Mission Accomplished?

Swim Brief Mission Accomplished

Nothing like waiting until the last moment to try and reach my summer goal (Read my 2017 Resolution to see goal). Monday was the unofficial last day of summer, since my wife started back to work Tuesday. Sure there is still weekends, but things are less busy during the week normally. So we threw options out on the table of what to do on her last day before back to work. In the end we decided to venture to the beach with baby and toddler in tow.

Now the pressure was on me. What was I going to do? Was I going to have the guts to try and meet my goal this summer? I’ve thought about how to do it a lot and either at the end of last summer or the summer before I wrote how I should of handled my previous attempt. So I decided it was now or never and got my mind set on the goal. Once I helped get the kids ready and sun-screened up it was time for me to get myself ready. Now the decision was which swimsuit to go for. I knew with it being the local beach that conservative would be easiest and less shocking to others. I gave a few a try and decided on the one I wanted to try and brave at the beach. I was going to go with my so called skimpy conservative, the Speedo Solar swim brief, but I decided to go with wider sides. I went more conservative with an aussieBum swim brief with about three inch sides.

Unlike the last time, I didn’t wear swim trunks over my swim brief. I just wore a pair of regular shorts. Now ready for the beach, we loaded up the car with kiddos and all the stuff needed and headed on our way. I was very anxious on the drive there, but I kept working on the mind set I needed to pull things off. Nice thing is there are several beach areas and I knew some are more populated than others. So I picked one I was pretty sure would be less populated.

When we arrived at the parking area it was a little more fuller than expected, but still was parking. I was still anxious but ready for the mission. We got our stuff and headed down the path to the beach. When the beach was in view it was about the crowdedness I figured it might be. There still was a lot more people than the places I have braved the swim brief in the past. I scoped out the beach and people were spread out along the shoreline. We didn’t go way out of the way, but headed to where the last person was at the one side fairly close to the water. Then we gave maybe 15 to 20 yards of space from them for our spot (seemed to be how others were set up from each other). We first laid out our beach blanket and weighted it down and got the rest of our spot set up. All through this I still had confidence going, since it hadn’t been time for the big reveal. But once the spot was set up it was do or die time.

Without hesitation I took off my sandals, then my shirt, and finally just removed my shorts just like I imagined it. I’m pretty sure my action appeared like I’ve done it before for the most part. I did however sit down on the blanket fairly quickly. I was however relieved I just went for it. It did take me a bit to warm up to allowing people to see a more extended view of me in my swim brief. First was a short trip to the water’s edge to fill a bucket with water for my son. Did that a few times, along with some pictures of the kids playing. By that time, I would think most people there knew I was sporting a swim brief. Those situation allowed me to slowly boost my confidence with little moments of allowing people to see I was sporting a swim brief.

Probably an hour or so after our arrival, I took my daughter down to the water to allow her to watch the waves. My sort of mistake was me putting her feet in the water. She wanted me to keep doing that. So I spent most of the rest of our time at the beach down at the water putting her feet in and out of the water. She thought that was the greatest thing and that made me be visible for a long extended period of time. So I was able to put my shyness aside and allowed me to just enjoy myself how it should be.

I got to sport my swim brief from after setting up to after cleaning up of our area, which was probably about 3 hours. Pretty good amount of time for my first local public beach swim brief appearance. I didn’t have any issues or notice any obvious stares. Hopefully there was some admiration that I was brave enough to wear one. So overall it was a successful beach visit. It was a great way to finish the last unofficial day of summer in a swim brief with the family.

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  1. EJ says:

    Awesome BD maybe cuz you looked like you’ve done it before,comfortable doin it other beach goers didn’t stare-you did your thing, maybe if more guys did it like that-no stigma?

    • It is possible there was staring, but I didn’t really pay much attention after my initial look around. I would think if more guys did there would be little stigma attached to swim briefs. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be seeing too many swim briefs in most areas.

