Hitting the Beach Swim Brief Style

Hitting the beach swim brief style

Ok let’s talk about hitting the beach while breaking away from the norm swimwear for us guys. I did post quite a while back some suggestions I had for breaking out a swim brief. It was before I started wearing them regularly to the local beach. You can read that post here. We’d probably agree that guys have more challenges sporting a swim brief over a woman in a bikini. Thongs would be harder for guys over women, but tend not to be as acceptable in general. Here are some things I noticed when going to the beach in my swim briefs.

First it is easier to just do it with the family. Assuming it was just the wife and I, I think it would be similar to my family visit. Now I haven’t tried a bunch of times on my own, but I find it much harder to just do it. I find myself trying to find a place with few people. Ideally none close by. I’m more comfortable when I’m set up and then people arrive after me. That way it is their choice to hang out with the swim brief wearing guy. I don’t like it when no one is really in a swimsuit at the particular beach. Yes, sometimes I maybe pushing the temperature threshold, but it makes it hard to strip down to my swim brief when others aren’t. So having someone along is ideal for me, it puts me more at ease in my skimpy swimsuit.

Again I have limited experience with lone swim brief wearing in public. When I’m with the family I feel people will set up closer to us than when I am by myself. For example, one day there was no one on the beach I picked, so I picked center stage to set up. It seemed most people either went off to the right of left to find a spot while others just walked the beach off in those directions. Not many of them that time seemed to be there to enjoy the sun. I wonder if they thought I wanted space. Or were they afraid of a guy in a swim brief? Or maybe they like their space like I do.

In general I haven’t noticed any negativity towards my swimwear choice anywhere I’ve worn them. I’m sure there was some gawkers, but that is expected in my opinion. Again I’ve avoided the beaches that teenagers and college ages would hang out at. Typically I try for the less crowded areas. I haven’t overheard any comments towards me either. I’m at least finding people are respectful so far. I’ve been in life guarded areas and non guarded areas. There have been families around. I’ve had boats mourn off shore near me too. I’ve only been in conversation twice with other beach goers when sporting a swim brief and neither time was my swimwear mentioned. Both times either my wife or whole family were along. No conversation when just me.

I’m happy I’ve been keeping to my guns and only wearing swim briefs to the beach. So far it has been going well, but would like to improve upon things. I know the wife would like to try one of the beaches with nicer facilities, which are the busier ones. It would be a good experiment to see if there is any difference in how things have gone so far. I really need to work on when I’m on my own. I need to stop being picky with the beach I choose based on crowd level. It has been wasting quality beach time. Have you noticed any differences when you are on your own than with others wearing a swim brief or smaller?

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  1. Joseit says:

    I agree with you 100%. I have found the same observations. Park police don’t bother you when you are with a family, not so if you are alone.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I haven’t had any issues with park rangers or whoever is patrolling the beaches with my swim brief choice without family. Though typically very few people around the times I’ve been on my own. With wife and kids along it gives people less points to complain about.

  2. Brian says:

    Just live your best life man! People are always going to be judgemental, but as long as your confident then it doesn’t matter…. I’m going on a 5 day cruise this Saturday and guess what? I’m only packing my swim briefs for my swimwear, yes I’m going to be “that guy” lol…. I work hard in the gym for my mediocre body… including leg days…I damn sure not hiding it! ???

    • Mac says:

      Brian, I would love to hear how your speedo experience goes on the cruise. Wear them confidently. I am heading down to Florida with my suit case packed with unlined skimpier swimwear then your average speedos. I will wear them proudly at the hotel pool and I will wear thongs and g-strings to the beach. You may be surprised that you may get compliments from men and women. Enjoy the feeling that women have of not wearing a baggy swimsuit.

    • RT says:

      Go for it, Brian! I was on a Caribbean cruise earlier this year, and while I wasn’t the only guy wearing a bikini, my bikini was definitely the tiniest. Even hitched up the rear on several occasions to mock a pseudo- thong. Made no attempt to hide in a corner, and was front and center on the upper sun deck. Got a few looks, negative and positive, but no comments whatsoever. I think we sometimes anticipate the worst, when really no one cares.

