I’m a Male Thong Wearer

I'm a Male Thong WearerI admit it. I’m a male thong wearer and yes I’m straight. I’ve been wearing thongs for about 16 years now. I don’t exclusively wear thongs, but they definitely get their wear. It all depends on my mood. A lot of the ladies know why thongs are so great, but guys are clueless. First they have the misconception that thongs are for females only. Second they’re scared of a piece of fabric between the cheeks even though they like to see their women in a thong. Third they think only guys that wear thongs are gay. I’m sure there are more reasons, but these are some that I’ve come across most.

I guess the misconception that thongs are only for women is that is what everyone sees pretty regularly. They’re readily available in pretty much any store that sells underwear. You see women wearing them on TV and they’re mass marketed. Now about the only place other than online you see thongs for guys for sale is an adult store, which doesn’t help the persona that thongs are for everyday wear for men.

Now I don’t know why guys that are suppose to be all muncho are afraid of a strap of fabric between the cheeks. If the guy wants to be all manly then maybe he should try to man up and wear a thong to prove he is as tough as the thong wearing ladies.You’d be surprised if you slipped on the right thong at how comfortable one can be.

Just thinking guys that wear thongs are gay is just ridiculous. That is like saying women that don’t wear thongs are gay. I guess it is part because of the stereotype that if you are gay then you are more feminine. Which then leads to that when most guys probably think of a thong they think of a women’s thong and of course they look feminine. Now if they actually looked at a thong for a man they’d see they are not feminine and would not look sexy on a women.

You know women do not just wear thongs to not have visible panty lines or for their man. There are other reasons, which also overlap with reasons I like to wear a thong. A top reason would be the sex appeal. They make you feel sexy when you have one on. Thongs are a bit daring, so gives you a bit of a thrill knowing you have one on and others don’t know. Typically they provide excellent support, so keeps everything in place when being active. Great alternative to a jock. Also thongs are a great option for summer underwear to help keep you a bit cooler on those hot days.

If you haven’t tried a thong, then you should at least give them a chance. You never know, you may really l like wearing them. If you like to wear thongs, comment below and let me know why you enjoy wearing them.

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  1. Dan says:

    I agree with this article. I’m a 31 yr married man. When I first tried a thong in my early 20’s I remember how great they felt! I slowly got a few more and started wearing them more often. I wore boxer briefs half the time and other half thongs. My wife didn’t like them at first. With my new found comfort I hit the gym because I wanted to look good in a thong. Needless to say I don’t even own boxer briefs and my wife buys my thongs. I’m definitely not gay. So that stereotype is valid. I’m not feminine so again point not valid. I’m 6’2 215lbs @12 body fat. I’m in pretty great shape. I change in locker rooms and nobody says a word. I love thongs. Maybe when I’m older I won’t however I could careless who knows. I post a few on Instagram and my friends know. I enjoy comfortable and tight clothes. And just an FYI that often gets overlooked posing straps were use in the early part of the 20th century for male models in art classes. Therefore the modern thong was made for men which makes sense.

    • Thanks for joining in and giving your experience as a thong wearer. Hopefully, us speaking out will help others on the fence give them a try. I think thongs probably could go back farther in time, since you seesome tribal guys basically wearing something like a thong.

      • T says:

        My heading would have to be I’m a male g-string wearer. Thought I would share a negative experience I had and wonder if anyone else has had a similar situation?
        A few years ago,after a particularly violent storm,part of my 6′ high back garden fence was blown over which meant that people passing by on the footpath next to my house could see the contents of my washing line. On this particular day,as per usual,I had my shirts etc on the line and also my skimpy g-strings all in a row.
        I was standing at my kitchen window, when I noticed the woman, who lived across the back from me,standing on the footpath, pointing at my underwear and calling her husband to come and have a look.He,to his credit,didn’t seem the least bit interested,but his wife was open mouthed as if I had hung up some live puppies on the line.
        The funny thing is that she was always up at her bedroom window from where she could look into parts of my house,so she must have known that I was in the habit of wearing just a g-string around the house.
        It will not surprise you to know that her husband’s underwear was your typical boring,baggy boxers.
        So,do any of you guys hang your scanties out on the line,or do you keep them hidden indoors?

        • I really haven’t had any negative experience as of yet with my underwear choice. Nothing like line drying the undies especially when a lot of them call for it. It’s a great site seeing them hanging up. Unfortunately, I don’t hang them out as much as I use to. They mainly see the drying rack these days.

      • Andrew says:

        Hello… would love to see your Instagram 🙂

    • Kurt says:

      Hey guys, we need a chat room to talk about our underwear collection and share pics if we want. Y’all know of one?

    • guest says:

      Hey @Dan, can you send along your instagram posts? I’m a married straight guy who loves wearing thongs but also enjoy seeing another guy in a thong.

      • BootyMan says:

        I’m a straight man, but I like seeing guys in thongs too

      • Dave says:

        Hey guys, have you seen the brand Desmiit they make awesome swim thongs. I wear thongs all the time. I’m 39 and my wife loves me in them.its our summer here in Australia so it’s really hot and finishing work, jumping in the ocean to cool off is the best. Thongs give you soooo much freedom. I must have 100 different thongs

        • Black Stallion says:

          It must be nice to live in a judge free country where people don’t get squeamish over seeing the human body. Here in The States of America, everybody is sensitive to everything under the sun, “ Bunch of Sissies”.

  2. johny says:

    i wear thong and bikini undies and swimsuits. i go to the local pool and beaches wearing one of these type and never got any complaints. my wife encourages me to show my tattoos so i wear skimpy. our kids are used to it to so why change now.

    • Awesome. That’s what I like to hear. Always good to have an encouraging wife.

      • Tim says:

        It took me a long time to develop confidence to do it, but frequently I get approving looks when wearing a thong on the beach. I never got any objection. As for past partners, their views have varied hugely. One thought it was disgusting for a man to wear a thong at all, even though she used them as underwear. Another, once she realised I liked thongs, encouraged me to wear one and she started wearing just a thong on the beach herself. The best way forward is for women to buy them for their man.

  3. JM says:

    Yep, I wear thongs too. I’m certainly far from feminine! LoL! I wish it was more common for guys to wear thongs. However, I see they are even carrying them in my local Wal-Mart! So maybe some opinions are starting to come around. I’d certainly like to see more of it, that is for sure!

    • That’s a surprise Walmart is carry men’s thongs in store. Will have to check out our local Walmart. Haven’t checked in local stores to see what they carry in men’s underwear in a long time. Think all us skimpy underwear wearers would like to see stores stock the styles we like.

  4. carl says:

    what’s the best thongs brand that fit great and revealing

    • I guess it would really depend on if you are new to thongs or the type of thongs you like. I’m a big Prevail Sport fan. If you like skimpy then Blueline has a decent v-string type thong they call a t-back, but the pouch isn’t real roomy (Review is here). Anything particular you like in a thong?

      • eric says:

        oh i love prevail sport the med thong or night vision thong i think. love that feel kinda spendy but worth it. 😉

    • Scott says:

      I love magic silk g strings and thongs. They feel great. The g strings are adjustable in front. I’m 55 years old been waring then for about 10 years now. Don’t wear anything else.

    • G-string Guy says:

      iKingsky from Amazon has some really comfortable and sexy g-strings. The only down side is that they are just solid color but still are nice.

    • Scott says:

      Gregg Homme

  5. carl says:

    yes I like very low rise and skimpy, how common is the men wear thongs because I seen a lot of guys make joked when they get knowledge about a man wear thongs

    • Cocksox may be one for you. I haven’t tried it but I’ve had some people say they like them. Not sure I’d like the pouch on them personally, which is why I haven’t tried them yet. I think Cover Male, Joe Snyder, and Daniel Alexander have some similar to it if you like more a lycra type fabric. I don’t think men wearing thongs is that common yet, but I believe it has grown over the years. Yes, immature people still make jokes about men and thongs. Still has a stigma associated with it, which is one reason I started to blog to voice that thongs and bikinis are for both men and women. The stigmas associated with guys and skimpy underwear is what is making guys that like them keep it a secret.

  6. SD_Cali_guy says:

    I had already ditched boxers for bikinis and was curious how it felt to wear one. I got the Joe boxer thongs after 3 days went and bought another pack. I can’t even tell I have a string running thru my cheeks and the support on the front is better then any other mens underwear. I never would have thought they were this comfortable

    • Thanks for sharing your experience to becoming a thong wearer. Lots of guys seem curious about it, but you did it the right way by trying them out instead of asking a woman if they are comfortable or how they can be comfortable. Congrats on the switch to bikinis and thongs!

  7. Roland says:

    Hi. I’m an African American guy from the USA, living in SE Asia at the moment and am an everyday Thong wearer (men’s and mostly Brand: CoxSock size: XL) and occasional G String wearer. I’m heterosexual and find thong very sexy and comfortable and my wife loves me in them! She’s always grabbing at my rear every time she finds me walking around the house in it. Plus, I had two girlfriends who also loved me in them. One said ‘…she’d never dated or been into guys wearing skimpy underwear but I really like it on you; its HOT!…” lol I’m a bigger guy but also with quite a lot of muscle but some fluff too. So you don’t have to be thin to be confident in your “Thonging”. I used to be really shy about revealing my underwear in the locker room when changing, after working out but I decided that this is my underwear choice and it’s not different than the next guy who wears boxers or briefs! I want to be comfortable and I’m secure in my sexuality! I have a rather large “butt” and many have commented that I have a nice rear (women and men) . So, I think the key is to be confident and secure and after that nothing else matters. Enjoy your sexy side and if others don’t like it; they don’t have to look. 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting and sharing your experience and insights. Always good to hear others that have had positive feedback from the women. Like your thought process of wearing what is comfortable for you and if others don’t like it then don’t look. Should be the same process at the beach too.

    • blkmlthng says:

      Awesome read! I too am heterosexual African American male who wears not only thongs and gstrings for underwear but also string bikinis and bikini briefs. I choose to wear thongs because they are comfortable, provide me support throughout my day and make me feel sexy! My wife enjoys me in such underwear and she happened to be the first woman I wore a gstring in front of and her reaction encouraged me to continue to wear thongs and incorporate them into my daily underwear! Nice to see there are other African American males such as myself who wear thong underwear!

      • Roland says:

        Thanks blkmlthng! No, your not alone brah 🙂 I’ve never tried string bikini’s and the such but am now thinking about it. Seems I skipped right to the pinnacle of underwear. lol I don’t think I can go back to anything thing less risque now, but I may try them out. 🙂 In my opinion g strings are the sexiest in nature but perhaps it just my body; Thongs look better on me. However, I wish G strings looked just as good. As I keep the diet in check and keep hitting the gym, perhaps it’ll come around :-D.