  2. Waylon88 says:

    Outside of lap swimming, I got my swim brief time in on a “babymoon” with my spouse. It was at a relatively nice resort with decent weather. I got my fair share of looks and eyeballs but that is people in general. Its always “freeing” in a way. My goal is two vacations a year wearing a swim brief and managed 1. Have to try harder next year.

    • Once is better than none! Hopefully some of the looks we get are positive ones even if we don’t see them.

      • Waylon88 says:

        Despite what American “culture” says about it, I think people admire the male body as much as the female. Especially if the guy is somewhat strong looking, I know a fair amount of women admire a man with the thick thighs, shoulders and forearms.

  3. Mark says:

    Congrats! that is brave. Looks pretty good from the pic.

  4. T says:

    Well done on finally achieving your goal of wearing a swim brief on a busy beach.
    Now that you’ve done it, you’re probably wondering what held you back for so long? I’m sure the fact that you were with your wife and two young children meant that you were unlikely to be subjected to any speculation about your sexuality in the way that many solo male speedo wearers are by morons who think a person’s sexuality can be defined by the type of swimwear they choose to wear at the beach. The black speedo you wore was very much conservative due to the full back and 3″ sides,but given time,I’m sure you will reduce the amount of coverage in to something a bit more daring.
    My one bit of advice would be to try and get more of your body tanned,perhaps in the privacy of your back garden,thus lessening the contrast of your dark speedo on your pale body. From the photo it looks like the tops of your arms,your back and thighs have not had much exposure to the sun recently,and that could be enough to attract unwanted attention to your speedo clad bod.

    • Thanks T. You asking the other week helped with the motivation. Accountability for putting my goal out tbere. I still think I’ll struggle with it still, but hopefully a lite less. I am ready to do it again. Yes, having the family with we helped. Would have been harder by myself and probably just been laying down the whole time catching some sun. It is sad that swim briefs and the like carry a sterotype. Yes, I’d like to go skimpier. Would love to have a more balanced tan, but hard to fine time to do so.

    • Saro says:

      Hi T, I’m Saro, it’s a pleasure to meet you in this blog.
      It sounds strange to me to hear that wearing a swim brief on the beach is a goal to be achieved. Here, as you know, it is usual to wear it… even smaller. But here it is hard to change people thought about male wearing thong or g-string. I do it, but it is not easy…

      • t says:

        Ciao Saro. Come stai? It is great to hear from you. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to find this blog,but thankfully you did.
        How is life in beautiful Sicily? Are you still the only guy wearing a thong at Capo Gallo? I really miss Mondello and the “nudista zone.”
        Have you had the chance to read some of the stories in this blog? I’m not surprised that you find it strange that some guys really struggle to find the confidence to wear a basic speedo on the beach,especially when it is totally acceptable in places like Italy. The guy who runs this forum(pictured above with his two children),has written regularly over the past few years about his desire to wear skimpier swimwear on an American beach,but is afraid that people will make negative comments.
        I really enjoy contributing to some of the posts in this blog and I always get a nice acknowledgement from the Bottom Drawer. I’m sure he would love to hear about your thong wearing experiences and how you met this Scottish guy in the purple g-string(ha!ha!). Incidentally,I posted my account of meeting you,under the heading “I’m a male thong wearer” which can be found in the personal experiences category of the Bottom Drawer.. Hopefully you will like what I wrote about you.
        Thanks again for getting in touch with me. Hope you and your wife have a lovely time in Puglia. Keep thonging!

      • Hi Saro, welcome to my blog. Swim briefs are a rarity in a lot of the US. You can find certain places where you won’t be the only one. Thongs are even rarer at the beach even illegal some places. So it has been a challenge for me to be the only guy in a swim brief. People thoughts on swim briefs here are probably similar to the thoughts on thongs there. Glad you were able to find my blog.

  5. John says:

    Congratulations on achieving your goal. Your approach of getting to your spot and then removing your shorts was perfect. It shows anyone who might be watching that you’re confident and this is part of your normal routine. Also, by going about your normal routine with the kids and wife and not worrying about what others are thinking of your swim wear will give others out there the vision that its OK to wear a swim brief. You chose wisely in the Aussiebum too. Just conservative enough, but also well styled.

