Wearing a Swim Brief in Front of Family

Swim Briefs in front of Family

A few weeks back I wrote a post about the opportunity that was coming up to break out the swim brief in front of family for the first time. There was quite a bit of responses to that post of many that have worn against the norm swimwear in front of family members and of course encouragement for me to go for it. Well, that vacation has occurred and guess it is a little bit of a mixed verdict of success.

This vacation wasn’t one that had a lot of time to spend at the house’s pool. Even the planned rest day at the house didn’t leave much pool time. The first chance for me to break out the swim brief was a bit on the late side with it getting dark, but my daughter wanted to go in the pool. So we got her changed first. I didn’t go with the idea of leaving the trunks at home, so I had to make the decision on what to wear. They wife said it was up to me. So I made the logical decision. I pulled out my new swim brief from Sluggers and slipped it on.

That was the easy part. Next was having the confidence to walk from our room to the pool. That required walking through the main living area of the house. By the time we headed that way most everyone else seemed to have headed out of that area besides my mother. Somehow she didn’t seem to notice us walking by or at least didn’t look up from what she was doing to acknowledge us. Once my daughter and I were in the pool she did come out with the camera, so at least heard us go out. It was dark outside, so don’t know how well you could see what I was wearing in the pool. Eventually we were joined in the pool by my dad, aunt, and my son. Then my in-laws came out and sat on the patio. I have no clue if anyone knew I was wearing a swim brief or not. Pictures were taken of us in the pool, but I haven’t seen them. There was no comments made to confirm it or not. Everyone left before I got out, since my son wanted to play longer with not getting in as soon as everyone else.

The following day we had another chance for late pool time again. Basically the same drill as before other than my son joined from the beginning. We got ready in our room and then head out through the main living area. When we headed through the main living area, no one was there nor in the pool area. When in the pool most people made an appearance on the patio, but again no clue if anyone other than my wife and kids knew I had on the swim brief.

The last pool time on our trip was on our rest day at the house, which still ended up being a late swim after dark. Again it was the same drill though this time the kids changed in their room and I changed in my wife’s and mine. When I walked out the door my mother was walking out of the kid’s room directly across from ours. Surprisingly she said nothing and no way she didn’t notice I had a swim brief on. Then when we headed out to the swimming pool, my Mom and brother were sitting in the main living area. They both saw what I was wearing. I heard nothing about it from either of them. Not surprised my brother didn’t say anything. Only other person that joined us in the pool this time besides my wife was my Dad. He must have noticed I was wearing a swim brief too unless his eyes are that bad without his glasses. I was out of the pool to get into the hot tub when he was out there. Again he’s not really one I would think would have said anything about it in the first place.

So everyone at the house had an opportunity to see me in a swim brief. No clue for sure how many actually noticed with me being in the pool besides my mother and brother for sure. So that is why I’m calling it a mix verdict for success. It was a success wearing a swim brief for sure. Guess it was a success of my Mom not commenting on my swimwear choice considering her comment when a box from Speedo came when I was in college. I’m just happy I just went for it and wore the swim brief to enjoy the pool on vacation.

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  1. Black Stallion says:

    There you go! Just do it, it’s no big deal.
    And don’t make it a big deal.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Working on the just do it attitude. Maybe on the baby step side, but they are at least forward steps.

  2. Undies4life says:

    Good for you! If more of us follow suit it will be less of a big deal. I’m glad to hear of your experience and that your family didn’t make comments.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Would be nice if others would follow suit, but I don’t have my hopes up. Probably will never know if I’ve inspired anyone at the beach to at least think about giving one a try.

      • harry says:

        I swim laps daily for fitness and I compete in Masters. I wear a speedo endurance or turbo polo everywhere. At home, at the pool, boating. Nobody cares. I can rock a speedo at 60 years old. Have since I was eleven.

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    In the words of Big Sean ‘finally famous’ hahaha

    This was good because you actually wore it three times (persistence) and you were confident. I feel like they may think something but at least they did not say anything negative.

    The negative comments hurts and pushes us back into secrecy. Hoping the next holiday together you again rock a bikini brief.

    Proud of you Nate!

  4. Greg says:

    Congratulations on breaking the ice with your swim brief. Next step is to wear a thong in front of the family (haha–just kidding). You’ve been talking about building up the nerve to wear one in front of the family for a while, so I’m glad to see that day has come.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks. Next step is get to the local beach some this summer in a swim brief :).