        • Blkmlthng says:

          No problem bruh! I started wearing thongs when I was a sophomore in college (around 2000/2001), Target and Kmart used to sell them. I felt self conscious and was scared the women I dated wouldn’t except me in them I stopped wearing them but back in 2009 I started wearing thongs again around the time I started dating my wife. I too have a muscular build and I think I look great in them. I have a pretty large collection of men’s thongs and gstrings, all of my gstrings are from Gregg Homme which are very sexy and risqué but what gstring isn’t! If you want some tips on string bikinis let me know as my string bikini collection is just as large as my thongs and gstrings ! Again, it’s great to know another heterosexual African American male is a thong wearer!

      • TJ says:

        Same here brotha

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for sharing your comments, I’m a heterosexual African American male who wears Joe boxer mens thongs l Like the way it feels in between my buttcheecks rubbing against my tight butt hole, I want bigger buttcheecks but it still looks good, I’m looking for a woman who likes them too and will grab my buttcheecks, it makes me feel sexy.I need a woman who wants to see me in it.

    • TJ says:

      I’m African American and Straight too who wants to try it

      • Blackstallion says:

        Just Do it!
        That’s how I started.
        Yes, it will test your manhood. Because everybody knows real men do as they damn well please, within reason of course.
        Just a disclaimer keeping it “PC”

        • TJ says:

          I will its just I don’t care what others gotta say but I got to get my body in order first, I’m skinny and don’t have a lot of muscle

  8. rob says:

    hello guys try this brand on ebay or aliexpress: cockcon they make the perfect underwear better then all these expensive brands they have thongs bikini’s etc etc cheap very good quality

  9. carl says:

    thanks rob for let us know about that brand, I will try to get some of them

  10. Dave says:

    Hi guys, a great brand of thong swimwear is DESMIIT which you can find on ebay. Really well made and cheap. Desmiit have a drawer string front which is great so you can swim in the surf without them falling off. I wear them under my wetsuit while surfing here in Australia because they don’t ride up like boxers etc. they are already in place. If only thongs were more popular amongst men because they are so comfortable to wear and like you don’t have anything on.
    If there is no one around when I go to the beach with my wife I will swim in my thong but I always tan in them. I just need to overcome that shyness to walk down and swim.
    My wife loves me wearing them and thinks its sexy and says just walk down and be confident when you walk.

    • People wear boxers under their wetsuit!? Seems like it would be a lot of work tucking them in. I figured nothing or swim brief under a wetsuit would be the norm. A swim thong is an excellent choice. Good to hear of another wife that approves of their husband in a thong and supportive. Acting like it is your normal swimwear is key, but I’m right with you and the shyness. I’m working on it with a swim brief, but not going as well as I’d like. Thanks for sharing and commenting.

    • T says:

      Whenever I see a photo of a group of Australian rowers with the backs of their speedos scrunched up between their buttocks,I can’t help thinking why don’t they just invest in a proper thong and do away with all that re-arranging? I suppose you should be grateful that speedos aka budgie smugglers appear to be accepted over there as regular swimwear(unlike in the U.S and U.K). I would have thought that in a warm country like Australia,more men would indulge in thong/g-string wearing for comfort reasons if nothing else. Here in Scotland,we are not blessed with particularly warm summers and our winters can be very cold,but whatever the weather,I continue to wear my g-strings.

  11. Mike says:

    I’m a gay man who wears thongs as my primary choice of underwear, so I guess I play right I do the stereotype LOL 😀 I have to say the comfort and sex appeal can’t be beat. But like you said, it’s just underwear after all! Anyone can wear it at any time!

  12. carl says:

    hi Roland I am so glad to know more and more African American guys actually wear thongs and bikinis just keep it up, I would like have contact or communication with male thongs wearer to share experiences

  13. carl says:

    ok Roland great or we can make video call by email

  14. carl says:

    Roland I would like but unfortunately I don’t have Skype, I have been trying but something happen with my pc

  15. Sage says:

    I’m a heterosexual, 39 y/o married male, standing 5’3″ @112lbs. I’ve been wearing nothing but thongs, and g-strings for about a year now. My wife isn’t so much of a fan, but supports me wearing them as long as “I’m happy”. They are getting fling-ed off anyway right?! I personally like feeling a little naughty, and have the constant feeling of, “I know something you don’t know.” During the summer, they are much cooler, and never had a support issue (I play a LOT of yard games). I also do a ton of traveling, and pack weight/space for a week of undies is also awesome. Silkworld, wang jiang, and arciton on amazon have all been great fits!

    I initially got my first thong, trying to spice things up, but ended up loving how they made me feel. From there, I was on a mission to disprove all the people that say they are uncomfortable, wrong (mainly women, as I do find them quite appealing) No luck there though, but I’m still sold!

    Thanks for the forum with this topic!

  16. Sage says:

    Trying to keep the thread alive. I’m much more of a low rise kind of guy, but do find the hip huggers (women’s bikinis circa 1990) to be a little a little naughty… The materials I have tried for said hip huggers are kind of nice!

  17. Thongboy says:

    I am a thong wearer too. Love wearing thongs. I wear thongs everyday. Nothing better than a thong. Skype also at thongman0783.

  18. carl says:

    hi Thongboy I would like Skype with but I can’t access to my Skype we can do by hangouts if you don’t mind, I am so glad that more and more guys wear thongs it’s nice

  19. Sage says:

    One other req on amazon is ikingsky… I’m just trying out my first “unitard thong” if you will, today. I’ve been an athlete for 28 of 39 years of my life. If you need a reason to work out, and aren’t an olympian, this while looking/feeling great has inspired me to do so again!

  20. Roscoe says:

    I really enjoy the cover male g string, the fabric feels amazing and makes you feel sexy!!

  21. Roland says:

    Hi Everyone. I have a lil’ predicament. I’ve noticed that over the months as my body has changed for the better; that I feel much more confident in my Thongs (not so much in the g strings yet; but better). I love going to the gym and I don’t feel like I should have to go into the restroom stall to change clothes just because of my “risque” underwear choice. That being said, I’m still a bit nervous about who will see and their response (I know I shouldn’t be, but hey). I’m a bigger guy but with a lot of muscle mass and descent symmetry. I live in south east asia at the moment and needless to say not many guys are my size so I kinda standout along with being a black man as well. I always feel like people will say and snicker to their friends, “Look, there’s a guy in a thong over there!” Just like some guys who are proud of their hard work to build massive arms or a chest; I’m proud of my glutes and I should be able to let them shine. lol Check me out and Instagram (not looking for follows but just your honest opinions about my “justification” to wear) : glutes4guys2 How can I continue to build my confidence up and just do me in these situations I mentioned above. I’m tired of partially “being in the closet” about something I shouldn’t have to be.

    • If you are one of the bigger muscular guys there then you may just be intimating and they won’t snicker. Especially when you are there. You might even encourage others there to try out a thong. Two ideas that come to mind is you could start out with a bikini and get comfortable with changing in those in the locker room and then move to the thong. Other option is keep your butt away from others when changing, so they don’t see it is a thong back. They might see it as a bikini or a jock from the front. You are right you shouldn’t care what they think, but I’m right with you when it comes to thongs. I’m pretty good about not caring when it comes to bikinis and other seeing them when I change.

  22. johny says:

    hi, im a thong wearer myself, mens mostly but small enough to wear some womens thongs, 5’6″, 125lbs, in shape. im a roofer by trade and even wear a thong to work, don’t sweat as much down there and not constantly picking undies outta my *** like i wouldwith boxers or briefs. i do wear mens bikini and string bikinis to. thong swimsuits at the beach and local pool to. the most comfy garments i ever worn.

  23. carl says:

    ok johny, great more and more men wear thongs, it’s very sexy, comfortable and wonderful feeling

  24. S, B says:

    Hi all

    I am a Man 53+ Y old love to enjoy wearing women Thongs including G strings & bikini’s…..since last few years!
    I had immense pleasure ….!

    Everytime I go overseas buy couple of sets of women thongs…..and I had wardrobe collection of few dozens of all colours of bikinis, thongs, knickers, G strings.

    I am having a very sexy & wonderful feeling……

    You guys also trying to wear women thongs….I suggest

    • T says:

      I thought the main objective of this website was to encourage more men to wear men’s thongs and prove that they are not solely intended for the fairer sex.
      The vast array of thongs for men available online would suggest that there is a huge demand for them which begs the question why would any man choose to wear a woman’s thong when there are thousands tailored specifically for the male anatomy? I realize it is probably something of a fetish for some guys,but surely if all the men who wear thongs were to suddenly switch to women’s thongs, then the bottom would literally fall out of the men’s underwear market.

  25. Jeff says:

    I’ve had thongs for awhile now. I enjoy them myself but my wife isn’t fond of them. I have a pair of Alfani and a couple pair of jockey. I usually wear them when she’s not around or won’t be home. I might sneek them on when she isn’t looking too. The less material I have down there is better. I’m glad to hear other guys are wearing them too!

  26. johny says:

    i just love the feeling of a thong, all wear, swimming at the pool or beach, im wearing a thong, my night clothes are a thong and tshirt, i just love thongs, way comfy.

  27. David says:

    I’m a 28 year old heterosexual thong wearer, don’t wear them every day, maybe once a week! Wear a lot of skinny jeans and tight trousers, and it is just so much more comfortable than boxer briefs (which I usually wear on a day to day basis) which I am constantly having to adjust. My girlfriend is completely fine with it and has zero issues (she even started to buy me them) however the first time I mentioned it I think it caught her by surprise… her face was a picture!! all of my previous exes have known I wear thongs and all were completely okay with it. However I still haven’t really got the confidence to “share with the world” my preferred underwear choice, any tips and advice on how to boost my confidence?

    • With underwear you don’t have to share with the world. The more you wear them the more confidence you’ll get. Eventually they could just be your normal everyday underwear like your boxer briefs are now. Always good to have support of the girlfriend. Good to hear that all of yours were okay with it.

  28. John Storm says:

    I wear womens thongs every day i also wear womens panties when I feel like it they feel good and when I get a boner they don’t hurt my penus like regular cotton underwear

  29. C. T. says:

    I’m a 46 year old thong wear I love the way they look and feel on my buthole. You do feel sex apeal when you wear them. I also love knowing that I have on smaller underwear on then a lot lot of women that’s hot. Well I buy all of my wife’s panties and one time I thought how much more fun my wife’s panties were. I have worn a speedo since I was age 13 to the pool and the beach love them. When I meet my wife she said we need to get you in a thong bathing suit. I have worn under armor trunks for years. Then one day I was looking for a new bathing suit on line what showed up was string bikini underwear so I started wearing them and loved so I ordered a few more and my wife liked them so I then ordered a few thongs she loved them. Now I have close to two hundred pairs of thongs string bikini and bikini my wife pics out my underwear every day for me so I could be in a thong for two weeks straight or a bikini one day and a thong the next day or any combination she wants. I love all of my underwear.

    • Gary ,the Straight feminine Man !! says:

      Your cool Buddy & you found the right wife to be with ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

  30. Black Stallion says:

    40 year old.
    Yes I wear thong underwear, they only make sense, and are very practical.
    I do wish that they were introduced to me earlier, and that the ignorant western culture would grow up.
    I wear them all the time.
    I dont care to see other guys in them, but I just wish that people did not pre-judge others who wear them.
    Yes, I look great, and yes I am confident.

