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2017 Resolution: Swim BriefBasically I have a similar resolution or goal every year from a bikini and thong perspective. They have been related to wearing a swim brief in public. This year my goal is multi-part a bit. The first thing I want to accomplish is to lose the so called sympathy pregnancy weight. If I drop that weight, then it would add some more confidence back to where I feel I look half decent in a swim brief. Yes, more weight loss and a six pack would boost that confidence even more, but not a realistic goal.

Hopefully the drop of sympathy pregnancy weight is met by summer, so the next part of the goal can take place easier. I’ve already accomplished wearing a swim brief in public several times on vacations. Now what I really want to accomplish is wearing one at one of the local beaches near me. I find it harder closer to home to break it out than on vacation. I suppose it is the anxiety I may run into someone I know along with being the only guy in something skimpy. Yes, this is the same goal I had last year, but we never made it to the beach. This year I’ll have to make it a priority to actually go to the local beach, so I can attempt breaking out the swim brief.

The main goal for 2017 is to make the swim brief my main swim apparel every time I go to the beach. Hopefully, doing it once will open the door to continue to do so every time I hit the beach. My overall goal is to make swim brief my normal swimwear no matter what. Just like bikinis and thongs are my normal underwear no matter what. Have you set any goals for 2017 in the bikini, thong, or skimpy swimwear categories?

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  1. T says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading and contributing to your various underwear/swimwear posts since I came across your website earlier this year. I’m sure many of your followers have empathized with your ongoing struggle to conquer your fear of being seen in public wearing a swim brief.Most guys,if they are honest,will accept that they can’t compete with the buff men who model the skimpiest styles in magazines and online websites. But does this mean that just because we don’t have a six pack,or are carrying a few extra pounds,or could do with putting on some weight,that we have no right to bare more of our less than perfect bods? Absolutely not!!!!

    My only underwear/swimwear resolution is to continue wearing mainly g-strings as everyday wear and on secluded beaches, half back tangas on busier beaches and absolutely nothing at all in my back garden and favourite nudist zone in Italy. Oh!… and I will continue to urge my workmates to drop their boring boardshorts in favour of a sexy speedo.

    • I appreciate your comments and encouragement. The interaction from everyone keeps me going. I agree that body type doesn’t matter. You should wear what swimwear you want and are comfortable in. Sounds like a good resolution to me. I like that you are encourage others to ditch the board shorts. Happy New Year.

      • T says:

        Happy New Year to you too. Hope you achieve your swim brief goal,and who knows? You might even be brave enough to post some beach photos of yourself in all your speedo glory. Now there’s a challenge.

        • There actually is a picture of my edited into the picture at the top of the post. There are a few pictures of me along the waters edge, but not at the beaches the goal is for. If the wife takes any pictures then I’d most likely work them into a post.

  2. Terry says:

    I really hope you get to fulfill your resolution. I’ve started to care a bit less about what others think at the beach and have had a fair few trips to the beach and pool lately in speedos (nothing too risque in the busier places though). Granted, i’m in fairly decent shape at the moment as i set myself a physical goal a couple of years ago to lose the “dadbod” as well, but it’s definitely the first step in getting out there in public.

    You’ve commented before that your wife is quite supportive – does this include the real skimpy pairs and thongs? Does she like to wear skimpy swimwear herself or anything? I’m just curious because mine is quite conservative, but she’s always known I like wearing swim briefs/speedos (perhaps not that I love to show them off to women). It’s only recently i broke out a very skimpy tanga style bottom (Aussiebum Xposeit), feigning surprise that “I didn’t think they were so small when ordering off the website”. Surprisingly, she was quite okay with it, phew. I’d absolutely love if she’d be ok with me wearing something like a sheer thong for the beach, but I think that’ll remain a fantasy.

    p.s. i set up an instagram page a while ago with some reviews of purchases, have a look if you like 🙂 http://www.instagram.com/speedos_review

    • Thanks, hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to do so. My wife seems fine with all my swim bikini briefs. Haven’t worn my skimpiest in public, but she doesn’t object to them. Wore this one on our honeymoon. http://www.the-bottom-drawer.com/hom-alize-swim-brief-review/

      I’m not sure of her view of a swim thong in public. She knows I have one in the swim drawer and wouldn’t object of me wearing in the yard for sure.

      My wife sticks with conservative swimwear also. Even more so now with having kids.

      I liked the looks of the Xposeit swim brief from aussieBum. Good to hear your wife was fine with it. You don’t think yours would be accepting of a thong at all?

      Lowrider one still your favorite pair. I have a classic 1.5 and loose 1.5. Might tryout some other styles some day. I’m surprised Speedo doesn’t ship Internationally. Heard from several people that would like to try the Speedo Solar, but not available to them to purchase.

      • Terry says:

        Yes i actually left a comment a while ago saying how i found your blog while searching for the Solar, although i think i change my mind about it as i’m not too sure of the cut, and i like the fact that my pair of Speedos has a large logo – makes me assume that people think i’m a swimmer.

        Actually i think my favourite pairs now would probably be my ones from Budgy Smuggler, for the reasons of 1. quality, and 2. that the company and community have a lot of activity on their social media accounts, and have a ‘fun’ image. I’m known as a bit of a joker so my friends think i’m just having a bit of a laugh when i wear them. Works for me!

        • Did notice you must have commented before, but didn’t look it up until now. I like the solar for the branding of Speedo and it’s the skimpiest that I’ve seen offered in the US by them. Seems to be several swim brief brands coming from Australia. Have you heard of Sluggers Swimwear? http://sluggers.com.au/ It’s also has a line up of swim briefs like Budgy Smuggler and aussieBum. Need to give Sluggers and Budgy Smuggler a try some time. I’m known to be reserved, so I’d be shocking people I know.

