2016 Bikini Favorites

2016 Bikini FavoritesI thought I start a top 5 of my favorite bikinis and thongs for the year that I own. It’s sort of a two fold reason. First I thought you may find it interesting what my staples in these styles are for the year. In the end it is probably more for me to see how my favorites change over the years while trying out new brands. Today we’re going to start with my top five bikinis in reverse order.


5. Bodyaware The TLC Brief
Bodyaware TLC Brief
Bodyaware makes some great underwear, but seem to be designing styles more on a feminine side for me lately. I did pick up a couple pairs recently and the TLC Brief comes in at number 5 on my list. It’s a solid bikini with a flat front pouch and a fuller back. It’s very comfortable and offers great support.

4. Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Prevail Sport Rio Brief
Prevail Sport underwear has been a top brand for me, since I found them over 15 years ago. So at number 4 is their rio brief. I’ve been a fan of narrow sides ever since I bought my first bikini. This string bikini features ½” sides, ¾ back, and moderate frontal coverage. It’s a sexy string bikini that is a great fitting.

3. Dietz Joker Mini Slip
Dietz Joker Bikini Brief
Dietz has become a brand I’m really a fan of. Their Joker bikini brief reached number 3 on my list. It’s an awesome snug fitting pair that keeps everything in place. I like the two tone pouch of black and yellow.

2. Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
Blueline Microfiber String Bikini
This isn’t a fancy bikini. It’s pretty much a standard string bikini with maybe a little less coverage in the rear. The fit along with the microfiber fabric is what makes it a winner in my book. As soon as I slipped it on I knew it was going to be one pulled out of the drawer often. It fits right into the snugness and support I like from a bikini.

1. Prevail Sport String Brief
Prevail Sport String Brief
My favorite brand is topping the list for my top 5 bikinis. I haven’t found anything I’ve liked better than this bikini. It reminds me of a the suits bodybuilders compete in. It has nice narrow sides at 1/2″ and a 3/4 back. The bikini has a skimpy pouch that is just the right amount of coverage. They fit nice and snug and keeps everything firmly in place. Not sure anything is going to knock this bikini out of the number one position especially at how much these cost.


That wraps up my top 5 for 2016. We’ll see if 2017 brings in some new bikinis that will knock any of these off the list. Comment with your recommendations.

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  1. Teide says:

    My preference: 1 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 4

  2. EJ says:

    I just got a 4 pack of string bikinis from Asia thru Amazon for under $15. The fabric is thin & soft- hugs the package unbelievably the back isn’t full coverage and never rides up- even at work I have a physical job- was a good test. Another fave is Daniel Alexander Brazilian back string bikinis- 1 of those cost about what the 4 pack was they’re both favorites. Asian underwear can be sort of erotic as long as it’s the right size and they use mannequins instead of models- probly due to eroticism of their under products- for that front pouches can be way too small

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