    • Rob says:

      Hey Black Stallion,
      I have worn thongs for several years and yes they make a lot of sense and are very practical. I didn’t care for seeing guys wearing them until a guy stripped of at my gym with a Adonis body and a tight bulging package and perfect thonged butt. I just starred at him and made a comment of how hot he looked which got us into some discussion about his wife wanting to try a couple of guys with the same type of interests, that started something absolutely magic and we still get together 51/2 years on. We have bbq’s and pool parties regularly and make sure we never wear the same thongs twice. It is something I would of ever imagined would come out of wearing a thong to gym and making a comment about an admired guys body. I must say we don’t stay in our thongs for long as we all still get that turned on with each other that we get into it several times over the night. Anyhow enough of that unless you want to hear more.

      I also get into people that make comment about guys wearing thongs and ask them to try some for a week and to their surprise most end up liking them, so I say be a proud guy and wear them well.

    • Gary ,the Straight feminine Man !! says:

      Cool & I am working on all that too as I wear more than just women’s panties & pantie thongs as I also wear the bras too as I really have a femeninie sexual female side to me that I have come to love & enjoy being myself

  31. Marcos says:

    If anyone wanna trade pics wearing thongs kik me xxrico1985

  32. Black Stallion says:

    What we have to be aware of is the agenda of closed, small, and simple minds who try to control us.
    the closed minds will say that thongs are for women or gay people.
    the small minds fails to see that practicality, and the purpose of such items, and the simple minds just don’t see it.
    They are are socially related, and have a major impact on the rest of the “Sheep” who cannot think for themselves, and fail to acknowledge that “Real Men will in fact be the trailblazers. and the weak men will follow the rest of the heard without taking in consideration what his own thoughts are.
    And the women today are being quick to emasculate men, in order to make them feel better about themselves.

  33. carl says:

    hello Marcos and Black Stallion, I am totally agree with your guys men wearing thongs it’s not necessary gay, bi or trans or whatever they calling I recommend you visit the page USG ONLINE there you can trade message post pics, trade stories and experiences, great place

  34. carl says:

    ok try you will find it USG-online

    • BootyMan says:

      I would love to share photos, I’m actually wearing a red men’s thong now, but I’m not attracted to men, so don’t flirt with me.

  35. Stewart says:

    I am glad I have found this forum. I feel that it is funny that we as men have to be in secret on forums like this. Trends constantly change. When the movie, Magic Mike, came out a couple of the actors stated thongs were awful to wear. However, deep down they were probably trying to cover the fact that they liked them due to how others may perceive them. As for me, I find thongs very practical to wear. What started out as a prank in college, Thank you Jack***, has created a belief in me that thongs can be very comfortable if you just give them a try. I think for men they would be interested to try them if they were publicized more, and not just with the LGBT community. Although I do not judge the LGBT community, I believe most men and women for that matter associate thongs with being gay, not right, and just plain creepy. I myself am a straight man who has a girlfriend who loves this part of me as well. I wear thongs from Jockey and JM. Most of these I have purchased online. Let’s face it, that is pretty much the only way to buy men’s thongs. In some department stores like Dillards, you can get the Murrano brand. Although, these are not very good in my opinion, or at least the new ones are not. With all this being stated, I have again as a STRAIGHT man, began to choose to wear thongs for women due to less cost and they really are comfortable if you find the right ones. I wear the ones from VS, which also surprising has really good material that stretches well and Calvin Klein. I do not consider this a fetish in any kind of way; and if I were to do a comparison between Jockey and the VS ones there would not be much difference. Bottom line, is be happy with who you are and accept yourself! As for the ones who have just stumbled on this forum by curiosity, try a thong for yourself and see if you too make the switch to them. Also if you want another community like this one: http://www.mensthongforum.com/

    • BootyMan says:

      Cool to see another straight dude on here! I wear jockey too.

    • Cocksox Guy says:

      Hi Stewart,
      I have worn thongs for about 16 years, I am a very straight muscular married 45 year old man with children. I started wearing thongs after my balls were uncomfortable in between my legs and after talking to a couple of mates one suggested wearing different underwear. I was very hesitant at first but after trying thongs but loving them very much but didn’t let people know. I started by buying a couple of Cocksox then ended up with 22 pair in all different colors. They did feel funny in between my cheeks and rubbing on my ******* but that was short lived and never looked back. I wear them under my suits to work, shorts at the gym and feel very comfortable undressing in the locker room. My wife loves them and I don’t have any hesitation hanging them on the line and wearing them on holidays around the pool and at the beach, I do get a few looks from guys and girls as I have a fair size package but I find Cocksox stretch and have great hold for it. I would have around 70 pairs of all styles from skimpy coverage, sexy hot for wear around the house and garden to my favourite Cocksox’s brand (but these are getting out of hand price wise) that I started with. I find as I get older that they do feel sexy to wear in public as my body has improved. I to like to see other guys wearing them as it takes away the awkward feeling in public.

  36. Craig says:

    I’m a 40 yr old heterosexual living in Oz and only wear thongs and g strings and have done for years. The aussie males are so living in the past where men only wear boxers or briefs. The selection of thongs is soo limited in fact almost non existant, therefore I get all of mine online from deadgoodundies they have a fantastic selection. Guys need to try them.especially in our hot climate.

    • Dave says:

      Your right Craig, living in Oz there arn’t any men wearing thongs to the beach I wish it would catch on. My wife loves me wearing them to the beach so I only swim in them when the beach is quieter. The difference is incredible. Dry so much faster and not the dragging and sticking to your legs like boardies

  37. RJ says:

    I haven’t seen too many men in Seattle wear thongs. I’m 32 and have been wearing them since I was 17. I wear them to the gym and in the sauna too. Most of the looks you get are looks of curiosity and interest. Thongs were originally designed for men so it’s about time we take them back. I recently got into Muscleskins. Great brand and customizable.

  38. Barry says:

    Hello, I am 33 year old and have been wearing thongs and g-strings since I was 29. I love wearing thongs and g-strings. I like to cam and chat on Skype. Add me on Skype….thongerboy, add me

  39. Barry says:

    I have been wearing thongs since I was 20 instead of 29…I will continue to wear thongs too.

  40. Michael says:

    Hi guys, I’m 66 and have been wearing thongs exclusively for about 10 years now. I wear them for the comfort and support they offer. It took awhile to find a brand that I really liked the fit and feel of. I found Cover Male to be by far the most comfortable for me and they are tiny which I enjoy the feeling they offer. I wear them only to please myself…not for anyone else except a lover and I’ve never had a complaint in fact I’ve found women I’ve been intimate with seem to enjoy them. Cover Male is made for men, I’ve tried wearing some women’s thongs but they just aren’t cut to fit the male body. More guys should try them and finding the brand that fits the way you want is important.

    • T says:

      Have you tried Daniel Alexander g-strings? They are almost identical to the Cover Male strings, with similar colours and fabrics,but I personally prefer the understrap of the D A as it doesn’t feel as tight as the Cover Male. Funnily enough,I wore a black Cover Male g-string yesterday while working in the back garden. First weekend of decent sunshine this year.

  41. Andrew says:

    Thongs are simply the most practical underwear for men. It is a pity that they did not become established earlier although the ancients did wear something similar but this dropped out of fashion for centuries. I have worn them for many years and intend to continue to do so. I don’t care whether they are ‘acceptable’ to other people or not. the few discerning people who do like them, or who appreciate others wearing them, are sufficient for me.
    I used to wear Hom Fredy (a real string) but as I have got older I prefer the style, comfort and slightly more coverage of Armani Microfiber thongs. These come in several basic colours and each season there are new trendy patterns etc. .

  42. RT says:

    Own many pairs. Different styles. I found even sexier the ones that cover just enough in the front and only a third of the butt cheeks such as Joe Snyder tanga and mini cheek short (just to name a few examples).

  43. Emmett says:

    I’ve been a brief wearer for most of my life. I’ve actually wanted to wear thong underwear for everyday sort of wear for a few years now and actually Just started to do so a few weeks ago. When I was in my early adult years from 18-19 I experimented on wearing a male thong in private to see how it fit/felt on me, and quite frankly I loved everything about it. It felt slim and form fitting, it felt sexy and flattering. It’s sexy yet simple design, literally everything about one made me want to wear one, but I wasn’t confident enough to try wearing one on a normal day to day basis such as at work or even just going out and about like to the gym or to the grocery store etc. Literally only these past few weeks have I decided to say “F” it and started to wear them to work, and on regular outings etc. and so far it’s felt fantastic. And what adds onto the pleasure I get from wearing them for regular underwear is that my girlfriend enjoys it when I wear them for her as well which is a real bonus for me and for my confidence. I really do enjoy the “naughty” aspect of thongs, as I sort of get a sexual arousal sort of “Rush” from wearing them at anywhere in public really, like at work, at the store, out doing errands or during intimate activities with my lady. They make me feel good about how I look, they make me feel turned on just by simply wearing one under my normal clothes and they are incredibly comfortable. I guess the reason I started gaining the confidence to wear thongs now is the aspect of the stereotypical people who say something like “Only gay guys wear thongs” or “Thongs don’t make guys look masculine, they make them look feminine” but really I think of it more along the lines of this, having the courage to wear what makes you as an individual feel sexy and attractive and overall confident with the body you’ve been given and not giving a f&ck what anyone else has to say about it, and being masculine enough to feel confident and sexy wearing anything is more than reason enough to wear a thong in my opinion. My bottom line I guess is this, Wear whatever you feel sexy and confident in, and do it for yourself, don’t care what other people have to say, just do it for you, If you feel good than you will look good and do good with yourself. And people will notice…..sometimes in more ways than just one.

  44. RT says:

    I wear them almost every day. Even for the gym although I’m pretty sure that the outline can be seen through my shorts or pants but building the courage to not care. Love to wear them on the beach (still do it when no one around or if there are a few others wearing similar swimwear). Wear what makes you comfortable.

  45. n86 says:

    In my teens I wore mostly briefs(bikini/lowrise hip briefs) and some times trunks (which I stopped wearing, they just became too uncomfortable and there was too much fabric). For the past few years I’ve been adding more thongs to my underwear drawer. My favourite’s are Armani microfiber thongs (they’re the best underwear I’ve worn), JM Skinz thongs and Gregg Homme (so far I bought a couple from the Drive collection). I started off wearing them once in a while, but now wear them almost everyday as regular underwear. I feel sexy, naughty, confident and just don’t care what other people think! However, at the gym i do still like wearing microfiber low rise briefs, like 2xist Sliq Pro. I know that sometimes they can be slightly visible under my white shorts, but hey, I don’t mind the looks I get from some guys at my gym! More men should try them. The overall social stigma surrounding men’s thongs underwear needs to disappear.

    • RT says:

      I’m with you there. Should not be a stigma. No one should care about what others wear for undies.

