Speedo Viewing in Lake George, NY

A couple years ago my wife and I took a trip to Lake George, NY. As usual I packed a few swim briefs in case the opportunity presented itself. The town did have a couple beaches on their lake, but we didn’t get around to actually enjoying them. We did however pass by the main one several times. To my surprise I did spot some guys in swim briefs. The one day I saw two guys and another day there was one. The guys ranged from probably late teens, late twenties to early thirties, and then probably late forties to early fifties. It was nice to see a range in the swim brief wearers.

Those weren’t the only 3 swim briefs making an appearance in Lake George that I knew of. After my wife and I took a long hike to check out a view of Lake George, we decided to hit the motel pool.

Lake George NY

View of Lake George from our hike

I put on my black 1″ solar Speedo under my trunks and we headed to the pool. When we got there, there was just one guy there who was in fairly short swim trunks. I figured with the swim briefs I saw on the beach and this guy’s suit it would be a good time to sport my bikini again. I quickly removed my trunks and took my shirt off and laid down on a lounger to read some and relax in the sun. After a bit my wife and I hit the pool for a while, which was nice to get in the pool in just my Speedo. Always seems to be more freedom than swim trunks.
Lake George Pool

The hotel pool on not a so nice looking day.

Then back to our loungers for some sunning on the other side and drying off. We were at the opposite end of the pool from the gate to enter and I was facing away from it on my stomach, but I started hearing others arrive. I just continued reading like everything was normal. When we decided it was time to go I got up and noticed there was probably a half dozen people there now. I just slipped my shirt on and a pair of shorts that I brought to the pool with me just in case the trunks came off. Wanted anyone else that showed up to think my Speedo was my normal swimsuit. When I left I didn’t notice any strange looks or chatter, so this was another good experience for me. Lake George seems to be an acceptable place to wear a swim brief and is a nice place for a vacation especially if you enjoy the outdoors.

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  1. Larry Phelan says:

    Regular swim trunks soak up water like a sponge and drip all over the place while clinging to your body,not a good feeling . This is where bikinis win,no drips no clinging,no dead weight.

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