2021 Bikini Favorites

2021 Bikini Favorites

So what bikinis did I pull out of my drawer often in 2021? Really nothing is changing from my 2020 list. I didn’t try any spectacular bikinis this year. I’m sticking with my narrow sided bikinis. I started out my journey with the string bikini cut and that is what I still prefer the most.

5. Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Prevail Sport Rio Brief
In the number 5 position, we have the Prevail Sport rio brief. It’s a string bikini of course to start off my list. I’ve been buying this bikini brief for years until Prevail Sport closed their doors. I enjoy the moderate coverage pouch and 3/4 back. It’s been an excellent string bikini to pull out of the drawer over the years.

4. Kiniki Cambridge Tanga
Kiniki Cambridge Classic Tanga

We have another string bikini at number 4 with Kiniki’s Cambridge Tanga. It’s really nothing fancy, but it’s a nice fitting one. The bikini is super comfortable with the supplex lycra blend. This is one I consider an everyday string bikini. Unfortunately, Kiniki no longer offers it. I at least have one to enjoy.

3. Kiniki Narrow Front Brief – Print
Kiniki Narrow Front Print Bikini Brief

Not quite a string bikini at number 3, but a great bikini cut. Of course it is another one not being offered anymore at least in the poly Lycra fabric, which I really liked. They do offer a cut very similar to it in a 95% cotton blend. I like the amount of front and rear coverage of this poly Lycra bikini. I enjoy how the fabric clings and holds in front and back. Hopefully they’ll bring it back.

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Back to my string bikinis for number 2. Again one that is no longer available. I wouldn’t say there is anything fancy about it, but just the right amount of coverage. It’s one I like to pull out for doctor visits a lot. The microfiber fabric gives this a good overall fit. I also feel it can be worn for active activities with its decent support and fabric blend.

1. Prevail Sport String Brief
Prevail Sport String Brief
Still my favorite bikini cut is this Prevail Sport string brief. I don’t see it getting knocked out until my supply is worn out. Should be many more years, since I picked up several before they closed their doors. I love the cut of it. It has the right amount of coverage front, back, and on the sides in my opinion. It has great support and stays in place doing pretty much anything I have done wearing it. It was offered at a great price too.


Anyone else having issues with styles they like being discontinued or brands closing their doors? My bikini list seems to stay pretty close to the same year after year where my thong lists sees more movement though nothing too crazy. What was your go to bikini(s) this year?

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  1. Dan says:

    NOW your talking! Prevail was outstanding! Kinki is a new favorite as well. Simply the quality makes for a great piece. Every once in awhile ABC and American Jock have quality (and no advertising up front!)

  2. David_nc says:

    As for bikinis in 2021 my most worn was the Jockey Sport Performance brief and the string bikini; they both have a good fit and are comfortable to wear. Still wish Jockey would use these cuts to introduce a new mens thong. Next would be either the 2xist string bikini or the Ace+Indigo bikini they had probably equal wear time. Finally a mixture of other bikinis. Thongs were worn more in 2021, those for another post.

  3. Danny says:

    In daily life, I mostly wear the David Archy Air bikinis (recently discontinued) or Avidlove bikinis from Amazon. The Avidlove style reminds me a lot of the Jockey Elance but with a roomier pouch.
    I appreciate the string bikini recommendations, as I haven’t had much luck this year. I tried the Hanes comfort flex, but they were too baggy in the rear, and flat in front.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      Yeah, the Hanes string bikini has too much fabric in the rear. I think the fabric is nice, but probably more suited for guys testing the waters out then someone already into them. I’ll wear them for sleeping some times, but not normally daily wear.

  4. Steve says:

    I found a company called Dietz https://deliodietz.com in a little shop in Puerto Vallarta. Got a pair of bikini and a thong to try. Loved both of them and ordered several more.

    I also started wearing a thong this year, and have a added a few to my undie collection.

    But still my go to daily wear undies are the Charlie by MZ lifeguard brief. Yes its a swimsuit, but they are super comfy and since i swim most days, i jump in them and head to the pool. After the pool I wear whatever ive thrown into my gym bag.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I have a few pair of Dietz bikinis too and enjoy wearing them. I’ve had them on my list in the past. My most worn thongs for 2021 will be my next post. I have some pairs advertised as swimwear, but are unlined, so I wear them as underwear. Thanks for sharing.

