Swim Briefs or Less in Front of Family

Swim Briefs or less infront of family

If you follow the blog, you know a couple years back I finally took the next step in my swim brief wearing. I finally started to wear them to the local beach instead of just vacations when the opportunity presented itself. There are two other steps I’ve been contemplating about. One is start wearing the swim brief to the pool we sometimes visit over the summer. The other is breaking one out in front of other family members other then the wife and kids.

This summer vacation we will be renting a house with a pool and there will be family members including the in laws joining us. So there is an opportunity to take another step in my swim brief wearing and introduce a potential 6 family members to them. I’m assuming my wife would be fine with it. She mentioned calling her sister and having her and her kids join us at the beach last year. She knew I was wearing a swim brief, so my guess she would be fine. Guess I’ll mention the potential of swim brief wearing and see what she says.

If I can do this I’d consider it a big step in swim brief wearing. Having people you see regularly see you in one is a bit more intimidating than strangers you most likely won’t see again. Also when I was in college I received a package from Speedo and my mother made a comment of something like I better not be wearing one. Wouldn’t she have been really surprised if she knew it was a Speedo thong in that box. So it seems there is a good chance I could be hearing comments from her on the subject. Who knows about the rest.

Though I guess the real family test would be my wife’s sister and family, which will not be sharing the house with us. They’d be the ones we more likely would go to the beach with over any other family members. Breaking out a swim brief with them would get me closer to the goal of making the swim brief my regular swimwear at the beach. The only other situation I can think that I would have to tackle is friends and kid’s friends and parents. The kid’s friend one to me could be tricky depending on how open minded the parents are.

I guess I’ll keeping contemplating this next opportunity step and playing it out in my mind. Then maybe by the time the situation presents itself I’ll be mentally ready. Who has worn their form fitting swimwear in front of family? Did you tone down your swimsuit choice to something more conservative than normal? How was the reaction the first time you introduced them? Do they still bring it up or has the novelty of it fizzled out?

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  1. Dr Markin says:

    Just do it! You won’t regret it. So many guys wearing those ridiculous board shorts down to their knees. My brother gave me a hard time for wearing a yellow speedo at a family vacation, but he eventually traded his board shorts for a “boxer brief” swimsuit. I wouldn’t think twice about wearing a thong or g-string in front of adult family members, but don’t wear one in front of children.

  2. T says:

    I’m probably not the best person to comment on this subject due to the fact that I don’t go on holiday with any family members,nor am I likely too in the future. However,for what it’s worth,in recent years while holidaying in Sicily,anytime I’ve gone to a beach with my friend and his wife and kids,I’ve always worn a string bikini brief((usually Kiniki),even though my friend wears the dreaded swim shorts. They have never commented on my skimpy suit,though funnily enough,many years ago my friend gave me a gift which I opened only to discover a Speedo size x large(lol).Maybe he was trying to tell me something.
    My advice to you,Nate,would be to wear your Speedo on your vacation,and leave the swim thong at home(lol).
    PS. I bet the old grandpa three from the left in the picture above is a secret thong wearer!

  3. SM_Thongguy says:

    Dear Nate

    I think you are ready. You won’t be wearing a thong so I believe you can do this.

    Just keep up the confidence and select a few which are a bit modest for day one or swim session one. Then go for less modest cover after. They will be fine.

    The ice will be broken and the only comment to worry about is the one in your head. I have the same issue, I’ve always Been skinny even now that I’m gaining muscle. I still worry myself to death about being seen in a bikini at the beach.

    Yet my goal this year is to do just that.

    All the best and we looking forward to get your review on the experience post the vacation.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Thanks, I have a couple more conservative ones in mind to take. The one I broke out first time at the beach locally and a new one I bought last fall that I will be reviewing at some point once I wear it. Good luck to you and your goal this summer.

  4. John says:

    You can do this! I spent a week on the beach last summer with my husband’s parents, his sister and her husband and two teenage kids and wore a swim brief the entire time. We were walking distance to the beach so I’d wear a tank top and swim shorts over my brief and when we got set up for the day, off came the shorts and top. His family is all quite conservative, but overall it was a very positive experience. Even his sister commented on how ‘cute’ one of them was. It was Michigan State colors and she’s a sports fan. I was the only one on the entire beach in a brief and no one made an issue of it. There was even one afternoon when a tour group went by and I got cat called by a group of young ladies. Take it slow, but wear them with confidence! That’s the key!

