Summer 2017

Summer 2017

Well summer of 2017 may not have been the year of the most swim brief wearing. It has been a good year for the swim brief. If you haven’t read my 2017 Resolution post check it out for more details. I didn’t quite make it back to the weight I wanted, but I at least dropped some. Pretty good for not really getting the exercise I should.

My summer started out slow with my first step to putting myself out there. I broke out the swim brief in the front of the house. I decided it was time to wash the cars in the appropriate attire. That put me out in the open a bit more than the backyard. Still not as open as a public beach, since we’re back off the road with shrubbery around. Neighbors across the street would have had the best view.

Then for most of the summer I didn’t get much swim brief time. Only a few times in the backyard with the blow up family pool and some water balloons with the son. Summer was winding down and I was thinking my goal wasn’t going to have an opportunity to be met again.

Luckily things aligned and the last weekday the family had to spend together before normal routine set back in gave the needed opportunity. We decided to hit the beach. You can read my complete post about the adventure here. Basically I achieved my goal of wearing a swim brief at a local beach.

Now that experience created a bit of a monster out of me. It got me craving more swim brief time at the beach. By this time school was back in session, so most people were out of summer mode especially on weekdays. I kept my eye on the weather reports to see what looked like a good day to give a solo trip a try. My first attempt that I thought the temperature was going to be at least in the lower 70s ended up not being the case. People were out in their coats and sweatshirts with temperatures in the upper 60s. Figured that wearing swim brief would seem a bit out of place with the way people were dressing. So I just headed home.

Attempt two was a few days later with forecast in the mid 70s. Was more like lower 70s when the day arrived, but blue skies and sunny. So again I headed to the beaches. Wasn’t too many cars at most of the parking locations and I didn’t notice anyone out in their swimsuit. This time I decided it was warm enough for some sunning in a swim brief (BikinisNThongs on twitter concurred that 70 degrees was warm enough for him). So I picked a parking spot, got my chair and reading materials and walked the path to the beach. When I got to the beach I looked around and saw pretty much no one other than off in the distance (Picture at top shows the deserted beach). That made things pretty easy. I set up up my chair and took my sandals, shirt, and shorts. This time I revealed an aussieBum Classic 1.5 swim brief. A little less coverage than what I wore on the family outing. Still I consider it more conservative with the frontal and back cut. Really wasn’t much action there and no one got that close. Saw one couple walking that stopped maybe a 100 yards away before heading back where they came from. Then a few people with dogs came from a path probably a 100 yards from me too. That was all the excitement with that short visit.

Now I couldn’t resist another attempt when I saw the temperature forecasted for the mid 80s and this time it was officially fall. There was more cars around and actually saw people in swimsuits as I was deciding where I wanted to go. I went with a different location this time. Again I gathered my stuff and walked the path to the beach. This time I was not alone. There was a couple women to the right of the path and a boat anchored off to the left. I decided to split the difference and set up not too far from the path. I did the same as last time and removed the sandals, shirt and shorts just like anyone else would. Sat down and began my reading. While there a park vehicle went by and an older lady set her stuff up near a picnic table not too far away. Overall it was another good day at the beach.

I’m calling it a pretty successful summer for me. I look forward to trying to continue my progress next summer and build upon it.

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  1. T says:

    Hi BD. Had to laugh when you mentioned that “people were wearing sweatshirts and coats with temperatures in the upper 60’s.” Here in Scotland,those temperatures would be considered pleasantly warm,and I would definitely be out in my back garden getting an allover tan(lol).
    The last time I set foot on a Scottish beach must have been about 8-10 years ago.
    I had gone to a remote village in the north of the country for work reasons,and on the way back home I noticed a beautiful, deserted beach not far from the main road. I found a quiet car park and made my way down onto the golden sand. I should mention that it was a freezing cold day and I was wearing my warm,winter clothes. I had originally intended just having a quick visit so that I could take some scenic pictures,but madness(or the cold), must have taken over my brain,because I thought wouldn’t it be crazy/daring/lunacy to strip down to my underwear and take a few photos of me in the freezing cold water and posing???? on the beach?
    At this point I would like to apologize to anyone who happened to be passing by that day,who saw a lunatic wearing a very skimpy red gigolo g-string(Kiniki’s finest)and freezing his ***** off while taking photos that no one will see.

    • I consider that temp pleasantly warm too. Felt like I’d be out of place there and people might think I was pushing things a bit. Nothing wrong with taking a good opportunity and living in the moment.

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