    I hope this this is a new beginning for you and you feel comfortable enough to wear your swim briefs all the time!

    • Thanks John. It felt natural doing it that way too. I think as long as the beach isn’t packed too full and no extended family is around I can get the confidence to wear a swim brief.

  6. EJ says:

    It’d be wild if thongs & bikinis at the beach were normal, and wearing trunks or board shorts would get disapproving looks- it could happen as most people are line sheep and stay on the so called correct bandwagon

  7. Jeff says:

    Great job!! I had a short trip to the beach planned with the wife last month and I packed about 10 different bikinis and thongs.. and I never got a chance to sport any of them… awful weather. I’m going to try and get some beach time in a bikini, but it will probably be a solo trip so I’m sure I’ll lose the motivation and courage to do it.

    • Having support does help to strip down to the swim brief. I know I wouldn’t have gotten this far without it. I’m tempted to try a solo trip before summer is up especially since it should be even less busy with school back in session. Food luck with your attempt.

    • RT says:

      Pretty sure that in that next trip of yours if you found someone else wearing bikinis or thongs or you’re far from the crowd you’ll find the courage and do it. Maybe it’ll be me who is wearing a thong and you’ll do it too.

  8. RT says:

    Great job! Congrats! Still trying to build that confidence myself. Away from people I cam wear anything or very little but around people even if 20 yards away I keep my shorts. I know it’s silly since nobody should be takimg a special interest on what I’m wearing but cant help it. Thanks​ for sharing!

    • Thanks, It’s been a long time coming to do it locally. It’s hard to go against the norm especially without support. I still may have never worn a swim brief in public at all if I didn’t have someone to support me.

  9. Southtriguy says:

    Awesome man and you look great in the briefs! I wear mine to the community pool, lake and beach with no issues. Actually will be wearing some speedo solars or maybe a JS thong at a motel pool this weekend. Over time the more you wear in pubic the more confident you will become. Speedo on!

    • Thanks. That’s what I’ve heard about gaining confidence. The local beach experience has increased it a good amount. Need to try a solo trip to the local beach and see how that goes for me.

      • John says:

        Can you explain your reason for a solo trip versus a family trip? I’d say the family trip was much more bold than a solo trip since your family knows you and tend to be more critical. A solo trip seems easier in my mind, but maybe I’m thinking wrong. I wear my swim briefs on every vacation we take with friends, but would think twice if going on a family vacation for fear of judgment. Maybe I’m more afraid of them than I am of my friends.

        • This beach trip was with my wife and kids. I would agree it would be bolder if I did around my parents, sibling, wife’s side, or other extended family. I would like to be able to do that, but not seeing that occuring anytime soon. My wife is fine and supportive of me wearing a swim brief or swim bikini. So having her and the kids I feel I have someone backing my choice up. If I go solo it’s of course just me having to support myself in the choice. I think going by myself would help increase the confidence some more. I’d think twice wearing a swim brief going with friends. Though they would probably be easier than extended family.