  5. T says:

    Hi John.That’s great that you had a positive experience wearing a swim brief while you were with your husband’s family.But what is even more heartening is that even though you say they are quite conservative,they seem accepting of your same sex relationship,which is far more important.Maybe they see the wearing of a skimpy bikini by a gay man as the stereotypical norm.

  6. Thong wearer says:

    I think we can all agree that stereotype is just so wrong.

  7. EJ says:

    When I’m sunbathing outside it doesn’t bother me if any neighbors see me, but I use trash barrels to block my kids’ seeing me even though they are 22 & 19yrs old

  8. DonS says:

    I’d be disappointed if the older ones had difficulty with this. Surely they are the generation that grew up with the briefer styles of male swimwear, but then, knowing people, it would not be a surprise if they did.

    I have not had an issue with wearing Speedos in front of my parents. I have not worn the Kiniki swim tanga in front of my mother (father has passed away now), but that is more because the opportunity has not arisen. My partner certainly has no problem with it.

    I wonder how teenage girls go with this issue when moving into their first bikini from a young girl’s one-piece. Not an issue for many I suspect, but I think some might have a difficult time with it. Not having sisters I have no direct experience. It would be great if some women could frequent here and give us their experience.

    • DonS says:

      I asked the partner later and she said she had no trouble migrating to a bikini. At that age, still being a dependent, her mother organised it for her and basically expected her to wear a bikini since it was “the done thing” then, and she had the build for one. As a young adult, she thought about trying a micro-bikini, but thought it would be a step too far. She only wears one-pieces now in her 50s, although still has the figure for a bikini.

      • The Bottom Drawer says:

        I think society helps dictate the bikini for women too. They see them wore when they are young and just ask when shopping with the parent(s) at some point. Guess I’ll find out some day.

        • DonS says:

          Younger girls can see an older sister in one in some families, which no doubt encourages them.

          My partner and I had a great time reminiscing about our younger days that night. So thanks for starting this topic.

          Another issue that this has raised is why older women ditch the bikini in favour of one-pieces.

  9. Steve says:

    I wear a g-string sunbathing. Only comment I ever got was from older neighbor lady saying it was nice to see you!

  10. RT says:

    You have nothing to fear but fear itself!

  11. Brian says:

    Man I can totally relate to this… I just got back from a beach vacation…I made I point to only bring my swim briefs… the kind I wear have an anatomically correct pouch so it kinda puts you on display, but it’s way more comfortable & honestly does look better… my wife gives me a hard time, but she agrees that everyone should live their best life lol… I’m not in phenomenal shape but I do workout and I think I should get to show off my hard earned mediocre body lmao! Now that was all at a beach full of strangers…I had some stares and faces of disapproval but had plenty of smiles & actually a few women flirt with me in front of my wife! So that was a confidence boost… but we have friends with a pool & when they invite us over I don’t feel like I could wear that… even tho they’re very non judgmental people…. maybe I should give it a try next time we go over & just explain to them I’m just trying to work past that self esteem thing? Even tho I really dont have an issue, I’m a lead singer in a band, play guitar and not ashamed of my body? Maybe it’s more of a not wanting them to feel like im disrespectful at someone else’s house? Idk maybe next pool party I’ll wear some square cut swim trunks & see how that goes over? I’m probably over thinking this honestly…. ok I’m done rambling …thnx for playing along

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      It seems to be human nature to over think it when going against a norm. Maybe I should do the same and only pack the swim briefs giving me only one option. I have done that in the past, but was just my wife and kids. I have been thinking about a situation with being invited to the beach or pool with friends and how to handle that situation. One thought is just putting it out there when asked and say I hope you don’t mind me wearing a swim brief as a fair warning. Or something along the lines so they know what I prefer to wear. You are allowed to ramble all you want. That is why I started blogging and the forums, so we can put things out there.