  46. JM says:

    Last year, I started wearing spandex running tights. I was getting super bored of running out in the winter cold dressed up in some ‘Rocky’ type of sweats. I soon went and got two more pairs for running as well as some other types for the gym. Switched to spandex shorts too. I always had thongs that I would wear at home for sleeping or as an addition to sex. But the spandex workout gear has given me the perfect excuse to wear them outside the house. It just feels super sexy to me. I even wear them underneath in the gym. I have a preference for spandexy and or silky types , so I have been wearing thongs from a small company called ‘Flexibles’. This past year or so has seen me at my gym or out running more consistently than any other time in my life. I won’t wear a thong at the beach, just not ‘that’ confident, but I do wear a bikini bathing suit fairly often now and I find myself a lot more willing to walk around in one and not just uncovering and covering at my spot on the beach. To really polish it all out, I have been getting myself full body waxed at least 5 or 6 times per year and I have been keeping myself tanned to a golden hue these past few years. I wear the thongs while out sunning in the backyard. Ironically, my wife used to wear nothing but silky little thongs but now she won’t. She once wore a thong bikini out on a public beach but won’t do that anymore. She hates my thongs now, but I don’t let it bother me.

    • Black stallion says:

      I just get tired of people saying that I should wear shorts over my tights, or when I’m swimming to wear board shorts, or people saying that men aren’t supposed to wear track leggings.
      I wear them for comfort, and so I don’t get that f***** up tan, and yes I’m black, and I guess urban black males aren’t supposed to dress as such.
      Who the hell makes these damn rules

  47. James says:

    Thongs are very comfortable and very sex underwear to wear and they are completely different from normal underwear because they hold you in place when normal underwear don’t

  48. James says:

    Cocksox is a Verry good brand to buy for men’s thong underwear

  49. String Ha says:

    I choose to wear thongs because they are comfortable, provide me support throughout my day and make me feel sexy! My wife enjoys me in such underwear and she happened to be the first woman I wore a gstring in front of and her reaction encouraged me to continue to wear thongs and incorporate them into my daily underwear!
    I admit it. I’m a male thong wearer and yes I’m straight. I’ve been wearing thongs for about 20 years now. I was in the habit of wearing just a thong around the house, and when I was at home.
    Yep, I’m certainly far from feminine! LoL! I wish it was more common for guys to wear thongs. And am an everyday Thong wearer (men’s and mostly Brand: TM, Manstore, TXM, Cockcon size: L).
    I’m have thong very sexy and comfortable and my wife loves me in them! She’s always grabbing at my rear every time she finds me walking around the house in it. Plus, I had two girlfriends who also loved me in them. One said ‘…she’d never dated or been into guys wearing skimpy underwear but I really like it on you; its HOT!…
    So, I think the key is to be confident and secure and after that nothing else matters. Enjoy your sexy side and if others don’t like it; they don’t have to look.
    I’ve always wanted to post about this, because being a straight guy who wears thongs is a strange existence. Everywhere you go, you’re carrying along a little secret that if anybody knew, would, in many cases, change their opinion of you.
    Is he gay? Is he a pervert? What the f*** is up with this guy?
    To be honest, I don’t know what’s up. It’s just something I like. I am thin and have a very fit frame, with a round, hairless, almost girlish butt. They look good on me. They’re very comfortable and I like the way I feel when I wear them.
    I wear them to work. I wear them around the house (under pants). I wear them when I go out.

  50. Patrick says:

    I wear thongs,and I love how they feel,and the support as well.

    They make me feel so sexy,and feminine.And Yes I’m gay.

    And yes other men do look at me when I’m changing in the locker room.
    But I don’t care,at least I have the confidence to wear them.

  51. Piero says:

    Great article. I wear now thongs exclusively as underwear now since I was 21 years old. And now I love going to the beach with my thongs and get that sexy thong tanline. Its so refreshing to go to the beach in such minimal wear and easy when you are going to swim.
    Also I have my own instagram page of me in thongs if someone want to follow me in Instagram is: Pierothonger

  52. String Ha says:

    Also I have my own Youtube page of me in thongs if someone want to follow me in Youtube is: String Ha

  53. Andrew says:

    As I thong wearer for many years, I am wondering why jockstraps have become so popular over the past few years, whilst thongs have remained a ‘minor’ fashion among men.
    Jockstraps worn for sporting activities have declined in favour of compression shorts or pants, but there has been an enormous increase in the number and variety of fashion jockstraps available. Wearing them also seems to be acceptable in a way that men wearing thongs is not.

    • Not real sure why jocks have become more popular other than they look better than the traditional jock. Probably more comfortable than the originals too. I’d say they are more acceptable because they are meant only for guys only. Thongs are still seen as something for women and not men. So I still think the stereotypes associated with a thong is an issue with guys. Plus I think they’re afraid of fabric between the cheeks. That is the question you hear guys asking the ladies about how they can be comfortable. Personally I’ll stick to the thongs and bikinis. I have no desire for a jockstrap.

  54. Andrew says:

    I think you are right. Jock straps are very much a male thing while thongs are seen as a women’s garment. It’s ironic really, when you consider that thongs were originally devised for men and were one of the earliest types of underwear.
    A jock strap, with its two elastic straps across the buttocks, is both inconvenient and uncomfortable. It does leave the buttock area largely free but to my mind it is nowhere near as stylish a garment as a male thong.

  55. T says:

    Hi BD! Just returned from a 20 night vacation in a beautiful part of Italy,which, as I have mentioned in previous posts,is a speedo wearer’s paradise. I will share some of my speedo sightings in future posts,but I want to share with you today my chance meeting with the first thong wearing Italian guy I have seen in 13 years of holidays there.
    I was in an area popular with nudists,when I saw this guy in the distance, strip off his running shorts to reveal what looked like a thong/g-string type of underwear,before quickly removing that too. I was too far away to speak to him,but as luck would have it,the next day I saw him again and this time I shouted over,in Italian,”you like to wear thongs,so do I.” He came over to speak to me and after introducing myself,I explained that he was the first Italian man I’d ever seen wearing thong underwear and I was curious to know when and why he wore them? He told me that he began wearing them about 5 years ago,having previously gone commando,and was never a fan of bulky,boxer type underwear.He said thongs weren’t that popular with Italian men and that there was something of a ‘gay’ stereotype even in skimpy speedo loving Italy. He bought most of his thongs online from the Far East and was interested to know where I bought mine and if g-strings/thongs were popular in Scotland(a definite NO!)and easy to come by in the shops(again a definite NO!).We both agreed that men who wear baggy swim shorts in the sea and for sunbathing must be crazy and have huge,unsightly tan lines down to their knees.
    I told him about your thong website and how I planned to post an account of my meeting with him. I hope he manages to find this forum and will enjoy reading this. With that in mind I’d just like to say a big HELLO to S,my handsome,married,thong wearing,middle aged Italian with the perfect culo.

    • Welcome back. Sounds like a successful trip. I don’t know if there is any where that male thongs aren’t going to be scarce. Always nice to encounter similar mind individuals. Thanks for sharing.

    • Saro says:

      Hi T, as you already know I was able to find this interesting blog. Thanks for having mentioned me and our nice and interesting chat in that beatiful​ place. Thanks for the compliment about the “culo”… ah ah ah. I Hope to meet you again, waiting that moment I’d Luke ti keep in touch. I T, as you already know I was able ti find this interessino blog. Thanks foto havong mentioned me and our nice and interesting chat in that beatiful​ place. Thanks for the compliment about the “culo”… ah ah ah. I Hope to meet you again, waiting that moment keep in touch with you. How can we share our e-mail address?

  56. Don says:

    I am a straight guy who has worn thong underwear almost exclusively since 1993 and thong swimwear since 1997 (after a year of wearing briefs in 1996). Making the transition from a thong as underwear to outerwear did take a lot of work but my philosophy was that if women could wear them then I should be able to as well. My wife adjusted to it pretty well and fussed only one summer but has been find with it ever since. Yeah, I’ve heard all the “He must be gay!” comments but it they only knew what I was thinking about their wives/girlfriends they would have known better. 😀

    It was difficult baring my cheeks that first time but when I saw how little the vast majority cared about it my confidence grew. I started wearing smaller thongs, then g-strings, each time having to adjust somewhat to the extra exposure but it was easier with each transition. As I get older, I care less and less what others think and now I wear the smallest suits I can find and for a long time have usually been wearing the smallest swimwear on the beach among men and women. Yeah… it’s still a rush stripping down to so little and I don’t think I will ever tire of it. I highly recommend it to all of you.

  57. P says:

    I have just returned form Mallorca and wore a thong on the beach for the 1st time. Iv wore thong underwear for years but never gone smaller than shorts on a beach. It felt amazing to strip down to a thong in public and the thing is no one was bothered at all. I was worried that people would stare or try and take sneaky photos of the weird bloke in a thong but nothing. It was great just lying there with my wife felling the most comfortable and accepted i ever have

  58. Nathan says:

    I starting wearing thongs and G strings about 4 months ago. No one I know is aware I wear them. How would I go about introducing people that I wear them?

    • If you are talking underwear then you don’t have to tell anyone unless you are talking a significant other. Wouldn’t necessarily have to tell about swimwear unless you want to wear them around friends and family. You’d probably want to start with people that you think are the most open minded and work it into a conversation and see how they react.

  59. eric says:

    are any of you from washington state? 😉

  60. Julius Aring says:

    Don is partly right, but it depends on area. I’ve been thonging since high school (1991), more as swimwear at first, then underwear (yeah, the usual reverse of how most do it). At first most didn’t give a second thought in the early-90’s, it was seen as a fashion statement- at least guys wore Speedos back then far more commonly than they do now. It was the midwest, the area that’s extremely prudish, especially as of late. Try wearing shorts with about a 4 or 5 inch inseam (as they commonly were in the 80’s), and good god will you have to constantly fend off harassment for being gay. Now, try to wear thongs on the local beaches from lakes, and it’s as if you’re naked! Sure, a few won’t mind, but if it’s only a few who do, they sure are vocal about it! I’ve had not only multiple people snap pics (without consent, so I usually snap their pic back, because it’s “public” their excuse for taking mine), but I’ve also been verbally harassed for wearing them, being called “queer” and “fag”, which is funny given I only date women! The area has had females wearing thongs before, and they’ll get whistles and shouts of “good looking”, etc, but when they see a guy in a thong? WOW! Redneck is an understatement of what they become! Just thought I’d put it out there that location really does make a difference, the coastal areas are likely more accepting than a midwestern city.

  61. James swayze says:

    I used to wear normal underwear until I bought myself some thong underwear and I felt how good it feels to wear thong underwear and I don’t like to wear normal underwear anymore

  62. James swayze says:

    I want it to be known that men have been wearing thong underwear ever since the early Olympics when ceasar agustus was still alive

  63. Andrew says:

    That’s very true James. And thongs worn by men are as sensible and practical now as they were then.

  64. JM says:

    My thing is wearing spandex workout tights to the gym. Spandex tights while running is relatively easy for a guy these days. You’re in constant motion, you’re only exposed for the duration of the run and most people are too distracted to even notice or care. Same thing goes double for ‘competitive type’ cycling. I think that people actually expect to see you wearing spandex when you are riding a racing type of bike.

