Me and G-Strings

Me and g-strings

I thought I do a little post on me and the g-string, since several of you that follow me regularly are into them. In the four years I have been blogging, I have only reviewed one g-string, which was from Male Power (review here) or at least I would personally call a g-string. Why very little on the g-string? I really don’t have anything against them. I’ve decided I prefer the look of a traditional thong back on me than the g-string.

What really got me thinking of this topic is picking out a pair of underwear for Easter. I was digging through my drawer for one that was of Easter color. I happened to come across a Kiniki g-string called the Sling (still available) that was in a color I thought was a great choice. So I decided it’s been awhile I’ve worn one and went with it. So what’s my g-string story.

My early days in thong wearing is when I wore g-strings the most. My very first thong I purchased was a g-string from Undergear. It was red and made of some kind of spandex / lycra fabric blend. Probably about 1/4″ elastic waistband and back string. Very skimpy and fabric that molded nicely. Probably not the most supportive with the skimpy elastic. I found it to be a fun thong that got enough wear to have to be retired. I also had some magic silk g-strings with a wider elastic in a few colors that I wore in the early days too that have been retired also. Kiniki g-string from back in the early days are still in my draw. I was keen on the ones from them that had the elastic covered waistband and tail in the fabric the pouch was made of. I have a couple of the ones they call Sling, then a leopard print they called Paws, and a tie dyed print. Also I have the Gigolo of theirs. It’s probably the skimpiest one I had that also had pretty good support, which I think is part due to the pouch being made of a non stretchy nylon fabric. As you can see I did dabble in g-strings. They typically were comfortable and not cutting you in half like some feel the string between the cheeks would do or maybe does for them.

So I’m not anti g-strings. I really like how the traditional thong defines my rear over a g-string. Breaking out the g-string for Easter hasn’t changed my mind. It did remind me they are a fun option and I should continue to add them in the mix now and then. Would be an excellent option for hot summer days. Wearing the Sling g-string on Easter did bring back fond memories.

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  1. Bill says:

    I feel similar to you. My collection is mainly of thongs and bikini briefs. I have probably only 2 g-strings. I will say though I have been interested in trying more, and actually just ordered a few today from a new line that Agacio has out.

  2. Thong obsessed says:

    I wear both thongs and g-strings. I much prefer thongs, in terms of wearing them myself and also seeing women in them. I wear thongs about 90% of the time, g-strings the other 10%. I completely agree with your comment about how the thong back defines the butt compared to a g-string. Thongs looks so much better and I feel sexier when wearing them.

  3. DonS says:

    I’m of the opposite view. I feel more comfortable in a G-string compared to a thong. Just keep in mind that I only use these for sleeping, using string bikinis for day-wear.

  4. T says:

    A very appropriate topic in a week that saw me add no less than 24 g-strings to my collection,with another 4 on the way.
    Ever since I discovered the Gigolo g-string in my first Kiniki catalogue,I have favoured g-strings over any other style,which might explain why I have more than 200+ of the little beauties in various drawers. As well as being perfect underwear for wearing under white shorts,trousers etc,they are also great for sunbathing(when nudity is not an option),as they can all but eliminate unwanted tan lines just by subtle movement of the string. They dry quickly after a swim and take up precious little room in your holiday suitcase. I’ve given several as gifts to friends and departing workmates,and I know for a fact that someone that I met last year on holiday,and admired my g-string, has since added quite a few strings to his growing collection which already contains thongs. Wearing one when answering the door to an unexpected caller can also be a great source of humour or embarrassment depending on the outcome.
    For anyone tempted to try a g-string,I say just go for it,but make sure the under strap is not too tight and/or made of cheap elastic.

  5. EJ says:

    I favor g strings over thongs cuz for me thongs feel restrictive and more coverage. Recently I got a 5 pack of cheap thongs thru Amazon for variety I like the waistband width about a half inch and the tail fits nice, but too much fabric on front. I like g strings that are slinky maybe a little loose- they’re very comfortable like wearing nothing.

  6. Jeff says:

    I agree with BD’s post. I prefer thong styles as well, for mostly the same reasons. I do agree with T also about g-strings being better to avoid tan lines. I have a cover male pouch that has 2 straps that are only connected where they meet the pouch, underneath. Would be perfect if I had the time/place/confidence to work on a perfect tan because I can move the straps to avoid tan lines and still remain covered up in the front. However it would be wildly ridiculous to try to wear that string for anything other than tanning, it refuses to stay in place and I can’t imagine how many people were on the team to adjust this string on the model to make it look wearable…lol!

  7. Noel says:

    Lately i started wearing my partner g’string and since I enjoyed the feeling decided to purchse a couple for myself. The only issue being that my balls are partly exposed.

  8. EJ says:

    Some fit tight others fit slinky

  9. EJ says:

    I got 2 different ones by Captain Camo from Amazon couple years ago 1 was way too tight squashed my package into the size of a baseball the other not so bad. They offer different cuts on the pouch- micro, cabana and well endowed I got micro for minimal coverage maybe sometime I’ll try the cabana

  10. Mark says:

    I favor thongs over g-strings but it’s good to have both. It gets hot where I live so g-strings at home and for sleeping are useful but I still favor thongs. I agree that coverage and support is important otherwise out they go. JOR makes some great g-strings and are worth the extra cost.

  11. RJ says:

    I may have found a compromise option, as I too find thongs often provide too much coverage. Would much prefer to wear g-strings all the time, but sometimes need a bit more support particularly if being worn to work out at the gym. Recently discovered the Prevail Sport cotton Med thong, which is essentially a g-string but with a slightly wider tail and more supportive pouch; still has the string sides of a g-string. Has now become my go-to g-strings for my workouts, and have been getting lots a positive comments from the guys in the locker room.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      The Med thong is a great thong choice. Strings sides with more a traditional thong back, which I like the looks on me over just the string back.

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