  3. Max says:

    I have been wearing skimpy swimwear for years. I wear a thong when ever I can. Sometimes I go to a less crowded area and other times in the middle. I’ve only heard comments a few times and it was from high school or college age kids. My body isn’t perfect but I rock my thong which really shows off my package the best I can. It’s all about wearing it confidently. Don’t worry about what others think, wear what you want!

  4. Bikini Obsessed says:

    I think it’s really cool though Nathan that you wear a swim brief with your family. I have always wanted to be able to do that with a wife and kids too. I wish North America was more speedo approving but I guess you have to make do with what’s here. Eyebrows raised or not. Maybe it just comes down to unapologetically wearing the speedo….

  5. Dan says:

    I think it’s great that you are comfortable wearing your bikinis/speedo with your family. I’m the opposite – I have no worries wearing mine in front of strangers on the beach but would be conscious of wearing them in front of family/friends.

  6. T says:

    I’m sure most of the followers of this blog will have had issues about baring more of their bodies than your average beach goer,mainly for fear of what someone might say.
    As Nate has found out in recent times,it is much easier to go down the speedo/bikini route when you are with somebody,than when you’re alone.
    I suppose we can feel more vulnerable going solo,but it would be a shame to deny ourselves the freedom to wear what we want, and then look back in years to come with a sense of regret at restricting our choices based on what ifs.

  7. Skip says:

    We all seem to be speedo wearing guys who have been doing so for some time. Over the course of that time, have you noticed an increase of guys wearing speedos??

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I haven’t noticed many guys wearing swim briefs where I live. If I’m lucky I might see one every couple years. This is the first year that I wasn’t the only male wearing a swim brief at the beach. A young teenage kid was wearing one, but was only there for a half an hour and left. Pretty sure they were from another country.

  8. Max says:

    No, there has not been an increase in speedo wearing. If you go to the gay areas of a beach you will find the speedos and thongs.

  9. MT says:

    I started with shorter boardshorts that have become popular, then switched to wearing squarecut suits. Around friends, family, public, etc. That made a transition to briefs pretty easy. Now in fairly small briefs on public beaches or pools, vacation or local with no concerns. Even to and from parking lots. I just decided that I was going to wear what I was comfortable in and felt good in. I’ll walk the beach with my wife and have had several conversations with passersby, usually initiated by them too. All good and normal conversations. Sure seems that any concerns I had were completely in my own head. When I made the transition I was only in decent shape, I have since gotten in better shape and I don’t feel people reacted differently in either case.

  10. Jim says:

    I started wearing speedos to public beaches almost 20 years ago. The first 5 years were difficult. I would spend way too much time at the beach looking for that perfect spot where I could lay out in my speedo without people staring. It drove my wife nuts. I would also bring multiple pairs with me so I could change into something that I thought would be more or less noticeable depending on the beach crowd. It was crazy.

    My wife doesn’t like going to beach anymore because of that. I finally decided to stop the BS and just wear one speedo and drop the shorts when I get there. I’m pretty comfortable doing it now and it doesn’t bother me much of people stare or whatever. My wife still doesn’t like going with me if I wear one. I think I soured her, but I will still wear one if we are on vacation somewhere. I do my best not to make a big deal out of it.

    Bottom line….do what makes you happy and don’t worry about what others think. Display confidence and it will be no different than wearing baggy swimshorts…except you’ll have an awesome tan. 🙂

  11. Skip says:

    I agree. My wife isn’t crazy about me wearing a speedo but accepts it and basically ignores me!! I feel I’ve been wearing a speedo my whole life particularly at the beach. Sometimes hotel pools. During my prime years I dealt with package control but now I have no problem strolling down a crowded beach. Father Time is starting to take a toll on my body but I don’t care. Some people do check you out. Can’t read their minds. I think guys check me out more than women. Probably envious I would guess! A few years ago in Florida I couldn’t stay out of the water. After many trips to the water I noticed one guy was always looking so on one trip back from the water, I didn’t release the “speedo cling” and gave him a cheap thrill. Ha! Life is good!

  12. rob says:

    whenever I sunbath in briefs or speedo type swimwear older guys always seem to be hanging around, or staring or walking by over and over… just take a picture already, it lasts longer!

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