  10. Brian says:

    I used to live at an apartment that had it’s own private pool. I would go on occasion wearing a pair of swim trunks or just light weight athletic shorts. One day I saw a guy and girl who looked like a couple find a chair and both slip off their outter clothing down to their bikinis. The guy was definitely in better physical shape than me but he wore his bikini with such confidence that I ended up ordering one that looked about like his. The day it came in the mail I went to the pool in the early afternoon with my new bikini under my shorts. I was so nervous I could feel my heart pounding and I found a chair as far away from the other two people at the pool as possible. I removed my shirt put my earphones in as well as a hat and sun glasses on and layed down on my chair. Once I was situated I just lifted up my bum enough to slide my shorts off and all I had on was my bikini. I was really nervous every time I heard the gate to the pool open and close and if someone walked by I just pretended to be sleeping. After I started going in my bikin a few times I got more comfortable pulling off my shorts down to my bikini at my apartment pool as long as it wasn’t too busy. Eventually I was even brave enough to go in the water in my bikini even if a few other people were there. Once I became more comfortable I ordered a skimpier bikini that only covered about half of my behind. As much as I enjoyed wearing it by the pool I just felt too exposed and too nervous so I just went back to my normal bikini that covered most of my butt. It’s really hard wearing shorts or swim trunks now that I got used to being by the pool in my bikini. It feels so much nicer to be outside on a warm day wearing a skimpy suit. Not to mention how much easier it is to dry off after you go in as opposed to sopping wet trunks/shorts that you basically have to wring out after you get out of the water. Swim shorts have to be one of the worst ideas in the history of mankind. It’s really ashame they are basically the only “acceptable” male swim attire in the US.

    • T says:

      Hi Brian,
      Really enjoyed reading about your bikini wearing experiences at your apartment’s private pool. It’s a shame that you didn’t feel sufficiently confident to persevere with the half back bikini that didn’t cover your entire a**,but at least you gave it a try,and didn’t give up totally wearing a bikini in favour of the dreaded board shorts.
      Perhaps if you had had another male friend with you who also enjoyed wearing a skimpy bikini,you wouldn’t have felt so nervous and exposed?

      And speaking of friends……. If you scroll up this page,you will see a post from a guy called Saro,who I met this year in Sicily while I was on holiday. The main reason I spoke to him was due to the fact he was wearing a thong,which even in speedo loving Italy is still unusual,and I was wearing a g-string. We have become firm internet friends since then, and all being well,we will be meeting up again next summer to sunbathe together in our skimpiest strings. Hope my experience will encourage you to find your very own bikini buddy. Good luck!

    • Thanks for sharing. Good example of someone else doing it and giving the motivation to another guy (you). It’s great you were able to get comfortable wearing a bikini at the apartment pool. I agree it is hard to wear swim trunks after getting a taste of just a swim brief.

  11. John says:

    Congratulations for wearing your swim brief at a public pool! I think it’s so important that other people actually see us wearing swim briefs with confidence. Every little bit helps show others that they’re OK and hopefully the tide will turn, making swim briefs more common than those awful trunks.

  12. Brian says:

    Thanks T, BD and John!
    The past few years I’ve gotten really nice bikini tan lines which I absolutely love. Sadly they have almost completely faded away. Can’t wait until next summer to start working on those sexy tan lines again.

  13. EJ says:

    I like my g string tan lines it’s sort of a before & after thing- seeing progress in tanning. A few more months I’ll be back at it

