the left as soon I came down and they looked up at me. So maybe they were told to stay clear of me. Was just an observation that day. I won’t be baring the butt locally. Not permitted at the beaches near by.

  4. EJ says:

    Maybe a curious onlooker finds this blog and sees he’s not the only one thinking it’s ok to wear ‘the good stuff ‘ in public

  5. OLS says:

    This summer was good.

    I stayed at my favorite beach for a few days. Each one of those days I wore either a thong or a mini cheek. I was far from the crowd although there were a few thong wearers nearby. What made it different from other times was that a couple of those thong weares greeted me and engaged in conversation and I was “brave” enough to not cover up. I walked back and forth and went to the water with no hesitation after that. There I was wearing next to nothing and not worried about others. Best day at the beach.

  6. EJ says:

    I got in a little over an hour sunbathing in a g string in the backyard still summer in New England! (Subject to change of course) I can say I got in some sun on September 16th around here- minimal privacy barriers T- lol

    • T says:

      Thanks for that,EJ. Nice to know someone is still able to bare their butt in a string outside in the sun(lol). Here,in my home town,I could actually see my breath inside my house this morning which forced me to put on a warm fleece and a pair of jogging bottoms rather than my preferred g-string. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the winter and my neighbours might not recognize me in clothes(lol).

  7. EJ says:

    I guess summer’s over in Scotland- I caught a break where weather was there and had the time. To be honest I wanted to be outside in g string underwear being free. I’d suggest buying your own tanning booth, can’t imagine how much 1 of those costs, and probably a fortune in electricity to run it!

  8. Randy Lange says:

    I spent the weekend camping in northern Michigan and the weather was awesome. It was in the mid 80’s every day I went to the beach both Saturday and Sunday and wore this suit.
    Just so happens I camped with my wife and little sister and her husband. I walked all around the beach and out in the water, which was knee high for a 1000 feet. Went swimming and layed out on the beach both days.
    This was the first chance I had all summer to wear these suits outside of my yard. It was great to say the least, can’t wait for next summer to push the limit smaller. See my wife doesn’t really support my string bikini fetishes. I hear it all time you need to hide your a** and don’t show your bulge, she says save that for the bedroom. I told her it’s not my bulge that is the problem it’s the fact that the Walmarts of the country only sell what people think is the norm, I don’t think swimwear that goes past your knees is ok. I seen a guy today in swimwear that went just below his knee caps, I said to my wife that would be like drag racing with the parchute out. It looks silly, I seen several women wearing bikini’s the most of them covered more then mine but I’m making a statement. Men can show their junk in public I don’t care.
    I also wear leggings without shorts on and try to wear a shirt long enough to cover my stuff if not enjoy the veiw I say.
    Enough on my rant about the men can’t wear this or that but I’m getting tired of the double standard.

    • ACor says:

      Hey man! I’m sorry cause your wife doesn’t support your choice of swimwear. But I’m happy you don’t care if your family doesn’t support you, remember you are not alone.

    • T says:

      Just checked out the Skinz string bikini that you wore on your recent camping trip, and it is very similar to the Daniel Alexander string bikinis that I bought a couple of years ago. They are very sexy and much briefer than most speedo type suits and would definitely make you stand out in a crowd,
      Did your brother in law pass any comments about your skimpy bikini,and did he wear a daring style, or was he wearing typical dork shorts?

      • Randy says:

        He seen me in a 2 inch brief style suit before. He wore the dork shorts.

        • T says:

          I recently saw a comment which referred to board shorts as “The Curtains of Shame,” which I thought was a great description. Perhaps your brother in law is desperate to shed his “curtains” but doesn’t know where to buy the skimpier styles. Have you ever considered buying him even a standard size speedo for his birthday or Christmas? That could be the motivation he needs to try something a bit more daring than the dork shorts,and who knows,in a couple of years time you could both be strutting your stuff in butt revealing thongs.

          • Randy Lange says:

            I don’t think he would wear those because he’s from the conservative South. My sister told him awhile back he needs a suit like my speedo, “Oh hell no” was his reply.
            It was funny though seeing guys wearing dork shorts and pulling up the legs to get more sun. I just shake my head and laugh!

          • John says:

            I don’t know how much time you spend with your brother-in-law, but start slow. Next time he’s fussing with his dork shorts suggest a shorter trunk style that would be more comfortable. Baby steps might lead him to go shorter until eventually he’s comfortable in a brief style.