    But the gym is different. You’re not just a blur. People can see you in all of your glory. I always wear a shirt that just covers the top of my a** and my genital region. And I always wear a spandex thong underneath. It makes your genitals a lot less ‘distinguishable’ and it also eliminates any ‘visible panty lines’ in the rear. Some might say that these are silly ‘rules’, but I just see it as having some courtesy and respect for other people. It’s not a fair and balanced world as far as gender is concerned. Overt male sexuality can be a little uncomfortable for most people.

    For the past month or so, I have been working out a gym near to my house in the suburbs of NYC. My usual gym is a place in Manhattan, but I was also starting my workouts at 5AM when few people were around. Nowadays, I am strolling into a less ‘progressive’ environment at 9AM or so. So far, I am the only guy wearing spandex leggings. Of course all the women are wearing them, but none of the guys are. I will see how this pans out as time goes by.

    • Nothing wrong with wearing spandex for working out. Workout ones are typically made with muscle support in mind. Good thing to have when working out. Keep on wearing what you want and thanks for the update.

  65. James swayze says:

    I was reading in the bible about what men wore when Jesus was on earth and men wore something called a loin cloth back then and that is where men’s thong underwear came from

  66. Andrew says:

    I began wearing thongs and g-strings in college. I always enjoyed seeing women with the strap poking above their pants and one day found men’s pairs online so I ordered a pair to try. I loved them, they were comfortable, sexy, and made me feel risque. I’ve enjoyed wearing them ever since.

    I don’t wear a thong every day. I’m mostly in string bikinis and occasionally bikini briefs. I like to change it up and have variety. My wife enjoys the selection of underwear that I have. We even try to coordinate with each other once in awhile. Its a lot of fun on the days when we know that our underwear matches.

  67. James swayze says:

    The thong started from the loin cloth when Jesus was still on earth so I would rather wear thongs then to wear normal underwear

  68. Tim Buckley says:

    Hi everybody.. I’m an avid thong wearer! Started wearing thongs back in 2016, so not that long i guess! haha I’m 24 and i live with my mom.. but i see my step mom and my dad on the weekends and on Thursday… I only told my stepmom about these thongs back 1 year ago.. surprisingly she was fine with it. i opened up with her more and more, it was great! we would do laundry together one in a while, and i saw her thongs as well.. she’s 55. one day she was doing hers and my work clothes and i had a small black thong, and she took it out along with hers and hung it up on the clothes hanger in her room. i said ” were is my thong? she said “oh i think i hung it up, thought it was mine” sorry baby”.. So, then this past week, i got a t shirt of mine to put in her laundry basket and a black lace flowery thong of mine, i saw a few of her thongs and she also has a black Lacey pair. i went back to my moms and i texted her today about my shirt, she said its all done and hing up.. which means she hung up her workout clothes and her thongs and probably mine!! that just turns me on! i wonder if she going to put them on!! i’m not telling her about the little “mix-up”.

  69. Chad says:

    I’ve been very lucky with the women I’ve been with since I started wearing men’s thongs. I love the feel and support. We’ve been conditioned as men to think that only women should wear them, but in all actuality thongs are more practical for men. My current GF loves seeing me in them and I walk around our house all the time in just my thongs, just like she does. We have 2 toddlers who are growing up seeing mommy and daddy wearing the same underwear and we are perfectly fine with that. I buy all of mine through aliexpress.com. The prices are so much better than anywhere else but you will have to wait 2 weeks or so for delivery. My jobs now and in the past have involved a lot of walking and I tried every type of underwear out there. Thongs are the only underwear that I do not have to adjust myself in every 5 mins because they keep me in place all of the time. We’ve been conditioned by big business and media to think that only women should wear thongs. The truth is that, male or female, anyone should be able to wear thongs designed for their gender. I will wear thongs for the rest of my Life, and my children will grow up seeing that mommy and daddy both wear thongs made for their gender. In the end, wear what makes you feel the most comfortable. For me, I will wear male thongs the rest of my life.

  70. Jonathan says:

    I go commando, but if I *were* to wear underwear it would surely be a thong. I wear [only] thong swimwear / ‘sunwear’ for hiking (no chafing whatsoever) at times when weather permits but nakedness is not possible, as this reasonable naturist’s acquiescence to prevailing law in public settings.
    Bottom line: thongs rule.

  71. Sal says:

    Hello guys name’s sal & I’m a closeted bi married guy who LOVES 2 wear thong undies….

  72. Greg says:

    My fascination for thongs began decades ago while watching female strippers. They would strip down to just thongs, and I would “drool” at the sexiness of how thongs barely covered them. About 12 years ago, I began buying men’s thongs from different companies. My favorite brand is Prevail Sport–the String Thong. I wear them every day and night. Feel sexy in a thong, especially out in public when no one knows. Prevail Sport is now all I own.

    • eric says:

      yeah i love prevail sport med thongs been wearing them since 2002 they make me feel so sexy and horny. 😉 kinda spendy but well worth it. the satin thongs look like they would feel great to maybe to good. 🙂

  73. Del says:

    I started wearing a thong swimsuit back in 1981 in Fort Lauderdale on the beach. I didn’t care and I really liked it. I am straight and girls seemed to really like it. Maybe it was that I showed enough confidence to do it. I like the tan line. I have been wearing thong underwear and swimwear ever since. I am older now and it makes me try to stay in shape! I feel that to pull it off as a older guy, I need to look good doing it. I have seen some very heavy guys do it and power to them. But I think I need to stay in shape. We guys need to promote this. I don’t like when I see people laughing at it. Go for it guys!

    • Greg says:

      Hey, Del: Your story about thonging in 1981 reminds me of my first time wearing a sexy swimsuit. It was in the early 1980’s, and my girlfriend (at the time) bought me a skimpy swimsuit consisting of a narrow pouch, string sides, and a 2/3 coverage rear (very cheeky). We vacationed near Daytona Beach, and spent a few days at the beach. The freedom that I felt wearing almost nothing was intoxicating! Many years passed before I pursued my passion for thongs, and now all I wear are thongs. Love the feel! Keep Thonging!

      • Andrew says:

        You’re right Del! That’s exactly what I think. It is more of a challenge for me to make sure I still look OK in them, but in the end, who cares? Just do what you feel comfortable with.

  74. EJ says:

    I’m 50ish myself I love wearing g strings thongs and string bikinis- I work out to sort of ‘earn’ the right to wear the good stuff

  75. kmackhar says:

    I’m 58 and have been wearing thongs & G-strings as underwear and swimwear for over 40 years. I exclusively wear thongs& G-strings while sun tanning on vacation in Mexico or at home in the summer in Canada. I do push the envelope on how small and sheer can I wear in public. I have kept my self fit and am smooth shaven front and back. Always tanned with G-string tan lines. Always makes for great conversation when getting a massage.

  76. Andrew says:

    I first starting wearing G-strings when I was 30. That was 37 years ago, and although I now wear thongs more often than G-strings these days, I refuse to wear anything more substantial as underwear. Somehow, you just get used to them and it makes it difficult to change.

  77. Greg says:

    Hello, Andrew: My collection is entirely made up of thongs. Since you have been wearing thongs and g-strings for so long, you sound like you are an expert. I have been curious about g-strings since discovering this great site (Thank You BD), and I would like to hear about some of your favorite brands of g-strings. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Greg. For many years I only wore Hom Fredy (now called ‘Freddy’). I liked them because they were unlined at the front and very light. They are a real G-string. They used to be made in all kinds of colors, and each year they would bring out a new shade. They are now made in red, black, white and mid-blue only.
      Hom also brought our Plume strings. They are nice and light too, but I preferred the original version to the ones they make now.
      Something a little more substantial is the Punto Blanco cotton-elasthane string which is lined at the front and a little higher on the hips than Freddy.
      For about the last ten years I have worn almost exclusively Emporio Armani polyamide thongs. Like Freddy, new colors are brought out each year. They have a waist-band with the maker’s name on- sometimes the name goes all around the back. They are double-lined at the front but the pouch is a good size and I find them very comfortable. They are perhaps a bit more conservative than Freddy which I still wear occasionally), but I feel god in them, and that’s what matters. I have over fifty Emporio Armani thongs and most of them are different, even though the difference may only be slight.

  78. Ravenshiregentry says:

    Men’s thong wearer here too (if not ‘commamdo’). I’ve been exclusively wearing them for a few years now. I love wearing them around the house too – nothing else on but a sexy thong.

    • Stallion says:

      I I wish there were pools that allowed thongs. I have a few swim thongs, but NOOOOO, can’t wear them because here in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s forbidden.
      Or friends with pools.
      I just love to be in the sun.

  79. Larry Phelan says:

    I gave up wearing “underpants” years ago, now I wear g strings or throngs all the time. In the beginning,they caused a bit of a stir at my local swimming pool,but later,many of the guys asked me where I got them from,and then began wearing them themselves. Now,quite a few guys wear them,and they are far from gay.

    • t says:

      Well done you for having the courage to show off your g-strings and thongs at your local pool. It just proves that one brave person can have a positive influence on those around them and can even inspire them to ditch their regular underwear/swimwear for something a whole lot skimpier.
      Do you mind me asking if this was at a private, men only pool? Would be very surprised if you could get away with wearing a butt revealing style in a public pool.

  80. Michael Bollinger says:

    I like thongs and ive been married 12 years and have two kids and i go commando or thong mostly thongs and i have no ingrown hairs on my rear because i wear a thong boxers gave 20 at a time making my butt look like the moon now i only get one zit every other month and my wife likes it she started the thongs with me as a prank and well thats all she wrote

  81. Mark says:

    I wear thongs and G-Strings most of the time. I will be 61 in a few days and I take pretty good care of myself and have a good body if I say so myself. I won’t stop wearing them any time soon. More guys need to try them.

  82. Andrew Viner says:

    No don’t stop wearing them. I am 67 and still do!

  83. Jake says:

    I’m a straight male interested in trying out a thing as tired of the way boxers ride up my legs. Does anyone know where I can shop online in the UK.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      There is deadgoodundies for a wide selection of thongs. https://www.deadgoodundies.com/ There is also the brand https://www.kiniki.com/

    • T says:

      Welcome to the club,Jake. You’ve definitely come to the right place for advice.
      Most guys who begin their underwear journey(groan) by wearing boxers,would probably move on to briefs before tackling the butt baring thongs,so you are definitely on the fast track to undies heaven.
      It is important to get the sizing correct as soon as possible,because an ill fitting thong,particularly one with an uncomfortably tight tail,will probably put you off the idea for good and I’m sure there are many solitary thongs languishing unworn in the wardrobes of guys who tried them once and didn’t like the feel of the strap running between their butt cheeks.
      The brands mentioned are a good place to start,but you can also get a huge selection from the Far East on ebay and Amazon at a good price as long as you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for delivery.However,their sizing tends to be smaller than here in the UK,so always buy at least one size up from your norm.
      Can I also put in a shout for the even skimpier G-string.
      I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively for many,many years and for me,they are THE most comfortable underwear of all. So,if you find the under strap of a thong too wide for your taste(and butt),then the much narrower under string of the G will be much less intrusive on your sensitive butt crack. Good luck with your search!

