How the interest in bikinis and thongs came about – Part 2

Since I didn’t like the thick waistband on my first purchase, the next chance I got to go to the store I purchased another brand with about an one inch waistband. When I tried those ones on they were perfect. So now I had several pairs of string bikinis and the problem became when to wear them, since I never saw anyone else wearing bikini underwear. I felt I had to pick when I wore them. Didn’t want to wear them when I knew I had to change in-front of others. So being in high school and playing soccer pretty much year round that limited when I could wear them. Mostly around the house is when I got to slip a pair on.

The Bottom Drawer Credit CardEventually, it was time to head to college, which meant a checking account and credit card. I didn’t take advantage of the credit card and checking account right away once at college, since a roommate then came into the equation. I did finally check out Undergear and saw more styles to choose from and even thongs. So again with liking the look of a woman in a thong that got me wondering would that be something I’d like, would it bother me, how would I look in them? Didn’t seem to bother the women that wore them and I decided there was only one way for me to find out. Finally after a while being at college I decided it was time to make a purchase from Undergear. So I picked out a few bikinis and one thong to try.

Christmas ExcitementThe bad thing about mail ordering is the wait for your new underwear to arrive. To me it’s like a kid waiting for Christmas Day and to this day it is still like that. It’s disappointing checking the mailbox and they’re not in there. But the day the package arrives, there is that excitement to see what they look like in person and of course on. So that day came with my first mail order and back to the dorm room I headed with the package in hand barely able to wait to get there to check things out. The good thing no roommate, but on the plus side that was the norm with this one. So I ripped the package open and checked out my new gear. First I tried on the bikinis to see how they were and I liked what I saw. Last it was time to try on the thong. One leg in and then the other and up they came. Hmmmm…

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  1. Greg says:

    Bottom Drawer: You mentioned how the wait for an on-line order can be tough. I have two thongs on order right now, and you’re right–it’s torture waiting for “Christmas Day” to arrive so that I can try them on! That is part of the fun of wearing thongs–looking forward to new thongs arriving in the mail!

  2. Larry Phelan says:

    Yes,the waiting is the worse part !

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