The First Swim Bikini Public Viewing

It took over 10 years for me to debut myself publicly in a swim brief after discovering how much better they were over swim trunks. Just needed the encouragement from my wife and the right location. The right location was picked when we decided to honeymoon in the North Carolina’s Outer Banks. With miles and miles of beach, I figured this would be a great place to find a location away from the crowded beaches to wear my bikini. In preparations of our honeymoon, I added three more suits to my collection. They were 2 more 1″ solar Speedos in red and navy and a HOM Alize bikini in navy.

Beach on Ocracoke Island

This is a picture of the beach where I made my first public appearance in a swim brief. Unfortunately no pictures of me.

Once the honeymoon started we hit the beach at the hotel on the first day, where my wife did try to encourage me a little by asking if I was going to take off my swim trunks and reveal my Speedo. Of course I was too shy since the beach was a crowded one, so I stuck with the swim trunks that day. The following day we decided to head down to ride the ferry to Ocracoke Island to see what it had to offer. Once on the island, we stopped at the first beach parking area and unloaded our stuff from the car and headed over the dunes. There were only a handful of people there so we strolled a little bit down the beach, but still in view of the other beach goers and laid our stuff down. With my heart pounding, I decided this was my perfect opportunity, so off with my shirt and down with the swim trunks to reveal my HOM Alize swim bikini. Ahhhh…free at last! We walked on the beach, soaked up some rays, and enjoy lunch before we packed up and headed back to the hotel. Was a great way first public appearance and an awesome way to spend the morning.

Launching a kite

This is a snapshot from a video my wife took of me helping a guy launch his kite for kite surfing. Click image for more shots from it.

A couple days later we decided to head south again away from the busy area of the Outer Banks. This time I didn’t wear the swim trunks at all. I just wore a pair of shorts over my bikini. We headed a little south of the Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge, since there is a bathroom at the Refuge parking area. This time we were first to the beach, so we picked a spot probably about 50 yards from the beach entrance. With being the first there, it made it easy to just strip down to a bikini. Again we walked the beach some and by the time we got back to our spot to start soaking up some rays people started showing up. About a half hour passed and some guy came up to me to see if I would help him launch his kite for kite surfing. He was a very friendly guy who as far as I could tell thought nothing of my bikini. I probably spent 10 minutes or more in full view of everyone helping him launch his kite. So another positively great day at the beach.

Unfortunately, that was the only two times I got to hit the beach in my swim bikinis on our Honeymoon. Overall it was a great experience for my first public appearance in a swim brief. I’d definitely recommend the Outer Banks as a swim brief destination with all the miles of beach line to choose from.

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  1. Dan says:

    Hey great to read your first swim bikini public experience. I’m so glad you let comfortable to go and help the guy – must have given you some confidence in doing so. It’s a shame us guys feel conscious of being in our bikinis or thongs on the beach which to me is a normal setting to wear swimwear. I’m in my 30’s and being in Europe, bikinis are more common. I’ve kind of taken a live and let live attitude to wearing a bikini over shorts on the beach now and I look forward to choosing from my collection which bikinis to take on my next vacation!

    • Yes, that was a very good experience with actual interaction with someone while wearing a bikini. Very rarely I see guys in Speedos around my area not that I get to the beach that often near home. I’ve heard Europe is a good place for bikini wearing. Wish it was around me, but as long as I can find some less busy areas I hope to start making them my normal swim wear too.

  2. Skip says:

    Enjoyed this read. I’m 67 now so I’ve become an experienced bikini wearer! My go to bikini is a Speedo 1″. The big brand helps to be more acceptable I think. I pretty much wear it on any beach. I’m still in the minority but more men are wearing them as time goes on. I find people just mind their own business. Actually I think more men check me out than women probably wishing they had the nerve to wear one. My wife is indifferent. She would prefer I don’t wear a bikini but accepts the fact I like wearing one. They are great in the water, so comfortable. I’ve always liked bikini tan lines. Bikini underwear too for the comfort. Age and experience definitely helps with the package control!! Just do it! It feels good!

    • I like the 1″ Speedo too. I think it is appropriate anywhere that a women can wear a bikini, which seems to be anywhere. It is nice to have it branded Speedo with it being a fairly skimpy one. I’ve noticed that people seem to have tolerance for guys in swim briefs for the most part. Of course there will always be a few that probably say something to a friend. Too bad your wife prefers you not to, but at least she accepts the fact you enjoy them. Think it is more that they are not common on guys that she leans that way? I am starting to just doing it. 2017 was the first time I wore a swim brief locally. More conservative than the 1″ Speedo though. There is a post on the day.

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