  14. Jan says:

    Hi! Great blog. Today I don’t see why you’re nervous, though I have had it in the same way, long ago.
    I have no thoughts on bikinis Og speedoes. I felt the same way as you, when I did thonging at the public beach, at first time. I have been thonging so long, that I sew the first one myself, because there was nothing to buy. Only place to buy, was in sexshops, and they where neither comfortable or good looking. More like elephant fun string. So I modified some female underware on the sewing machine of my wife. That’s 30 years ago. I’m 50 now, and still kind of sporty. Why I started? I found a kind of attraction, to wear thong og skimpy bikini. Liked the look, feeling and attraction. I also feel more sexy. So then doing females, for some time or years (I don’t remember) they started selling in men’s clothing stores in Germany and later on the internet, where I buy only today. In France I have seen thongs on sale, in local supermarkets. Also in Germany. Some times when buying in men’s clothing stores, I got smiles and complimenting by the women behind the desk like, “Daring type u are, sport!” “Brave man”. I answered, “if you think so” with a big smile. I don’t remember any negative comments or looks. Why start sewing? I set a goal and wanted to try out, if thonging was great. Obviously normal for women in Europe. 30 years ago, still kind of daring for even women. So I Sat a goal for wearing a thong, one week long. I completed and found out that I felt good about it, and they where more comfortable than “normal” male underwear. By time I went more and more in to thonging. Today I am a full time thonger. Your decision about, to wear shorts over your speedoes, giving no chance to regret your decision, on your way to the beach, was the only way, to force your self. I have done the same. Even with the thongs. Doing it in that way , there’s no way back. I think you are cool, that you did it. You will have the same experience again, first time sporting a thong. I know that US is a crap place to be, when you like thonging. I’ll try out south of Miami Beach, next time when we go to Florida. Maybe also in the Keys. Note! Miami do obviously have a nude beach(you can thong there too. Europe is more liberal, but not all over. Think about your trip to the beach sporting a speedo. I have challenged myself in the same way, by getting thong ran lines. Normally no problem, but it happens that I have to strip down for a shower after sport, at the doctor, when getting massage or walking nude on the nude beach. In those situations there is no way to hide, that I am a thonger 🙂 I’ll tell you, that you don’t have to worry about what people think. You are you, and not them. If anybody don’t like, they are free to look in another direction. What else are you embarrassed over. I hope nothing. You can count on, that several woman adore your guts, and shape when sporting the beach. Even if they say the opposite thing. Some will lije and some won’t. What if all where the same? Boring! Don’t be ashamed to stand out. In my youth speedoes was comon. Topless sunbathing and string Brazil Tangas too. Nowadays it’s going in opposite direction. But I don’t care anymore. It’s people’s choice, and you have your own choice. Go for it. In the end you will regret if you didn’t. So it is for all spectres of life. Make some decisions, and stand for it. You have the right as human being. I recommend you to make vacation in Europe, and thong along 🙂 By the way, I made my own “do women like men in thongs” poll on Twitter. An photo experiment during time, to see how many female followers or likes I would get. Now counting about 1000 followers. 1%women and 99% men. 🙂 I have come to my own conclusions in that point of matter. Keep writing! J

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks, glad you like the blog. Lots of people recommend certain areas of Europe for swim brief, bikini, and thong wearing. It’s just too bad it isn’t very cheap to fly there. If you go to the right places in the US, there are thong friendly areas and not necessarily a nude or a gay beach either. I’ve continued to wear my swim briefs at the local beach since this mission accomplished post last year. I’ve been feeling pretty comfortable doing so too. To me if there are women at the beach in bikinis then swim briefs are appropriate for the guys too. That basically means I should pretty much be able to wear a swim brief to any beach in the US. If the opportunity comes for a chance to wear a swim thong then I may jump on it, but I’m happy with being able to wear swim brief or swim bikini briefs.

      It is hard to get a good idea of what women really like. Like many of my followers have said it is really up to what we like. Hopefully the significant other is on board and likes us in them too. I’m sure other women like to see guys in the form fitting suits too, but some are not going to willing admit it. My experience with swim briefs are that people have been at least tolerate of my choices in the ones I’ve worn.

  15. Deserfunlatincouple says:

    As a married man in my 30s, I can definitely relate to your love for the Prevail Sport String Briefs. I’ve also been a fan of these bikinis for years now, and they are one of my go-to choices for everyday wear. Like you mentioned, the snug fit of these briefs makes me feel sexy, and I love the way they hug my body.

    One experience I had wearing these bikini briefs was when I wore them to the store while wearing thin white tennis shorts. I was a bit nervous at first, as the briefs are quite revealing, but I felt confident in my body and decided to go for it. As I walked around the store, I could feel the eyes of some people on me, but I didn’t let it bother me.

    In fact, I felt even more confident and empowered knowing that I was comfortable enough in my own skin to wear what I wanted to wear. And the support and comfort that the Prevail Sport String Briefs provided me throughout the day was just icing on the cake.

    Overall, I completely agree with your recommendation to give these bikinis a try. They offer great support and are perfect for everyday wear. Plus, with the variety of color and pattern options available, there’s something for everyone. Thanks for sharing your experience with these bikinis, and I hope more people will give them a try and feel just as confident as we do in them.

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