Itching for Swimwear Season

Itching for Swimwear Season

Happy Friday the 13th! We’ve been getting spurts of warmer weather that has got me itching to break out the swimwear. Still a couple months away at least for me. For the beach it probably won’t be until late June or early July. Well, at least for getting in the water. I’m sure we’ll get some good sunning days before then to lay on the beach if the opportunity presents itself. So what is in store this summer for me?

Not a whole lot. No big plans like the family vacation last year that provided me the chance to wear a swim brief in front of family. Wasn’t quite as much of me being seen in it as I thought. You can read the post here. I’m looking at continuing with what I’ve done in the past with the same selection of swim briefs and bikinis for the local beaches. Haven’t added any new swim briefs for this year. You can check out my collection and my thoughts on where I feel I may wear what’s in my swimwear drawer here. Last year I enjoyed wearing the Slugger’s Classic swim brief often. More conservative than the others in my local swimwear group, but I like the print and it fits well. Plus I consider my area on the conservative side though I have had no issues with my swimwear selection so far.

What I would like to do this year is suck it up and wear my Kiniki’s Riviera swim brief in public. It’s a bit skimpier all the way around compared to the others I have worn particularly in the rear. I still feel it is one that should be acceptable anywhere, but maybe a little bit pushing it in my area. So that is holding me back a little bit. I did wear the Adidas suit I have it grouped with on my swim collection post last summer. So I have at least started into that grouping. Hopefully the just do it attitude kicks in this summer.

As you can see nothing super exciting planned for summer 2020 on the skimpy swimwear front. Anyone have any plans in store or those coming to a summer end change things up with your swimwear?

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  1. Dan says:

    I think the Kiniki Riviera is a good choice – as you say, slightly more skimpy on the back than a normal swim brief but still relatively conservative on the front albeit with a higher cut side. I doubt anyone would really notice the difference but it will feel fantastic.

  2. T says:

    Speaking as someone who opened their curtains one morning last week and discovered a thick covering of snow on the ground,I too can’t wait for swimwear weather,or for those who know me well,bare wear weather. Will hopefully catch some sun in my back garden in the not too distant future,and corona virus permitting,plenty of scorching hot rays on my annual trip to Sicily later in the year,where I’ll continue my selfless research into the swimwear worn by the local men.

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