2020 Thong Favorites

2020 Thong Favorites

I seem to have more variety in thong brands and styles than my bikinis. It makes it hard to pick the top 5 I pull out of my drawer each year. Though in my buying this year I leaned more to adding more colors in styles I like than trying out new brands and styles. With the thongs in my top 5, I’ve added at least one pair to 4 out of the 5 styles. This year I’ll be dropping the JM Natura thong off the list to add a new comer in the drawer. Nothing wrong with the JM one. It is a nice comfy traditional thong, but the newcomer is coming strong into the list. Let’s take a look.


5. Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
The Risky Boxers are holding steady at 5 this year. I like that they are a bit different than the rest of my drawer. Still not exactly sold on how they look completely, but I like how they hold me and feel on. The sides are wider than I like is the main thing I have against. Hasn’t stopped me from pulling the 3 out of my drawer fairly regular. I would add more pairs of the price and color were right.

Available at Mensuas

4. Daniel Alexander DA780 Thong
Daniel Alexander Thong DA780

This Daniel Alexander thong is slipping from 3rd to 4th after entering the list in 2019. I did add an orange pair this year, so now there are two in the drawer. Definitely will have no issue adding more of these either. The thong just slips on nicely without having to adjust the tail any. Then it forms nicely to your package and great support too.

Available at Mensuas or Daniel Alexander.

3. Intymen Sports Thong
Intymen Sports Thong
I spent a lot of the summer in my top 3, so it wasn’t an easy decision on the order of them. I decided to slide the Intymen sports thong down a spot. With the sports mesh it makes it a nice summer choice. I also like how it gives a little boost to the goods without being too obnoxious. The elastic at the base of the pouch just gives you a bit of a lift. I find it to be a very comfortable thong, which is why it is really worn regularly. I’m up to four in the drawer now with a new addition this year.

Available at Mensuas

2. Doreanse Aire Thong
Doreanse Aire Thong
Here’s my newcomer to the list for 2020. After trying and reviewing the Aire thong this year, I went and bought 3 more pairs of them. This thong is a cross between a g-string and a traditional thong with the regular thong tail. There doesn’t seem to be much to this thong with it’s narrow waistband and light weight fabric! It surprised me it offered good support. If you want something that you’ll forget you are wearing then this is a good one. It would be a great beginner thong.

Available at Freshpair.

1. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Brand loyalty still keeps the string thong at number one on my list. I found Prevail Sport early on in my thong and bikini wearing days and became my favorite brand. I enjoy the overall cut of the thong and how they fit. I was able to acquire three more of this style this year from a Twitter friend in the swimwear style, which I had not purchased before. They’re not lined, so work well for underwear.


What were your favorite thong(s) to pull out of the drawer in 2019?

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  1. Bill says:

    I have every color of the Intymen Sport.Great thong

  2. DonS says:

    I reckon a good Kiniki g-string is great. Those in the polyester/Lycra fabric were the best, beating those in the Allure collection in my opinion. Sadly, those days seems to be over, so existing pairs will have to soldier on for a while yet.

    This year I’ve experimented with the tiny styles from Tangaland (Germany). They are basically penis straps with the testicles unsupported. As I only wear g-strings for sleeping, then this has not been an issue for me. I would not wear these as day-wear – I suspect some testicular pain might occur soon after any activity began if they were worn as regular underwear. But they seem quite comfortable for sleeping, They are actually one that fits T’s definition of a great g-string (should not be felt while being worn), and that’s where I think they would fail for day-wear.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    This selection looks Great. Must be really good if some is in the list almost 3 years straight.

    That nude DA thong is something I’m trying to replicate.

    No luck yet seems local guys not getting the nude colors.

    The cheeky one seems like a odd choice but again must be really Great fit.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It fits more into thongs than bikinis with the amount of in-between the cheek action. It’s just nice for something a bit different.

  4. T says:

    If I had to pick one of the top five, it would probably be the Doreanse Aire Thong purely because it is the closest to my favoured g-strings. Having said that,my main issue with that particular company’s g-strings was how uncomfortable the under strap was,so I would be wary about giving this thong a try.

  5. Eric says:

    I Just received one of the Aire Thongs and it’s definitely near the top of my favorites list. I feel why they call it the aire thong. Very light and flexible but still has good support. I tried the Daniel Alexander DA780 and it’s comfy but I could use a slightly large pouch. Not a wear breaker as it fits great.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yes, there isn’t much to the Aire thong. Been a nice one for summer wear for me. You are right the DA is a narrow pouch, so it could require some stuffing adjustment.

  6. JR2 says:

    Great list I have couple of those styles and I would agree they are pretty good . The Aire thong is amazing ,super comfortable and I wish I would have picked up more of the Prevail Sport String thong before they closed. The Doreanse Phoenix Thong is another on my list, great fabric and they fit amazing. To round out my list , though they are classified as swimwear would be the Skinzwear Tback thong and the Muscleskins 3/8 classic thong . The Skinzwear Tback has a smaller thong back , and comfortable to wear all day long . TBD the risky boxer looks alot like the Cheekini I recently got from Skinzwear. Though I haven’t worn it much ,I certainly like the style. I great in between style between a bikini and thong.

    • Jonathan G says:

      Skinzwear makes a very good product.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Will have to check out the Phoenix thong. I really wanted their Flashy g-string to work out, but its pouch was too small. I know in general their pouches seem to run smaller than most brands, but out styles I still fit in. Skinzwear is one I still need to try. That is why I like the DA risky boxer. Something a bit different from a thong and a bikini.

      • JR2 says:

        I have to apologize TBD, the phoenix thong is by JOR. I must of had to many thongs on my mind , lol!! The bikini is also pretty good too. I like Skinzwear , but I would get signed up with their email notifications so you can save some money. Good quality , nice stuff. It’s nice to have some of those that’s a bit different to mix it up once and awhile or for them days u can’t decide if it’s a bikini or thing day .

        • The Bottom Drawer says:

          No problem. The JOR thong looks like it could be a good option. Will add it to my list to consider. Skniz is having 25% off gift certificates until year end, so considering purchasing one and then waiting for a pair to go on sale that interests me.

  7. David_nc says:

    This one took me some time to think about. I ordered the DA Risky Boxer based on Nate’s review and it is fun, but isn’t one I wear often. I also ordered the DA 780 and loved it, it is in my top ones that I wear regularly. I don’t have as large of a collection as others, so my same thongs get worn more regularly. For me my top ones this year were the Papi brand poly blend, they are awesome, zero to no adjustment when slipping them on and are great to wear all day. The Wood brand thong also was in regular rotation; the tail is wider / thicker but isn’t uncomfortable just took some getting used to. I have a nylon CK thong that I bought forever ago and is in great shape and is good for all day wear. I realized that the heat of summer my 100% cotton thongs weren’t as comfortable, so they may get more wear now that temperatures are dropping. I like the Intymen sports thong, that will probably be added to the 2021 list. The Aire only if on a great sale, I’d like my 2021 collection to have add a Skinz, Ace&Indigo, and Obviously. Just ordered and received some N2N and so far they are great.

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