  84. Jake says:

    Is there a particular brand you would recommend or should I just jump in and try a few of the options available.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’m sure the opinions will vary on the brand. I’m partial to brands I found early on in my bikini and thong wearing and I’m not willing to spend a whole lot on a pair. I haven’t tried a lot of the brands on deadgoodundies. Kiniki is one of my go to brands. What do you think you want in a thong? Do you want a pair that holds the package snug? Allow you to hang more natural? What drew you to go directly to trying a thong over say a bikini or brief?

  85. Larry Phelan says:

    You can get all the throngs you want from Kiniki,on line. That,s the way I buy mine.

  86. Jake says:

    Like most guys I wore briefs through my early years before moving on to boxers but you still get the problem with them riding up and rubbing. I would want a thong that holds me naturally for comfort on that note how long does it take to get used to the feel of the string in your cheeks.

    • T says:

      If the thong/g-string is a good fit then you will probably adapt to it fairly quickly and you will hopefully be pleasantly surprised by the liberating feeling of having a bare ass with no wedgies to adjust or scrunched up boxer legs giving you unsightly lines under tight jeans etc. If you do experience any irritation between your cheeks,then I suggest you apply some body lotion e.g Dove or Simple, before you put the thong on. There is a good post on dealing with thong irritation on this blog from a few months ago which gives good advice on that subject. Hope this helps.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I haven’t tried these brands, but these are the ones I’ve heard are pretty good for thongs with anatomical pouch. The brand Obviously, but looks like they have a lot discontinued of their stuff. So look under discontinued for thongs. https://obviously.com.au Might be able to find them on Amazon too. Ergowear is another one that seems popular, which deadgoodundies carries. Then I think the brand Sukrew has the anatomical pouch, which is also on deadgoodundies website.

  87. Stallion says:

    To be honest, online you can shop anywhere maybe having to pay a little more in shipping.
    I have found “Joe Snyder” to be comfortable, as well as some from “ANDREW Christian”.

  88. Jake says:

    Thanks for all your help gents I will get busy with some retail therapy online and get checking those thongs out. The appeal of having no wedgies is a major factor in looking at thongs and the feeling of some freedom around my package.

  89. Jake says:

    I’ll try and make this my last question as you must be getting bored lol but was wondering if I should go for tanga briefs as a way to get the feeling of a thong or just dive straight in and hopefully not look back.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      You can ask as many questions as needed. Part of the reason I started the blog is to help out others thinking about venturing into bikinis and thongs and support anyone into them. I looked for a place with like minded individuals when I started wearing them and decided why not create a place now that I’ve been wearing them quite some time. Guess there isn’t a yes/no answer to the questions, since different thongs can give a different feel. Probably could say the same for tanga briefs. Some thongs you can hardly notice, others you notice but are still comfortable. Some times a thong is comfortable, but may become annoying. Some tanga stay in place better than others, some are designed to be cheekie and may be a bit of a wedgie feeling. So it depends on the feeling you want. If one doesn’t do it for you then you should give another a try. Don’t give up after the first try of a pair either. Sometimes it may take a few wearings to really judge a pair especially when new to thongs.

    • Stallion says:

      When I made the transition, I just went straight to thongs

  90. Andrew Viner says:

    I think that going straight into thongs, and wearing them.all the time, makes for an easier transition and you more easily get used to the feel and freedom.of wearing them.

  91. Larry Phelan says:

    I tried tangas as well as throngs and g strings,still do from time to time. It,s just a mater of finding what works best for you. As advised,I think you should take the short route and go for throngs,then if they dont work,you can always try tangas.
    Dont be afraid to experiment,you have nothing to lose except your boxers !!

  92. Jake says:

    I’ve looked on kiniki.com and like the look of some of their thongs and are relatively cheap which although isn’t the most important thing i dont want to spend mega bucks on something I may not like the feel of. This has been a very helpful and friendly site for me so thanks one and all.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yes, Kiniki is reasonably priced and good quality in my opinion. Glad you found the blog and followers of it helpful!

  93. Larry Phelan says:

    You will like them,remember “Dont knock till you,ve tried them”
    You will never go back.

  94. Jake says:

    That’s my first order placed at Kiniki which I look forward to receiving soon and have a feeling it may not be my last.

  95. Larry Phelan says:

    Good for you,I dont think you will be disappointed. I never was,all the stuff I bought from them was first class,and not all that dear,to judge by other suppliers. Have not tried Ali Express yet,since I,m not all that sure about their sizes,but their prices are OK.

  96. Jake says:

    I decided to take the plunge and buy a couple of thongs and will have to wait and see how they feel to me. It’s a shame they are not as easily bought in stores as they are online in the main you can buy them as a novelty item for valentine’s Day and that’s about it.

  97. Craig says:

    You dont wanna live in West Australia then, mens thongs are virtually non existent in shops, apart from sex shops.

  98. Jake says:

    It’s crazy they wouldn’t sell ladies thongs in a sex shop so what’s the difference it’s definitely double standards. I wonder how many men wear a thong as underwear and are afraid to admit it?.

  99. Michael says:

    Cocksox are amazingly comfortable!

  100. Larry Phelan says:

    They sure are !!

  101. Lin says:

    Women famously “like” a guys backside and somehow we’re supposed to believe that they don’t like or are neutral about a guy in a thong swimsuit ?? I don’t think so. In fact, I almost question the intelligence of guys who want to attract women but go around wearing those dork shorts.

    Also, it seems pretty straight forward: if women can wear them guys can wear them. After all, everyone has a butt. >:)

    Anyway, if anyone knows of someone, or, a thonging meet up group and some good beaches in San Diego (not counting nude ones) I’d really appreciate knowing/being put in touch with them – strength in numbers… thanks in advance.

  102. Stallion says:

    Same here, or getting a law passed

  103. Tim says:

    I love wearing Woman’s thongs. They make me feel so sexy and comfortable. I love how soft and comfy they are. Perfect to sleep into

  104. Bumbums says:

    Hey. Also a wearer of thongs, g strings, bikinis, briefs, and jockstraps. Yes there is a misconception about a guy wearing these styles as being gay.

    Being gay myself i rarely ever see or hear of straight guys wearing them. I find alot of people want to try but are afraid of there girlfriends, friends and family finding out. Sadly society is a judgmental beast, one that needs to be put down.. but we all know that wont happen anytime soon.

    At the end of the days its our decision what to wear, no one elses. So wear what you want, be proud and ignore the beasts tuants. After all, we only live once!

  105. Seku says:

    Hey. Also a thong wearer here.

    Unlike some of you here I am gay, I wear thongs, g strings, jockstraps and briefs. Briefs being the underwear with the most fabric. Not a fan of boxer briefs.

    Being a gay male I can honestly say that Ive never seen or heard of straight guys wearing thongs (in real life, not online) everyone i know irl who wears them is either gay or a women. Even briefs are considered gay here, stupid i know.

    I dont think what one wears defines his/her sexuality and think more guys should wear what they want regardless of sexuality. Its your body, its your life. Explore and have fun.

    I read an article once, and it was written by a female saying that its wrong for guys to wear them because its womens traditional underwear. She couldnt have been more wrong.. thongs have been worn by men for centries. The egyptions wore them, as did the japanese, the romans and alot of indigenous peoples of different cultures. And its not just thongs, but also the short shorts style which were most commonly worn by males.

    At the end of the day women wear mens clothes and no one cares, so men should be allowed to wear what they want aswel. Dont let the beast known as society hold you back! <3

    • Black Stallion says:

      The “BEAST” is “IGNORANCE” the woman who wrote the article, is totally clueless.
      Thongs were invented for men originally, long before they were women started wearing them. If they don’t know and some men don’t know, then there is no hope for them.

    • jm says:

      Ahhh … yes. The wife finally relented and waxed me as hair free as possible this morning. Three months after my last one.I love being almost completely hairless. And since I managed to maintain my tan and somewhat of a fitness routine over the past few months, it looked so damned good, I had to go out and show off a little bit. So on went the neon yellow thong and the spandex biking shorts and out I went for a bike ride on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Stopped by the gym too and there was one little spandex clad gal who was giving me little glances.

      For me it’s just a simple pleasure. It’s also proven to be the best motivation to work out and stay active. If you’re a guy and you’re going to stroll into a gym wearing spandex workout tights with a thong underneath to eliminate any ‘panty lines’, you have to be in decent shape. The same applies twice as much if you are going to go out running on public streets.

      I still won’t wear a thong bathing suit. That is always going to disturb other men and even the women. People still see visibly defined male genitalia out in public as a threat. My wife even complains if I wear one of those ‘square’ suits. But I have come to really hate swimming in a regular men’s bathing suit. It just feels uncomfortable when it’s all wet and flapping around. Ironically she still wears skimpy little bikinis.

      My motivation to keep myself in shape and to exercise regularly

  106. Larry Phelan says:

    Yes indeed,I love short shorts,and the shorter,the better.
    Have no time for these 3/4 length so called “shorts”

  107. larry Phelan says:

    There,s a lot to be said for skinny dipping. Once you,ve tried it,you will find it hard to go back to wearing swim togs again.

    • T says:

      Totally agree with you about the skinny dipping and may I also add sunbathing naked too. I’m lucky that I can do both at my favourite holiday destination in Sicily,and I find even wearing a skimpy g-string in the water seems like a compromise,so 99% of the time I leave it on my towel. It’s the same with nude sunbathing.Once you do it,you don’t want even the briefest of tan lines to spoil the view(lol),and nothing beats the sensation of feeling the warm sun on your genitals.

  108. Black Stallion says:

    I think what it all boils down to is “Body Shaming.”
    First of all some males need to stop body shaming females.
    Second of all, as men, stop body shaming your fellow man, and yourself.

    I see more and more males wearing T shirts in the pool. Ask yourselves, why is this guy wearing a shirt in the pool, it’s mostly because he is ashamed of his body, whatever it may be. Then you make women feel bad for being women, just stop the nonsense. If people can take a step from the pack or the norm, that makes them strong, don’t tear down strength. Let people be who they are or want to be.

  109. Thomas Finche says:

    Depends on when and where. I’ve done early-90’s thong speedos for decades at a local beach. Back then, sure it was uncommon, but since full bottom speedos were more common, not many reacted negatively. Now though, it’s a far different story. I wear the same ones to the same beach, and today I’ve been called “queer”, or “gay boy”, and even heard a really loud woman say “OH MY GOD THAT MAN IS WEARING A THONG!!”Most of this is because the last 25+ years all that’s been seen on guys has been bigger and baggier swimwear, so keeping with these thongs stands out that much more. At least when guys wore full back speedos, it wasn’t as standout-ish as it is today when boardshorts that go below the knees are now “swimsuits”- god, how can guys stand wearing almost full pants to swim in? It’s definitely tougher lately than it has been like say 15 years ago, but I think part of that too is the gay movement where suddenly if you’re not rigidly like everyone else, you’re gay- and not in the negative sense, it means that since you’re not like the crowd you have sex with men (not sure how that came about, because I’m straight, I do a thong, because it’s not only comfy, but I get a full over tan, and my ex-girlfriend loved it, and since I did it long before I met her, even though we’re not together now, I’m still going to do it well after her).

