Sexy Underwear Is Not Just For The Bedroom

Sexy Underwear Is Not Just For The BedroomSexy underwear shouldn’t just be saved for the bedroom. Yes, it is great at arousing your partner and probably even yourself. Why not benefit from them all the time or at least more often? Those sexy bedroom undies could make a big difference to your day. First they can make you feel sexy throughout the day. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy! That sexy feeling can then lead into more confidence. A confident individual typically can lead to a successful individual. Though to me success is in the eye of the beholder. Still great to be confident in oneself.

Sexy underwear is fun. To me wearing the same style of undies with limited colors is pretty boring. Obviously if you have a pair for just the bedroom you do too. So add more to your underwear drawer and have fun picking out a pair to liven up your day. Picking the right pair can really change your mood for the day. You might as well have some fun underneath those clothes especially when you really aren’t having fun otherwise.

Maybe if you wore those sexy undies more often your wife or significant other may want to take a look down under. Then just maybe you’ll be heading to the bedroom more often. Now that is how sexy underwear should make it’s way into the bedroom.

Why not get all the benefits of sexy underwear instead of just the one in the bedroom. Just because not many people see your undies doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some fun with them. They’re the first things on and could be the last things off. They truly can make a difference in your day and a sexy pair can just put your day over the top. Now get away from those boring choices and spice up the underwear drawer.

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  1. E.J says:

    Underwear is an every day part of clothes.Wear underwear that feels and looks good.Sexy stuff should be for everywhere anytime for men

  2. EJ says:

    It’s not so much I get aroused wearing thongs, as much as it makes me aware I have man parts as opposed to them buried and almost forgotten in boxer briefs- even in situations my mind is elsewhere at work, stressful times etc

  3. RT says:

    I wear them all day every day. no matter the occasion. love wearing nothing but a tank top and a thong when at home. Doing that I feel some kind of arousal. It keeps me going all day at home or work, or the beach. If I can make my backyard ver private the I’ll do it there too.

  4. EJ says:

    I sunbathe in the backyard feels dynamite being outside in a g string

  5. JA says:

    Thongs and bikinis are the norm for me. No matter the day I wear minimal coverage undies.

    Like RT I wear them for work, the gym, home, going out. Feels super sexy to wear when dressed up for a party (like the annual workplace Christmas party) with slim dress pants. Under gym shorts I love thongs and cheeky underwear. At home sometimes I go the whole day at home in a thong or a very skimpy bikini such as Daniel Alexander string bikini or tanga. I even sleep in a thong or something that covers front and back minimally.

    Working in the house I just wear a t-shirt and my tiny undies. I think it’s practical and less constructive than boxer briefs. If someone knocks on the door I’ll put on some pants.

    I also feel a rush wearing them. Haven’t done it in my backyard like EJ but I wonder if I should try it. After all my yard is kind of private.

  6. EJ says:

    You’ll be glad you did JA- there’s nothin like bein 100% manscaped outside in the sun wearing g string underwear (not even a swimsuit) very exhilarating. Where I live I have a 2 month window for that-3 if I’m lucky

  7. JA says:

    EJ. Do you take vacations to beaches so you can wear your skimpy undies and sunbathe or always dot where you live? I try to to that but always end up same place. Well at least is a safe place where I can do it, Florida.

  8. EJ says:

    No but I’d love to, as long as I’m not the only one doin it. As I said in 1 of the other blogs, my wife and I along w/another couple went to the Caribbean in 1997- A cruise 1 stop was St Martin. The boat docked on the Dutch side but went to a beach on the French side. Next to the public beach was a nude beach-turns out was a clothing optional resort I think. Some people were nude some wearing g strings that were probably underwear- my kind of beach I thought it was very cool people free to wear or not wear what they want. I had never before or since been in that situation- I’d like to be. I was wearing a string bikini under swim trunks would’ve lost the trunks if we weren’t with another couple

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