Resolution 2018

2018 Resolution

A new year…not so much of a new resolution. Since my resolution or goal for 2017 occurred late in the summer, I’m not ready to step things up too much. To me it makes since to get a firm foundation before pushing myself out of my comfort zone more. Here’s what I’m looking at for this year.

First thing I liked to improve upon is getting back to being more active. Since the arrival of my second child over a year ago now, my activity level has practically dropped to zero. Hoping to get back on the bike more and some cross country skiing in especially now that we got hammered with a bunch of snow over the holiday. Basically I’m going with getting healthier like a lot of people choose for a resolution.

Now for a resolution more related to the blog. Last year my objective was to wear a swim brief at the local beach. Then continue making the swim brief my go to swimsuit for the beach. I did accomplish on what we call the last day of summer in my household wearing a swim brief to a local beach. Read the post on the trip that allowed me to meet my 2017 goal here. So for 2018, we’re going to continue the goal of wearing a swim brief to the local beach with my wife and kids along or solo. Not ready for other family and not sure I’ll ever be. Now to make it a bit different I’ll be aiming to go a little less conservative than the aussieBum brief I wore last year. Looking at sticking with the aussieBum 1.5 classics or my 1″ Solar Speedos. Both styles I feel are accepted choices for any place of course in non transparent colors when wet. I may even consider throwing in the Kiniki Riveria in there too. It’s got a little less coverage all the way around, but still feel it is family friendly.

Are you making a resolution this year? Is it just a personal one or bikini and/or thong related? Let’s make 2018 another year of positive promotions of bikinis and thongs in whatever manner we are able to do so.

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. First of all,big congrats on the new look for the blog. Everything seems bigger and brighter,so hopefully you will attract more followers to the cause.
    Hope you continue to make good progress this new year with your goal of reducing the dimensions of your swimwear. Who knows… the year 2020 you might be sporting a thong on your favourite beach(lol).
    I don’t have a resolution,but I will continue to encourage workmates and friends to ditch their boring board shorts this summer in favour of a skimpier speedo.

    • Thanks T. Hopefully there is a readability improvement especially for those on a phone. Might do some tweaking here and there, but pretty happy with the new look. Probably be pushing it to make 2020 a year of the swim thong. Would have to travel a bit to get to a thong legal beach too. That is an important thing to do, but sure they resist the idea of change.

  2. EJ says:

    I like Bottom Drawer 2.0 BD, a nice surprise after a bunch of beers last nite

  3. Daniel says:

    As far as being active is concerned, I agree with you there. It would be nice if I dropped a few pounds in time for swimsuit season so I can have a bikini bod. I started to wear bikinis and thongs and I also let my wife know. She did not like it but it is something she will have deal with it, maybe in time she will warm up to it.

  4. John says:

    My goal this year is to get back to swimming a few times a week. I fell out of the habit last year a have put on some unwanted weight. We’re in the process of planning a beach vacation with my in-laws this summer and I really want to be ‘presentable’. My other goal is to be brave enough to wear my swim briefs on that vacation! My sister-in-law tends to be conservative in regards to beach wear so it will be interesting to see if I can work up the nerve.

  5. JM says:

    I, too, am trying to be more active in this new year.

    I have decided to make lap swimming and treadmill my primary sources of aerobic activity. I try to head to the pool every day at noon for a swim and then get on the treadmill each night after work. It doesn’t always work out, but when I do I find that I sleep much more soundly than when I do not exercise.

    I, too, would like to be more presentable on the beach this year, so this is my goal.

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