  110. Lin says:

    Some followup here – apologies for the excess detail.

    I’ve been wearing a DT thong (from mensuas) at a beach in what was a former hippie community in north county san diego. Not to hard to figure that out since there are only two (conjoined) communities like that up there. This particular suit is actually a half thong that I can adjust to make into a more or less full thong depending upon who is around – more on that below. I tried to get one in beige but settled for grey because I noticed that those colors blend in the most and attract the least amount of attention on others.

    Anyway, here are some more observations from this summer.

    1) The majority of women who wear thong bikinis are with other women or with a boyfriend or mixed group. They’re not alone.

    2) If I wear a thong and I’m by myself it’s more likely that someone will say something – see 4 below. This happened only once and I was gruff with the kid/young teen who I probably outweighed by 70 pounds and being in top shape was probably why he showed maximum deference. Also, he was with a group of other dork short guys and thong girls who kept their mouths shut.

    3) The women and teen girls either don’t pay attention/are otherwise engaged or if they do notice, they really, and I do mean really like it. A certain number of those look but don’t look aggressively but from their body language it’s pretty clear that they like it.
    Overall the teen girls have been the most aggressive and many of them will go out of their way to get a good look. In fact, both younger women and teens have used their cell phones to either photograph or video me – which isn’t to say that I’m great, just reporting what’s happened.

    4) Since no women or teen girls who are by themselves or with other females have done anything even close to harassment that leaves men/teens/boys. Here’s a breakdown of what I’ve experienced so far.

    a) Men/guys with a girlfriend or wife behave themselves and don’t give negative looks or make negative comments whether I’m by myself or with a girlfriend. Of that group they either seem neutral or like it.

    b) The older the single guy is, the less likely they are to give a look indicating some kind of negative judgement but they do tend to look nonetheless.

    c) The younger the guy/guys are the more likely they are to express something negative. A group of guys wearing dork shorts and baseball caps backwards (a clear indicator of a low i.q. , lol) will be the most likely troublemakers and the younger they are the more likely that will be.

    4) If I’m with a girlfriend it’s like having an inpeneterable force field that makes me invincible against anything negative. It’s really amazing the way it stops anything negative in it’s tracks whether it’s a couple of dork short guys or a mixed group of them. With that said I still might expect a younger group of guys especially teen guys to make some noise when we’re walking to or from a spot but if that happened at all I would expect it after we’ve walked past. So, to prevent having to endure that, I simply wrap a towel around my waste while we’re walking either to or from but only in proximity to a group like that otherwise the towel either goes over my shoulder or I carry it.

    I hope it helps.

    • T says:

      Great and very detailed post,Lin. I think you’ve just written a comprehensive thesis on the effect,both positive and negative,that a man wearing a thong can have on the people in his vicinity. Good to know your thong clad butt gets some appreciative stares and it sounds like you have the perfect attitude to those mouthy punks in the dork shorts and backwards facing caps. I would be slightly more concerned that the videos taken without your consent might end up on social media,as you’re probably aware of the ongoing trend of posting videos on youtube shaming and deriding guys who just happen to be wearing a thong and minding their own business. Whenever I see one of these videos I make a point of giving the person responsible a right flea in their ear while backing the thonged guy to the hilt.

  111. Lin says:

    Thanks T,
    it seems like we could all get something from each others experiences.

    What I’d like to see is a thongers meetup group (in San Diego/elsewhere) that straight guys and maybe their girlfriends/wives attend.

    • Black Stallion says:

      I think that we should fight for them to be main stream, or acceptable, and if people aren’t mature enough to handle it, then maybe they should be persecuted.

  112. Larry Phelan says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Just bought a batch of throngs from China and thought some of you might be interested to hear my opinion regarding them;
    First off,the quality,price,and delivery were first class.
    Second,the sizing need to be carefully considered when ordering. I was advised to order two sizes bigger than my normal size,which would be M or L,depending on the brand or maker. So I ordered XXL,which I would not normally touch,but in this case,it was just as well that I did.
    I found that while they fitted well enough,they were/are a little tight around the crotch ,not really enough to be unconfortable,just enough to let you know they,re there.
    On the up side,they do stay in place,no more sliding down to end up around your knees,or getting into a ball up your butt,like many other underpants I wore over the years. Also,the piece between your cheeks causes no problem at all,you dont even feel it there.
    In order to give them a fair trial,I selected two and wore them,turn and turn about for a week. For the first two days I found them a bit different but by the weekend we had come to accommodate each other and I was quite at ease with them. Despite being little tight in the area mentioned,the pouch is quite roomy,so no problems there !
    I have worn them to my local pool and received good feed back,two guys showing great interest in them and where I got them. All in all,I am happy enough with them,but just watch your size if you do order. I received my order well within the delivery time,to my surprise.
    I may buy from them again but their sizing system is a pain.

  113. Craig says:

    Larry I too have tried many thongs from china and the same thing with sizes happened to me. I have varying sizes from xs to xl. I am a M in the regular world ! I find Alixpress can be quite good but then that also depends on the seller. Had some nice Desmit swim thongs and tangas from them, and if the chlorine spoils them then at least they do not cost much to replace.

  114. Larry Phelan says:

    Hi Craig,
    It seems we have both had the same experience,such a pity because the quality is quite good.Up to now most of my slips,throngs ect came from Kiniki and while their stuff is good,material wise,the elastic they use is not the best and seems to work loose very quickly,with the result that the item becomes useless. Someone else has remarked on this already,on this forum.Considering Kiniki prices,this is not on,that,s why I went shopping in China.
    Regarding those Desmit swim togs,yes,I like them and may get a few because I need to replace a few of mine,just got fed up looking at them ! They claim that they are true -to-size,have you found that to be so ?

  115. Craig says:

    Yes the Desmit swim thongs I ordered were true to size. Maybe it was just luck, I will admit that the pouch on a few were snugger, maybe thats the asian sizing !

  116. I recommend swimwear made by “Skinzwear” they have swimwear from bike short length to G-string.
    You can customize the material from solids, prints, and even Tan through.
    Their suits are well made, have stretch, and are sized very well.

  117. Larry Phelan says:

    I hope they do fit,I hate crushed nuts !!

  118. Guy says:

    I’m 54 and have been thonging since my 20s when i was a stripper in college. I started thonging in public at the beach and pool at age 40 and before that wore small bikini posing suits as swimwear. Was into wearing sexy male bikini underwear since I was a boy. Now the only time I don’t wear thong swimwear is in a pool environment when around my kids or other families. I work hard to try and stay in shape and wear thongs for me and no one else. I mix up my underwear choice with bikinis and thongs. For me, male thongs are a fetish and I am bi and always love thongs to be included in play. I also started a male thong fetish blog on tumblr and now have over 21,000 followers. Feel free to check it out at http:thong-jock.tumblr.com

  119. TJ says:

    I’m straight African American who wants to give things a try

  120. JM says:

    I still get a thrill out of walking into my gym in my spandex workout tights and wearing a nylon-lycra thong underneath to eliminate any ‘panty lines’. Especially on the rare occasion when I can hit the gym in the mid morning, when the place is teeming with the spandex covered a**es of the fairer sex. Teenagers, college coeds, young mommies, middle aged cougars, heck even most of the older women in this place are rocking the spandex tights and are looking very good.

    It’s a thrill that has managed to keep me going to the gym on a way more regular basis than I would ever maintain back when I was still wearing my ‘boring old’ gym shorts and sweatpants. Lycra running tights made me want to keep running in the dead of winter. Wearing a thong underneath added some excitement and risk. I will never forget the time I first ventured out into Central Park in that gear. I felt so vulnerable and almost naked. But it was a huge motivator to keep running at a good pace and make it back to the safety of my gym.

    Nowadays, I can wear a thong underneath spandex shorts or tights and go out for a bicycle ride around town. I can stop at the corners and dismount while I wait for the light to turn green. If people are gawking at my a**, so be it. I would be surprised that they even bothered to look up from their cell phones.

    • JM says:

      My wife has been making fun of my thongs lately. She calls them ‘my diaper’, or that I look like a Sumo wrestler. Ironically, she recently caved in and wore one of her thongs. She attended a party wearing a pair of shiny black Takara leggings from Carbon38. At least a half a dozen women actually ran their hands along her legs, and every guy in the place, including me could just not take our eyes off of her. She wore them again for New Year’s Eve, and I spotted a fresh thong of hers in the hamper.

      Same reason as me, to eliminate those panty lines. She had finally got self conscious one day when she was out in the daylight sporting some other leggings and the complete outline of her bikini panties were all too obvious. Those Carbon38 leggings are super glossy and in the right light you can still see the outline of the rear top part of the thong.

  121. Cole says:

    I’ve been wearing thongs and g-strings for over 30 years now and I’m glad to see more men are feeling more comfortable wearing and talking about them in public. I’ve always felt more comfortable wearing Speedos when I was young at the pool and beach, so when men’s thongs became much easier to purchase over the internet my collection increased tenfold. As newer styles and colors become available, I’m always replacing my old and worn out ones. I glad to see that the younger generations of men are feeling comfortable being seen in public wearing thongs; I still feel like one of the pioneers in that respect. I love wearing my thongs when surfing because it’s like surfing naked without the drag of baggy boardshorts, and I get a great tan. I would love to see as many men wearing thongs at the beach as do women, I bet more women would like that too. I’m married and my family has no qualms about me and my thongs and g-strings that I wear every day. Wearing them keeps me motivated to stay in shape, and feeling and looking sexy after all these years; they are the most comfortable and most supportive piece of clothing I wear, in and out of the water. I’m 67, still lean and muscular, and still look like I’m in my 40’s. So, don’t hide it guys, flaunt it.

  122. Ken Mack says:

    I have been wearing thongs and G-strings since my teens. I am now 60 and still wearing them on public beaches. Two trips to Mexico this year and both trips I wore tiny G-strings at the resort. Got some looks, some pissed off and many women gave me a thumbs up. I went for early morning beach walks and wore sheer thongs and G-strings.

  123. JM says:

    Wife just full body waxed me for the start of Summer and a nice navy blue thong bathing suit from SkinsWear has been ordered and is on it’s way. I can now make the switch from spandex workout tights to spandex shorts at the gym and on bike rides and runs. I can start wearing all my brighter colored thongs underneath. All winter long it’s been either silver or black.

