2018 Thong Favorites

2018 Thong Favorites

I always have a hard time picking my top 5 thongs I pull out of the drawer for the year. I seem to have more variety than my bikinis in thongs. You can check out last year’s selection here. I decided to drop off two thongs from last year. The first is the Bodyaware Soft Microfiber thong. Since it is not available anymore and probably getting toward end of life for wear, I decided to drop it off the list. The Doreanse Euro Thong (1392) is the other I decided to let slip off the list though still a solid contender. Then my number two pair from last year is going to drop to number 4 this year. Let’s take a look at my decision for my choice in top thongs from my drawer for me.

5. Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
Daniel Alexander Risky Boxer
I’m still finding these Daniel Alexander risky boxer as a fun choice to pull out and wear fairly regularly. Maybe not a true thong, but still cheekie. I like how the pouch holds the package. The back reminds you that you are wearing sexy underwear, but is comfortable. The sides are wider than I like, but can sort of bunch them up to look narrower. I still don’t feel I necessarily like the overall look of these on me, but I like how they feel on.

Available at Mensuas or Daniel Alexander

4. JM Natura Thong
The JM Natura thong I dropped two positions to number 4. The reason I decide to drop this one down is it is more conservative than the two I’m adding. This is a great comfortable thong, which I think edges out the more talked about Skinz thong from JM. Both are great everyday conservative cut thongs. I like the softness of the Natura fabric and it’s one you can wear and forget you have a thong on.

Available at JM, but only black now.

3. Intymen Sports Thong
Intymen Sports Thong
New to the list at number 3 is a recently reviewed pair. The Intymen Sports thong I’ve found is a great fit for me. The built in boost with the elastic at the base of the pouch is a nice way to give your package a bit of a lift. Overall excellent comfort and good support. A bit on the pricey side at regular price, so wait for a sale.

Available at Mensuas or Intymen.

2. Bruno Banani Blood String
Bruno Banani blood string thong
This thong I reviewed for Underwear News Briefs last year. It really probably could take the number one position, but I’m staying with brand loyalty for number one for now. For me this is pretty much the right cut all the way around for me. It’s right on for the snugness factor too. I find it comfortable for all day wear and has the support needed to be active too. The bad is Bruno Banani is a more expensive brand.

No Longer Available

1. Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
Prevail Sport String Thong Brief
I decided to allow brand loyalty to keep the number one position. I’ve been wearing them for years and I like the cut and fit of them. The right amount of coverage for me and good support. Also Prevail Sport is more in my budget range.

Available at Prevail Sport and Cotton/Lycra version


A bit of a shake up this year with my thongs. What were your favorite thongs to pull out of the drawer in 2018?

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  1. Greg says:

    I agree with your number one choice TBD. I have been a Prevail Sport fan for a long time, and am addicted to their String and Micro Thongs. I have tried a few other brands over the years, but I end up purging them for improper fit or looks. I have been ordering Prevail Sport thongs since the days when they sent catalogs in the mail. Thanks to the internet, ordering is now much faster. Maybe one of these days I will try one of those other brands that you recommend.

  2. EJ says:

    I’m not a thong guy myself- partial to g strings & string bikinis but for me Prevail Sport makes very good thongs, I have a Capricorn, a North Star & an Adonis North Star. They’re different than conventional thongs narrow sides minimal front and a small triangle at the top of the tail- these are my favorite thongs. I find them to be much more comfortable than other thongs I’ve tried they feel very nice especially around the package. I have thongs that aren’t nearly as comfortable- I think most have too much coverage for me less means feels ‘barely there ‘. Smaller good stuff looks better on me

  3. DonS says:

    A good Kiniki G-string is hard to beat in my opinion. Note that I said “good”, and that given the variable quality of their products that we have discussed before, may not be for every thong wearer. The supplex nylon or 90% polyester blends ones seem to be really comfortable if made well. Also with their permanent-ish half-price, good value for money as well.

    I wish Groovin Store made decent G-strings. They did have a weird broad waistband style using their 91% nylon fabric, but I have not tried them and they now are discontinued.

    I got some Cosmos Colors micro G-strings, but they were woeful and expensive. The tail-straps were too long; maybe by design as they were all like that. Perhaps another brand that has gone from the scene, I cannot find anyone who stocks them except OBOY in Germany.

    Am trying TXM G-strings based on comments in other posts, so will see how they turn out when they arrive.

    I’ve looked at Prevail Sport and Bodyaware products, but they don’t seem to be my style.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Kiniki’s pricing is pretty good. They do seem to have 50% off most of their stuff year round. The use to have more options in fabrics and patterns like their sling g-string, which is the version of theirs I liked. Haven’t tried the other brands. You are right I don’t recall prevail sport or bodyaware offering what I’d call a true g-string. Their string side ones ways have a bit of a tail kind of a like a v-string.

  4. jr says:

    Prevail String Thong is one of my favorites as well , great style and fits amazing. JOR Kabala thongs have been a great everyday thong , super comfortable. The rubbertreelatex Rio Bikini thong is definitely on the list , maybe more of a g string style . but amazing none the less. I am a fan of the Honcho Slip thong as well , a great workout thong , lightweight ,breathable . Its my go to thong for gym when I don’t feel like wearing a jock. Joe Snyder classic thong and AW thongs round out the list . Great style and fan of the fabric. I recently looked at Bodyaware and I have recently tried the Rare Earth thong and Greek Good thong both are pretty good . The Rare earth pouch even though its minimal is comfortable and add some enhancement too . The greek god thong , kinda a briefer look thong, but its a nice everyday thong with some silky feel to them .

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