    • Danny says:

      How is the sizing with Dietz? I’d like to order some, but they do look like they may fit tighter than normal.

      • The Bottom Drawer says:

        Their sizing is different than other brands if you follow their size chart. I actually didn’t notice that and bought my normal size a medium and I think they fit fine in bikini underwear and swimwear. A social media friend bought the same swimsuit as I did from them by following their size chart and it didn’t fit as well. He’s normally a medium and went with the large. Now the thong I have doesn’t stay comfortable all day most of the time, so maybe a large is what I need to fix that. Haven’t tested that theory out. That is my experience with what I have tried. Hopefully others will share their sizing experience.

      • Steve says:

        For the thongs i but them a size smaller than normal. For undies i buy my normal size.

        I was able to try a few on in a store before i bought the ones online. So i had a better idea of the fit.

  5. Whiteturbo says:

    What a pity that your favourite pairs are all discontinued. Two in line up being UK based Kiniki styles. At the moment Kiniki seem to be offering cotton designs rather than other fabrics, ( fine by me because I feel the support is better than the polyester versions of similar design) and they have some unusual patterns but all in the same designs. However, I have just gone back to wearing thongs and I personally like a bikini style thong, so decided to try Cocksox. Wow what a difference an enhancing pouch makes. The material is flexible and the design pushes you up and out. Not the cheapest in the drawer but they are comfortable beyond belief. At first wearing, it seemed very strange to have a “torpedo” stretching in front of you and without any further clothing support is out of this world. Under trousers there is a distinctive bulge but the comfort is still first class.

  6. Mark says:

    I love the Kiniki Kelly Tanga. They give perfect support at the front & I like the fact they give you a wedgie at the rear. I find it a far more comfortable, natural feeling fit. However, looking at recent pictures they seem to have changed the Kelly design making them wider at the back, so I’m not sure they will fit the same way. It’s impossible to tell because they have also stopped using models. Perhaps you could do a new review based on current changes? Wish they would just leave a design classic alone. I have always favoured the cheeky, or Brazilian style of men’s brief & there are precious few on the English marketplace. If they’ve ruined them I’ll just have to go with Joe Snyder Capri instead. Great site btw.

    • The Bottom Drawer says:

      I believe the product images they use misrepresent the cuts now. They all look fuller than they are. I have no clue why they would go away from having at least one color of the pair modeled. I know they left some old model pictures on some of the styles. I know the Harry narrow front brief isn’t as full as the product image shows it. It is one that they still have an old model photo of if you go into the product. At the moment, I’m not happy with Kiniki’s direction and offering, so I probably won’t be buying from them unless they bring back more styles I like. Glad you like the site and thanks for sharing.

  7. JR2 says:

    I think finding new favorites can be fun , but its still tough to beat the old ones . I still have some blue line and Prevail Sport bikinis. They are great styles . I wish I could find some more of them . For 2021 I have some old and new for my list. The JOR Phoenix bikini is one of my favorites , IO like the fit and the material and the fit , more of a traditional bikini with a little more cheekier cut. The bodyhugger and brazilian string bikinis from SWIC are still on my list . These string bikinis are amazing . I like being able to chose different fabrics and being able to customize them. This year I tried the Rocket front pouches on these styles and they defintely add more to my already favorite style. The Daniel Alexander Petrude Pouch Bikini is a new addition to the list. I recently had purchased these . I the petrude pouch is very comfortable and i like the cheekier quarter back style. Cover Male CM101 has become one my favoite daily wear bikini , very comfortable. The last even though its listed as swimwear is the Skinzwear Tanga Cheekini. A low cut and cheeky style that I certainly be getting more of in 2022. Honorable mentions would be the Body Aware Satin mini tanga and the Ace & Indigo Sporty bikini.

  8. stexas says:

    First, thank you for having and maintaining this group. I appreciate everyone’s perspective. Bikini style is my go-to underwear choice. My current go-to is Todd Sanfield Essential Bikini. Great fit, color selection and top-notch Modal fabric. Quality is terrific. This model comes single lined and lined. I absolutely prefer the double lined version as it is very masculine, has a well designed pouch and lifts properly. I don’t care for the unlined version as it is pouchless, pushes you down, uncomfortable, and lacks on the masculinity scale. The brief is great for everyday wear and to sleep in. It is worth it’s price tag. I have other go-to bikinis for exercise use which I will write about later.


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