          • Terry says:

            I actually looked at Sluggers a long time ago but back then the designs were very plain for the price. I see now they have different prints and cuts though. I do prefer a little logo or something personally, i guess i’m a sucker for branding. They don’t seem that popular over here yet, i think that the other brands have beaten them to the market here.

  3. RT says:

    Trying to get fit for the summer and wear my thongs and cheeky boxer styles. Should not be a problem since I wear them in secluded places and when people are not too close. I get my own spot and get rid of my shorts and voila! I get in and out the water a few times and enjoy the view. Love the sense of freedom.

  4. RK says:

    I gave up caring what others thought about my bikini swimwear a long time ago. Now seem to get perverse pleasure out of wearing the skimpiest micro-bikinis I can find on the beach and watching everyone’s reactions. My wife says that I’m a tease, since I’m not afraid to go for walks right in front of everyone.
    Also like to wear my micro-bikinis to the hotel pool when I’m travelling on business. Because I’m in shape after years of competition swimming, everyone just assumes I’m still competitive. Must admit that I’ve been known to slip out of the bikini and swim nude in the pool, even if other guys are also swimming. Great way to show the bikini tan line!

    • Is wearing swim briefs for competitive swimming what got you into bikini styles?

      • RK says:

        Probably didn’t hurt, as I got used to that style while quite young. That being said, I found the traditional competition styles too “big” for me, in that there was too much material and too much coverage on my body. Started experimenting, and made my way to micro-bikinis and g-strings before too long. Competed in my micro-bikinis on many an occasion, and often would train in my g-strings.
        As I said above, I have an exhibitionist tendency, as I love showing off my body in tiny briefs and G-strings whenever I can. Keep my body fully smooth from head to toe, so that nothing ruins the look. The guys at the pool don’t seem to mind, even if I start swimming in the nude. Have had many a compliment in the locker room afterwards.

        • T says:

          Hi RK. I’m sure lots of the guys who follow this blog would love to know where exactly is this pool where you can wear micro bikinis,g-strings,and even swim in the nude without bothering the other guys at the pool? I’m guessing it must be an all male,private members type club,because I can’t imagine a public pool with on duty lifeguards allowing any guy to wear the skimpy styles that you describe.

          • RK says:

            Hello T
            Quite correct in the need for some clarification.
            Have worn the micro-bikinis (Skinzwear Sunseeker Rio or Skinzwear Stuffit Rio) at a number of hotel pools in the US and Canada. Have never had a problem with lifeguards or other swimmers, nor would I tolerate their narrow-mindedness if they did voice an objection.
            G-strings for training have been at my own pool in my neighbourhood, but have always been undertaken when it was clearly an adults-only training time, and usually much later in the evenings. The nude swimming has usually been co-located with those late night training sessions, and usually only around the other guys with whom I have been training for years. We all know each other so well after all this time that nobody blinks an eye if one of us is nude in the pool.
            That being said, when I am traveling on business in Europe or Asia, I wear my micro bikinis and g-strings at any time of the day, and have never had any problems. And yes, I do swim nude in those pools when I can, and again have never had a problem.

  5. T says:

    Hi RK. Thanks for the detailed reply to my question. I checked out the Skinzwear micro bikinis that you mentioned in your post,and I can see why you might turn a few heads at the pool(lol). They look similar to the Daniel Alexander swimwear I bought last year and wore for the first time on holiday in Sicily(A paradise for skimpy swimwear).
    Have you noticed any of the other guys at the pool following your example and wearing briefer styles,or are you the only one brave enough to bare almost all?
    Hopefully the answer to that question will be a big YES.

    • RK says:

      Hello T. Not sure if I’ve been the sole inspiration, but have noticed that several of the guys have graduated to briefer swimsuits. One in particular has moved to micro-bikinis, and he has also started swimming nude if we are the only two left in the pool and I’ve gone nude. It appears that I may have also inspired him to go completely smooth as well. I’m sure the two of us must be quite the sight for anyone who might happen to be watching!
      Where did you go in Sicily? That’s my next vacation destination, and will definitely be looking to wear my skimpiest bikinis.

      • T says:

        Hello again RK. I have been to many amazing places in Sicily over the past 13 years,but in recent years I have favoured a place called Mondello which is not too far from the capital Palermo. The bay is absolutely beautiful,the sea is warm and crystal clear,and,like most Italian men, lots of the locals are totally at ease with wearing speedos on the beach and also on public transport,in shops,and in the surrounding streets.
        Public nudity is not strictly legal in Sicily,but there is a nature reserve not far from the main beach where it is possible to sunbathe and swim in the nude. Believe me,you will not receive any negative comments if you choose to wear a micro bikini,g-string or nothing at all at the unofficial nudist zone.
        I don’t know which country you are from,but I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at just how totally normal it is for men of all ages to wear speedos in public. Enjoy!

        • RK says:

          Many thanks, T. I will be looking into that location! Sounds perfect!

          • T says:

            Hi RK. If you type in Mondello Webcam,you will get an amazing view of the beach and sea from the camera above the Albaria Windsurfing centre. I often view this beautiful site to cheer myself up when I am at home in chilly Scotland. It makes me long for my next summer vacation.
            If you don’t make it to Mondello,you should try and visit Ragusa,Taormina and Syracuse,to name but three alternatives,all beautiful places.

  6. RK says:

    Excellent suggestions, T! Much appreciated!
    I’m sure the thoughts, and visions, of your sexy micro-bikinis on a beautiful Sicilian beach will do wonders in warming you up in Scotland! Another summer vacation will be here soon enough!

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