    • Jack says:

      I finally broke out the thong at home in our pool this past summer and occasionally skinny dipped during the day and not at night only. It was very liberating for wearing the thong (in general) and skinny dipping(very few). So relax and enjoy whatever makes you feel comfortable be yourself and enjoy life however you want to enjoy it!

  5. T says:

    Great to read about your positive experience,Nate. I can imagine you were probably on tenterhooks the whole time waiting for some negativity,which thankfully didn’t come. I’m hoping by the end of the holiday you were asking yourself”why was I so worked up about it?” I’m sure by the time the next holiday comes around you will be raring to go!

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Not sure about the raring to go. Probably still be some anxiousness. Felt like more of a getting a toe wet experience.

  6. DonS says:

    Good news. Yet isn’t this just how it should have been. A father wearing his bathers taking his children for a swim, without a “hey, look at me” attitude from you and nothing negative from anyone else. It might interesting to see if there are comments later, perhaps at another gathering.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It should be how it is. So far nothing from my mother, who would be the most likely to say something. Maybe my Aunt would have commented, but she only saw me when I was in the water. So she might not have noticed. Guessing my mother may have not commented, since my wife didn’t stop me from wearing it (What my mother would think, my wife has been supportive of me wearing them).

  7. Crossfithong says:

    That’s a really good news man, I’m glad you finally did it.
    Well if your family didn’t mention anything, maybe they already know about your speedos lol.
    In other hand, you already did a step you’ve been struggling for so long, I meant everyone in this blog had that question.
    When I worn a speedo on front of your relatives for first time, nobody say anything but of course they noticed and to the end of the day, it’s your choice no their, and if you are confortable, they are going to get used to.
    Congratulations, now the next steps are going to be easier this time.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I know my parents know about my underwear to some extent. Swim briefs is a possibility now that you mentioned it. My wife does have a photo of me in a swim brief sitting with the dogs on her dresser. So my parents and in-laws could have noticed that. Of course I have no clue. At least there was somewhat of an in person introduction.

  8. Bikini Obsessed says:

    The closest I have gotten to wearing anything smaller than boardshorts in front of family is when my brother got married in Mexico. I wore a shorter boardshort that showed more thigh. I think my brother noticed. He didn’t say anything though. Lately I have really wanted to rock a speedo to the pool after seeing them worn by guys at the pool ive been going to. I even saw a guy wearing a speedo that looked like it had 1′ – 1/2′ inch sides. I’d like to muster the same courage and wear something like that one day. I do have a leopard print speedo (which I thought was underwear actually) from a site called deejay.com.au. The sides are 1/2 inch or possibly even smaller than that….so it is definitely an edgy speedo. It is also an animal print which could really attract attention although when it’s wet it looks darker. I know that for a lot of guys just wearing a normal size speedo that has 4′ inch sides or so is a big enough deal. I guess since I’ve already worn a ‘normal speedo’ I want to take it further and wear something more revealing but I don’t know if I have the courage to do it yet. I’d like to be able to wear a speedo around family one day…I think to some in my family that wearing speedos is almost taboo though. I might not feel comfortable wearing it in front of them. Maybe one day though. For now it is still my little secret I guess…

    • Michael says:

      I wear strictly the smaller sided ones, bikini briefs, no matter who I’m with. My family has seen me in them since junior high and high school, I swam in them, ran and worked out in them, played outside with friends in them, I everything in just a pair of bikini briefs almost every summer day, so they’re used to it already. My wife and in-laws didn’t care, my son and daughter think they’re totally normal and none of them care who doesn’t approve, they aren’t bothered by those people and say nothing to me ever. No need to be afraid honestly, just do it lol.

      • Black Stallion says:

        That’s exactly the point. Rather than making a big scene then drawing attention to yourself. Just do it. You’re doing just about as much injustice by trying to cover up for bringing up the fact that you are wearing such an item. When I go swimming in mine, I go about my business as if nothing special is going on. What people need to realize is the more that they try to cover up, they just draw more attention to themselves.
        Example: wearing leggings, people complain that they don’t want extra attention to wearing leggings, but they draw for a change to themselves just buy the mere fact if they are trying to cover up.

        • Black Stallion says:

          In other words: Don’t draw more attention to yourself, by being ashamed, nervous, scared, Self-conscious. You’re only giving the naysayers more sticks and stones to throw At you.

  9. SM_Thongguy says:

    Hi Bikini Obsessed

    That’s great and I hope you get to your goal.

    Maybe around your family stick to the 4 inch speedo or almost 6 inch swim trunks for them. Then try to go smaller in the environment ie pool, where guys actually wear speedo push boundaries. Maybe they might even go more edgy.

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