  12. Crossfithong says:

    Hey Nate.
    I have wear thong swimwear on from of one of my cousins and her children (12,10,3 years old) and she doesn’t have any problem with that, also she told me she saw guys wearing speedo in Europe.
    My husband and his sister and her husband and I went to Miami last year, I wear thong swimwear wear on front of them and my sister and law always accomplish me when I wear speedo or thong on front of her.
    So this is my advice for you Nate:
    1.- I’m 29 years old and when o west thong at the beach I always think people don’t know me, so whatever, I was the idea of waiting to get a super hot body, but why wait, the simple fact to wear speedo on front of some people, they think is gross, so I just do it.
    2-. If you are concerned about your family, well I gotta be honest, at first is little embarrassing thinking about it. But if you Proyect insecurity your family member comments are going to get in your head and you won’t be happy.
    So encourage yourself, this is for you, not even your wife, just for you.
    Even my friend know I wear thong very often and something they make fun of me, and my responses is “hahaha you know my guys, why not wear a speedo or thong, people never going to be happy with anything, also if you think about it, I’m not usual and I like that”.
    Man just do it. Don’t let people get your in your mind, you been thinking about it for years, make this year that happen.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I’ve given up on the idea of having a true beach body. I think those years are past. Of course I’d like to be a bit better shape than I am now, but not going to let it stop me from wearing a swim brief. Yeah, we have to expect some jokes when going against the trunks and board shorts. Really the joke is on them, since they are the ones really missing out. Thanks for the encouragement.

  13. Joe says:

    Two weeks ago I was in Maui for a friends wedding. Being that we’re almost brothers I roomed with his family (parents, two teen sisters and sisters friends) in a condo close to beach. I’ve always worn board shorts being more on the conservative side in public but thanks to your blog I decided to purchase some pretty small N2N swim briefs and step out of my comfort zone. The day arrives and my buddy along with his family head on down to the beach with me rockin swim briefs under my board shorts. Everyone proceeds to get undressed (buddy in board shorts, sisters and friends in thongs). First to comment was my buddy with “banana hammock” jokes and “my eyes” comments to which I just smirked and kept quite until one of his sisters and friend said I looked “hot” in my swim brief. Funny thing is his mom even commented that more men should wear my type of suit. All in all it was a great first swim brief experience and for the remainder of the trip that’s all i wore while on the beach

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Congrats on breaking out the swim briefs. Quite an audience to make the introduction in, but Maui would be a memorable place to do it. Thanks for sharing your experience!

      • Joe says:

        You welcome and trust me I almost chickened out because I was worried what everyone was going to think. It did help that the girls were in pretty skimpy thongs and there was two other guys on the beach not in board shorts (speedo and thong). I figured it was now or never and was surprised I didn’t get more negative comments. Actually what surprised me the most was amount of attention I got from ladies of all ages that I don’t think I would’ve got otherwise. Pretty awesome being single and in my 30’s 😉

    • Brian says:

      I just wore my n2n university sport brief trunks all week at the beach on vacation…my wife said they looked good, even tho she prefers that I wear square cut style… definitely got some good looks while boogie boarding and at the pool… I loved them so much I ordered a 2nd pair! I’m heterosexual but have you checked out andrew christian swimwear and underwear? The underwear are super comfortable and the swim briefs fit like a glove…I’ll be wearing those on my next beach outing

  14. Pete says:

    I have a similar problem but it’s more that because I’ve been circumcised, my head shows through so obviously and that for me is harder to ignore than wearing them in front of family who obviously no I’m cut. But I live in the uk were it’s not as common like the Americans
    Any advice to hide it would be helpful

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I think centered seamed lined suits hide things better along with darker colors. Then the right prints can hide the jewels better than solid colors.

    • Rein says:

      Why hide your body thew way it was created? Be proud and thankful if you are healthy.

  15. Dave says:

    Hey Bottom, I bought a pair of swim breifs my first year in college, I remember the first summer after freshman year we went to the beach as a family, I have two younger brothers and two sisters. When I walked out of the bathroom in the condo in briefs, I got some giggles from my siblings and a comment from my mom. Once we got to the beach, I did get some looks as was the only guy is briefs. I went into the water and the yellow briefs went transparent, t beach- goers and my family could definately tell I am cut and rather smally endowed. My mother said, “my god Davey, you might as well be naked”. Strangely I felt liberated that I was no longer hiding “anything” from my family members. It took a while for me to wear them infront of others who knew me, but definately contimued to when on vacation or around my parents and siblings. Neither of my brothers ever joined me though and contimued to wear board shorts,

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