        • T says:

          Maybe he’s sensitive about the size of his manhood and gets intimidated by you proudly displaying your bulge.Even so,I think his wife should continue to encourage him to ditch the dork shorts by telling him how good he would look in something a bit skimpier and how much she would love to see his hot a** in a speedo.
          Do you know if he wears dull boxer shorts too,or if he is a bit more adventurous with his underwear?
          Sometimes we just have to accept that some guys will never be comfortable wearing styles that show off more of their bodies.

  9. Mark says:

    Scotland! Northern Michigan! Egad! In Central California it’s starting to cool down during the days and more so at night but I’m still able to get some bikini/thong time in my backyard during midday (being retired helps.) The mainline department stores around here will not carry any swimwear other than the same trunk/baggy crap while at least the sporting goods stores will carry competition swim briefs (and one shop near me specializing in swim team suits.) Other than those exceptions, it’s on line for the good stuff. I can’t entirely blame the stores, our brothers are such pussies when it comes to being themselves. For me, being ‘modest’ now is no more than three inch sides (water polo briefs.)

    • John says:

      believe it or not, Target stores in certain markets actually carry brief swim wear! A few of ours here in Denver had some really nice looking ones from 2xist’s brand called Evolve. They always carry them online, but you can find them first hand too. Pretty amazing!

  10. EJ says:

    For me it was a good sunbathing summer wearing g string underwear, but I had no time to wear a g string swimsuit to the beach. I wore the swimsuit twice- trying it on to find out it fit perfect and again on Labor Day lounging around the house

  11. AC says:

    This summer was really successful for me.
    I worn bikini and thong all the time at the beach/ pool.
    I when to vacation to Florida beginning of July, I worn the Charlie thong ( at the beach and It was amazing, i saw a couple (girl and boy around 25years old) who was laughing and I thong the took pics of me, but I didn’t care, I was so glad to be able to do it, I was with my husband and my sister and brother and law.
    After I worn thong again in St. Petersburg, different than Miami (at least in miami there are guys wearing speedo) in St. Pet I was the only one wearing thong, not even a speedo around me. But people were amazing, there didn’t even put attention.
    Another time my friend invited me to hangout at his parents pool, and (he knows I wear bikinis and thong) he told me his family was cool about all that staff, and I wear a bikini at the Pool.

    Im so excited about next year, I can’t wait to do it again, so far nobody has told me about then, and that something I really like happens, like a guy ask me what I feel when I’m wearing thong in public.

  12. John says:

    Congratulations BD on your successful summer of swim briefs. Hopefully you’ll get time to wear them more often at the beach before winter hits and next year you’ll live in them!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks John. I think beach weather is coming to an end based on the 10 day forecast. Fall is coming in on schedule this year for us. So guess I’m back to dreaming of next summer.

  13. EJ says:

    Not so fast BD- we had a Christmas Eve a few years ago when my family & me were outside having a blaze in the fire pit w/ t shirts on- kept checking my phone to see the date remember I live in MA

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Will be keeping my eye on the weather, but lots of highs in the low 60s for the next 10 days. Most likely won’t hit the beach until next year, but maybe some sunning in the backyard will be in the future before the snow flies.

  14. Jan says:

    I have been wearing thongs on the European beaches (Greece, Spain, France, Denmark and Germany) for quite a few years now, but only at not so crowded places. But if possible, I go nude. Nude is a kind of natural thing, and thong is for me a kind of sexy thing. The island Gran Canaries is capital of gays, and I have until now, never seen anybody in the gay area wearing thongs, but in the swinger area I have noticed some male thongers. My wife and I normally go nude or wear a thong. Semi sheer or sheer of course. Thong on the beach is mostly for me to avoiding getting sunburned on my d*** head 🙂 Else I am nude.

  15. E.J says:

    Summer in New England one more day- yeah I was outside tanning my a** in a gstring for an hour on October 10th!!

    • T says:

      That’s great E.J…..but I’ll see your g-string and raise one(lol). Yesterday I spent 2 hours in my back garden sunbathing totally naked in SCOTLAND!!!!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Monday would have been a great day for a October day at the beach here, but of course the stars didn’t align for me to do that. Glad to hear you and T found some sunning time.

  16. Mark says:

    A whole hour! You crazed sun worshiping fool! Most of us thong enthusiasts would love to go to the places Jan mentioned however getting to Europe from the States is not in the cards so we will have to do the best we can over here (I was at my local fitness gym/pool a few days ago wearing a two inch side color print bikini while the other men there were in the usual crappy black twenty-one inch bloomers-ick.)

  17. Mark says:

    Another sun worshiper! In Scotland no less! Talk about freezing your buns (and other parts of your body) off. Hey AC, $105 to $150 for a swim thong?! Wow, are they that good? For that you should not only be proud but DAMN proud.

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