    I am not bold enough to wear the thong on the crowded weekend beaches here, but I have some time off coming up so I am going to try it out on a quieter weekday. I will hit what was once a traditional nude beach here. They ended it’s official ‘nude’ status a few years back because the scene was getting way out of control. But people still go clothing optional and they’re the type of people who would not be phased at all. I really just want that rocking tan and I am getting tired of laying out in my backyard.

    • Drew says:

      I wonder why there’s such a stigma about speedos/thongs in the US. Everywhere else in the world it’s just second nature. I really like the marketing that Budgy Smuggler does in Australia. Check out their website and Instagram feed.

  124. JG says:

    I am straight and in my 50’s and just discovered thongs for men. I was shopping for underwear on Amazon and came across them so I decided to try them. The are really comfy and sexy so now that is all I wear. I have bought them from multiple websites and now have close to 100 thongs. I thing they are perfect for wearing to the gym.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Welcome to the world of thonging and The Bottom Drawer Blog. Thongs are a great option for the gym or anytime you want some good support.

  125. JM says:

    Last Spring, I had thrown out all of my ‘board shorts’ and regular shorts styled bathing suits. I realized this when I went to take my kid to the water park for the first time this year. I wore a square suit, but I wimped out when I got there and kept my regular shorts on for the day. But while as I was there, I saw a lot of women wearing minimal coverage string bikinis. No thongs, but some of those bikini bottoms were designed to travel right up into their a** cracks. Others had actually pulled the fabric up and in. Of course, every single male was wearing shorts.

    So, the next time I went, I wore one of those Speedo cycling shorts styled swimsuits. Shiny black lycra with wide red stripes on the sides. The inner lining seemed a bit flimsy so I wore a lycra g-string underneath to give some extra lining. I also wore one of those long sleeved rash guards. I looked a little like one of those male swimmers that you see in black and white photographs a hundred years ago in places like Coney Island. Except the fabric clung to my body like a second skin.

    You can’t wear a thong or a bikini to a water park. Way too much of a close proximity to women and children issue and it’s probably already against the posted rules. But you can definitely get away with wearing body hugging lycra, as long as you have enough skin surface coverage and keep your genitals ‘obscured’.

    I hate the look and feel of flappy, wet shorts. I can’t even wear regular gym shorts any more when I run, cycle or work out. It has to be spandex cycling styled shorts with a thong underneath. I can’t wear sweat pants, I have to wear tights. I have always experimented ion and off with wearing a bikini swimsuit, but in the past few years I have been wearing square suits regularly and recently started openly wearing a thong on a semi secluded beach. I got myself a few very ‘short shorts’ styled suits that seem to be a really good option.

  126. Charlie says:

    Wow, I dont feel so alone. My ex wife loved them. My now ex girlfriend hated them. Well, now she is gone and I went shopping. Kept finding better and better styles and fits on Amazon. Tried some womens a few times but they dont hold things in well. Once I found some I liked, I bought extras. Went back to the jockey pouch style for a day. Now, nothing but a thong, all day, every day. Kept a couple of briefs for “just in case”. Probably going to toss them because, well, no way! No support! Kept zeroing in on better ones and now, have fine tuned the best designs and make my own with no serger seams. So, I believe mine are the best. I make a pair a day because I cant stop going to the fabric store with new ideas and color schemes. Even made some lace ones. The guy at Walmart’s checkout said “that fabric is you” I said “I know, right!, couldn’t pass that up”. Nope, I’m not gay, straight as an arrow. Love to sew. Waiting for the next woman to come into my life and plan on telling that person as soon as possible. Hope it doesn’t blow the relationship right out of the box. Dont see why it should. So, women, help a brother out, any input would be appreciated. Also, what an inspiration to stay in shape.

  127. James Christie says:

    I’ve been wearing thongs for about 20 years and the most annoying thing is how difficult they are to buy in shops. All mine are mail order. I particularly love white thongs and although my wife doesn’t really like them she has grown to accept my desire to wear them. On holiday, if I get the chance, I like to wear a beach thong. My favourites are the kiniki range and recently sourced Spanish ones by Punto Blanco. Thongs are by far the most comfortable underwear, particularly those with some lycra and not just cotton. I just wish there was complete equality between men and women in accepting both sexes can freely wear them without feeling shame.

  128. RCH says:

    I’m on holiday in the Gironde and wearing a thong on the beach most of the day, then at our holiday cottage in the evening. The French are so liberated and being surrounded by naked or semi naked people on the beach completely relaxed me and I felt inhibition free. My wife isn’t the greatest fan of thongs but she knows I love them and feel completely de stressed relaxing in them. Why not, it’s the 21st century, time for male liberation!

  129. Mike says:

    I’ve been wearing thongs for 50 years. I started wearing low rise briefs that were Fantastic from, would you believe, JC Penneys when I was a freshman in high school. I wore those until I did a couple years in the army, then graduated to thongs. As for a reason, they feel great! But I don’t have tan lines from my thongs because I always tan nude.

    • T says:

      I use to wear g-strings when sunbathing and would just move the string up and down to avoid tan lines,but once you’ve experienced the sheer liberation of tanning in the nude,there is no going back!

  130. Dr. Alby says:

    I am a 47 year old married straight male who only wear thongs all ways. Love being a male thong wearer …

  131. Steve says:

    I am a 62 very fit male who has worn thongs for 40+ years. First I tried them because nothing I had tried held my package without “biting me” in other places. After a week I knew these were for me. I own 50+ pairs mostly spandex and various coverages from rio cut to cheeky. I have a mixture of Cover Male to Gregg to now jack adams to now Rick Majors. I love colors but a full compliment of white and nude are essential. I’ve never been shy and don’t care what others think if I’m seen in them. I have yet to meet a women who hasn’t been taken a little back by them from the start but love them and think their extremely sexy. Most love to see and feel what their getting and their thought of what you’re wearing underneath excites them. Of course being fit, tan and manscaped helps with the excitement. I don’t even mind if they show a little. I’m not gay but I have had other men ask me about them because women notice and do talk among themselves and have suggested that their husbands look into something to spice up things on their side. Nothing but thongs and I love them high cut and showing!

  132. Cuteness says:

    29 year old guy here..

    I’ve worn thongs for a couple of years now, and own about 20+ish pairs. They’re quite comfortable and don’t ride down with tight jeans which is fantastic. I also wear alot of briefs and jockstraps, of which I have a big selection of, so it’s always a tough decision in the morning as to what I will wear that day. I even have some that have never been worn, yes.. I have an underwear addiction <3

    As for the beach I normally just wear a pair of shorts with a speedo, or speedo thong underneath. If I'm simply just laying on the beach then I'll wear the speedo brief to sunbath in, then slip the shorts back on to go swimming. I have not the courage to wear a thong by itself in public, and I'm not sure I ever will. I'm quite happy wearing them under my clothes, or around the house.

    If anyone here has any website suggestion for good quality thongs, I'm more than willing to listen. Not so interested in g strings though.

  133. Andrew says:

    What’s the difference between g strings and thongs

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I normally group g-strings with thongs. G-strings have just a string back (tail). Seems a lot of them are around 1/4″. You can read my style of thongs post for Underwear News Briefs. Thong Styles

    • T says:

      G-strings have a narrower waistband and under strap than a thong and the pouch is usually briefer too! I personally prefer them to thongs.

  134. Andrew says:

    I see. Then yes I prefer them as well. Arroyman has some of the best

  135. Allen says:

    1″ speedos and thongs are all a man should need to wear. I find them comfortable and supporting.
    I have been told they should not be worn at Disney, but I still wear my speedo there and do not get any negative feedback.

  136. Andrew says:

    I’m starting a WhatsApp group for chat about thongs, g strings, speedos etc. . I need to know how many of you would join. Let me know if you would be interested.

  137. Bratty says:

    Womens thongs generally give me the support I like. I am most comfortable with my penis in the north position, and love how thongs will hold my testicles out of the way. I find the fabric in most men’s thongs too thick for my liking (reminds me of tighty-whitey’s) and womens are much cheaper. My current rotation is simple Calvin Klein’s and Aerie (american eagle). I also have some sweet thongs from Katie & Laura, but those are satin, so I don’t like to wear them under rough fabrics like jeans. Most men’s thongs simply have too much room in them to provide me with the support I like. An exception is one of the models offered by Kiniki, from England. I so wish that men’s thong (and other pouch?) underwear was marketed like women’s bras, i.e. provide us with information regarding the amount of room incorporated into the pouch. Buying thongs without knowing is an expensive hit and miss proposition. Anyway, I am a thong guy 99% of the time, but when i sleep i usually wear womens satin briefs (again, like the support and hate having my bits falling around when I turn this way and that during the night). So, lets size our pouches, huh? A, B, C, D, E, etc. Whadda you think?

  138. Conrad says:

    My wife talked me in to wearing G strings about a year ago and today at our pool for the first time I laid out with a G string on and it’s going to be wild to have a G string tan on my red little a** cheeks

    • T says:

      I’m sure there will be a lot of guys on this blog who wish their other half was as positive about them wearing skimpy g-strings etc as your good lady obviously is.
      I’m curious to know what style of underwear you wore before your wife got you into g-strings? If it was boring boxers,that would be quite a jump,and even if it was bikini briefs,that would still be a step up.
      I’m sure you’ll love the sensation of the sun tanning your butt,and with a little bit of adjustment of the string,you can avoid tan lines altogether(lol).

      • JM says:

        I’ve been backyard tanning in a gstring for over a month now but I was out at the beach for the first time and I just can’t believe how much more solar radiation is present there. I was wearing a square suit, which is a little more than a bikini and I definitely picked up some tan lines I was trying to avoid. The only answer to that is to go back to the beach and wear a thong so it evens out.

        The good news is that the wife finally relented and waxed my hard to reach back areas. I actually waxed myself twice so far this year. I have a hidden spot for my backyard tanning so I do it there. Thank goodness I have tons of privacy and I don’t make a sticky mess inside the house. You gotta wax for the thong.

  139. Johnny says:

    I have been wearing thongs since my early 20’s. I love wearing them and I’m straight. My wife is very aware I wear them and doesn’t care. She loves me regardless lol and the sex is still good.

  140. JM says:

    Barbara Lingerie brand, male satin thong. Just got a six pack of these and they are as soft and silky as a woman’s panties. I am going to see how the medium sized ones make it thru their first wash and dry cycle before I order six more. I am as tan as I am going to be this Summer thanks to two entire months of laying out in a gstring in my backyard, and the wife has been helping me remain waxed hair free. I tried on a pair of the pink ones from the pack and that silky fabric looks great against my skin.

  141. JM says:

    Going on five years now, that I have only worn spandex tights or cycling shorts for any kind of workout or running/cycling. And a thong underneath each and every single time. It would actually feel weird for me to to not wear a thong. Next Summer, I am going to take it to the next level when I go hiking. I will roll up the loose fitting hiking shorts or pants and keep them in my pack, just in case. Also, this year, I didn’t get a chance to sport a thong on the beach. Next Summer, I am going to walk down the beach wearing nothing but a thong, hat and sunglasses. Of course, it’s gonna be on a thong friendlier stretch of the beach, but no more staying close to my shorts.

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