Swim Brief Public Appearance Overview

So far my swim brief public appearances have occurred on vacations my wife and I have taken, which I’ll feature in later posts. The trips were to Outer Banks, NC and Lake George, NY. I had positive experiences at both places. I’ve worn them a handful of times locally at a state park that is still in the development stages that borders Lake Erie. We take our dogs for a hike down to the lake’s edge where I’ll strip down to my swim brief and take the dogs in the water to play. Normally there is no one there. Once and a while I’ve spotted some people, but they’re usually down the shoreline a ways. My next goal is to hit some of the local beaches in a swim brief. I’ve purchased a couple of 3″ side swim briefs to be a little more on the conservative side for the local crowds. Hopefully, I’ll reach this goal this summer!

Speedo Solar with dogs

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