2022 Bikini Favorites

2022 Bikini Favorites

This year, I’ll shake up my bikini list just a little. I have less of a variety in my bikinis compared to my thongs. I decided to drop a pair of my beloved Prevail Sport off the list this year. So their Rio Brief drops from number 5 off the list. Then number 4 on my list drops to number 5. That will make room for another Kiniki pair in the 4th position. Giving Kiniki’s bikinis 3 out of the 5 positions. They make better bikinis than thongs though I’m disappointed in their current offering.

5. Kiniki Cambridge Tanga
Kiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga

Even though this Kiniki’s Cambridge Tanga isn’t anything really fancy, I really like the fit of it. Simple is sometimes best. I find this bikini extremely comfortable with the supplex lycra blend. It is great for everyday wear especially with cooler weather. This is one of the styles I liked that Kiniki has done away with. They reintroduced it with a thick branded waistband version. It’s a very disappointing replacement in my opinion.

4. Kiniki Harry Brief
Kiniki Harry Brief

My newcomer to my top 5 bikinis is the Harry brief from Kiniki. I just added 3 more pairs just in case they decided to get rid of it! This is a great cut. It is pretty similar to my number 3 bikini expect this is a mostly cotton blend fabric. I really like the poly lycra fabric better. These are more a cooler weather option for me. The fabric can be a bit warm for me in warmer weather. I like the narrow front cut pouch that holds you nicely. Then you get to show some cheeks with a close to half back cut that actually stays in place.

This one still available so check it out on Kiniki’s site. By the way, their photos misrepresent this cut.

3. Kiniki Narrow Front Brief – Print
Kiniki Narrow Front Print Bikini Brief

I love this fabric and cut. Great fitting bikini that shows off the lower body nicely. Not sure why Kiniki did away with it and the poly lycra fabric. Wish I would have tried them sooner with only having one pair of them. These are pretty close to the Harry with the narrow front and skimpy back. Can only hope they bring it back, but guessing most likely not.

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Blueline Microfiber String Bikini

Back to a string bikinis for number 2. This brand seems to have gone away. I haven’t come across it in a long time. Again it is pretty much a basic string bikini with the right amount of coverage particular the back. The microfiber fabric gives this a good overall fit and good support for being active. I pull this one out a lot of time for doctor visits.

1. Prevail Sport String Brief
Prevail Sport String Brief

I’ve got an ample supply of this Prevail Sport string brief, so it should be number one for years to come. This is my all time favorite cut and fit for a bikini. I haven’t found a pair I think that rivals it. I think it is going to be hard to rival it at the price they were selling it at. The coverage is right on all the way around for me. I’ve worn it pretty much doing everything and support, comfort is awesome.


That wraps up my bikinis that were getting pulled out of the drawer and on most often in 2022. A little shake up from last year, but unfortunately only one style is still available to buy. What was your go to bikini(s) this year?

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  1. Jordan says:

    Personally I am looking for bikinis with a narrow back, a bit of a hybrid between the classic bikini and the thong. In fact, a wide back at the top that ends in a point at the bottom of the buttocks …
    You can easily find mini-shorty that do not cover the bottom of the buttocks like the “cheeky” models from Manstore but in the triangular shape of the bikini this cut is still not proposed by many brands. Or sexy, minimalist and uncomfortable models. We can still note beautiful bikinis of this type at Rufskin, in briefs or in swimwear (the model “Eclair” is very beautiful).
    It seems that this is changing and I ordered models that seem to be more suitable (brands “Brave Person” and “Arigreben”) … To be continued!

  2. Daniel K says:

    Totally agree with the wider band on Kiniki! Also Prevail indeed was the best! Great material and fit! Really miss them!

  3. David_nc says:

    2022 has certainly been the year of the thong for me, I’ve pretty much exclusively worn them 7 days a week. Occasionally a bikini will be worn if maybe I have doctors apt or for some reason a thong isn’t a good option. For those rare occasions my favs are the classic CK hip brief, Jockey cooling mesh briefs, or a random string bikini. I have also switched to wearing the Jockey cooling mesh briefs to sleep in – they are great and comfortable to sleep in.

  4. Jason says:

    You and I have the same taste in bikinis. I love the same styles and more narrow cut in the back.

  5. John Smith says:

    I totally agree with you guys on the form of the swimsuits. What has happened to designers of swim briefs the last few years that the backs have ballooned to become so wide? I would also love to find a hybrid between the standard brief and thongs. I’ve started simply wearing women’s bikini bottoms from Nike.

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