2022 Thong Favorites

2022 Thong Favorites

I guess I’m pretty set in my ways with my underwear wearing year to year for the most part. I haven’t come across any outstanding thongs to knock shake up the thongs I pull out of my underwear drawer. Though I do wear quite a variety of thong cuts and brands, these are still mostly the ones I wear often.


5. rayv50 Cheeky Thong
rayv50 Cheeky Thong
For me cheeky styles are a great addition to my drawer. Although I don’t always like the look of them, I do like the feel of wearing them. They’re a new alternative between the thong and bikini. I’m keeping this one from rayv50 in my 5th position. Though I do wear my Daniel Alexander risky boxers often too. I just like the cut and look of the rayv50 one better. I just wish it was more of a clingy fabric. I also love the colors.

Check our rayv50’s closet on Poshmark to see if he has any available. Actually just check out his offering in general.

4. Daniel Alexander DA780 Thong
Daniel Alexander Thong DA780

The fit, cut, and fabric makes this Daniel Alexander thong always enjoyable to wear. I find it a great comfy and supportive thong. The fabric holds the package well. It just slips on nicely without having to do any tail adjustments. Unfortunately, like with many pairs I like it appears this model isn’t available anymore. You can still check out the brand for other options.

3. Intymen Sports Thong
Intymen Sports Thong
This Intymen sports thong and my number 2 on the list are my summer go to thongs. The sports mesh makes these thongs breathable in the summer heat. I like the design of the pouch that has elastic at the base that gives the package a little lift without being too obnoxious. Most importantly I find the thong to be very comfortable for all day wear.

At the moment it is still available at Mensuas, but only in black.

2. Doreanse Aire Thong
Doreanse Aire Thong
With its light weight fabric, this Doreanse aire thong is really my number one summer choice it just keeps things cool front and back. Really there isn’t much to this thong. With the light weight fabric and narrow waistband it surprisingly more supportive than I was expecting when I got my first pair. Now I have several pairs. This would be a great beginner thong with the lightweight fabric between the cheeks.

Available at Freshpair.

1. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Loyalty keeps this one at the top of the list even with them no longer in business. I found Prevail Sport early on in my underwear journey and I pull out their stuff often. I like the overall fit of this cut, which I put it at a moderate traditional thong style. I miss having them as a buying options, especially since they offered patterns as options.


So no changes from last year other than some text updates for a little variety. What were your favorite thong(s) to pull out of the drawer in 2022?

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  1. Rick says:

    I prefer the string skimpy thong. Less fabric and better fit for the family jewels. I have even tried the sheer when wet fabric which is erotic to the touch. Less is more and sexy

  2. Mike says:

    I had to go and check your 2021 Thong favourites to see if they really are the same as this year, and yes they are. Well, I know that I couldn’t go a whole year and still like the same G string / thongs, because I’m always looking for something new. Of your list I really like the colourful Ravy50 thong, but my favourite from your list is the Doreanse Aire Thong, I’ve got a few of these thongs in heaps of colours.
    My favourites this year will probably be the Gregg Homme Bubble thong and G string,
    I’ve just bought another one in yellow, sooooo soft and stretchy and comfortable, they are just silly prices though, especially as I’m in Australia, so I paying almost double in Aussie dollars and then the postage, which is ridiculous.
    I have been buying a lot of things and G’s from Aliexpress recently, they are not as good as Gregg Homme obviously, but they are much cheaper.
    Maybe my second best favourite would be Cocksox sheer collection, there Slingshot is pretty good

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yep, I didn’t come across any pairs that I found fantastic and wanting to buy more, so I stick to the ones I have several in. Of course I do have quite a variety in thongs that I wear other than the ones listed, but I seem to pull these one most often. I love the Doreamse Aire for warm weather along with the Intymen ones.

      I’ve heard the bubble thong is a nice one. I’m still too cheap to pay for Gregg Homme. Haven’t tried cocksox either. Afraid I won’t like the pouch.

      I’ve been tempted to get some from AloExpress again because they are cheap. Been several years since I have done so.

      • Mike says:

        What I like about this site, is that I’m being made aware of undies that I’ve never heard of such as Rayv50 and what others are into.
        I do love the touch and feel and comfort of Gregg Homme, but you’re right they’re just too darned expensive. I’d certainly buy more if they were a bit cheaper.
        I do like Cocksox, I’ve been wearing them for about 15 years now, originally in cotton, but now I only buys the very lightweight see through thongs and bikinis.
        I’ve started looking at Mategear as well, quite a bit cheaper than GH.
        Although I get most of my undies from AliExpress, great prices and if they don’t fit then I haven’t lost a lot. They do take a while to arrive here in Australia.
        Keep up the good work and happy thonging over the Christmas period.

  3. Lord Sekai says:

    hmmm for me, I get most of mine on amazon. I’ve grown to like the side tie thong/gstring/bikini briefs. it is hard to choose just a favorite one.

  4. Mike says:

    It would be nice if we could post our favourites too

  5. Rick says:

    Cheap Undies and Modern Undies has great thongs and bikinis at great prices!! I am always pleased with the fabric and fit!!

  6. Jason says:

    I was hesitant, at first about trying these thongs. I’m a very picky man when it comes to my underwear. The first thing about underwear that I am considering purchasing is how it looks. Normally I do not like a center vertical seam down the front pouch, but when it comes to men’s thongs, one must compromise because you’re not going to find many men’s thongs with a seamless pouch.

    But still, I threw caution to the wind, and I decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed!
    These are the most comfortable thongs I have ever worn. The front pouch is soft, smooth, silky nylon which feels good to the touch. They fit very well and look great on my body and they are very comfortable. These aren’t those thongs that you can’t wait to get home and take them off. I have worn these thongs for up to 24 hours straight and they don’t pinch or feel like they are cutting into me! These are offered in 5 random patterns, no solid colors available. Sorry men, but you do not get to pick which patterns you want, they just send you 5 random thongs and you have to hope that you’ll get the ones that you want. I guess I’ll have to keep ordering more until I get the ones that I want! 🙂

    And guys, if you are a larger man such as myself, these will fit you most comfortably. I have a 121cm (48 inch) waist and these are very accommodating!

    And the best news of all is that these thongs aren’t going to break your bank account! At $5.60 for 5 thongs (plus S&H), these are a wise and smart purchase. You can stock your underwear drawer with these thongs without going broke! Personally I can’t see the sense in paying $25 or more for one thong.

    Pictured with the thongs are a selection of string bikinis, which I have ordered and expect to receive any day now!

    I give these thongs 5 stars! *****


  7. David_nc says:

    My favorites this year were
    1. My JM thongs – great for work and everyday wear.
    2. My CK Y back thongs – I wish they would bring them back.
    3. iKingsky, very surprised by this Amazon purchase – affordable and comfortable.
    4. The Daniel Alexander 780, a very skimpy thong but fun to wear.

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