I wear thongs, why don’t you?

I wear thongs why don't you?

This post isn’t necessary for my regular followers, since many of you already wear thongs. Feel free to add to the comments like you do on other posts. Also this is not necessarily only for the males. There are plenty of females that don’t wear thongs or rarely wear them. I’m an advocate for both sexes to wear thongs and bikinis. Let’s get into the subject.

Yes, I am a male that wears thongs. No, I’m not gay and I am married with two kids. Just because thongs are available by the masses for women it does not make them feminine underwear (just because one is gay doesn’t make one feminine or masculine either). Now, I finally was able to get my hands on my first thong at the age of 19 after starting wearing bikini underwear about 2 years prior. To me it seemed like a thong was the next step in the underwear progression.

Why did I want to try a thong? I always found them sexy on women, so I’d say the sex appeal got me interested. Plus I really liked wearing bikini underwear. I knew they were for me the first time I pulled a pair on. With many females wearing thongs, I made the assumption that they couldn’t be that uncomfortable to wear. When I get curious about something I pursue it until I satisfy it. So when the opportunity presented itself I purchased a thong.

You typically hear how can fabric between the cheeks be comfortable! Well, it can and is. Yes, some thongs are not comfortable at all and some can bother you over time. Find some comfortable pairs and you are going to enjoy wearing thongs. Yes, it may be a bit odd at first, but they are a very comfortable underwear option. Great option for the warm weather too.

Now, why do I wear thongs? First and foremost they are comfortable. I’m not going to wear something that isn’t comfortable. They make me feel sexy, which guys are allowed to feel. With feeling good about yourself it just perks you up and gives confidence. They offer better support in my opinion than the mainstream boxer, boxer briefs, and briefs. They keep the package in place better and keep one from bouncing about. It’s fun to have a variety of styles, cuts, colors/patterns to mix things up instead of wearing the same style and color day in and day out. I like how they look on me and define my butt and legs. Visible underwear lines are low on my reason list, since I can find skimpy underwear lines sexy. But thongs are an option to reduce them if need be.

So why don’t you wear thongs? My guess is the fabric between the cheek is what scares most away. Don’t allow it. Wearing a thong is nothing like getting a wedgie or even underwear riding up. You can even forget you are wearing a thong. Some you notice more than others and who cares as long as they are comfortable. When looking for a thong, I say start by focusing on fabric content and the tail width for comfort. They kind of work together. Wider tails with soft fabric can be more comfortable than really narrow tails with soft fabric. I typically aim for tails under an inch wide and I normally avoid string like ones. Women have the luxury of buying thongs in person if they want, so they can feel the fabric and see how soft or scratchy it may be. Guys are most likely going to have to shop online, so they either need to pay attention to fabric content and/or reviews. Everyone should at least give a thong a try and give several a try before giving up if the first couple just aren’t doing it for you. It’s unbelievable what a good fitting thong can do for one’s mood.

Let me wrap this up. Thongs are comfortable. They make you feel sexy that leads to improved confidence. For guys I’d say they are great for supporting the boys. They’re much cooler in warmer weather. Thongs are great for defining the legs, butt, and pelvic curves. You can achieve minimal tan lines and reduce underwear lines under tight fitting clothes if that is a concern. You don’t have to be a 100% thong wearer. I’m around a 50% of a time thong wearer though might be edging slightly higher. I like to mix it up with a variety of coverages between the bikini and thong styles. So go out and try a thong and add some fun to the underwear drawer (maybe swimwear drawer too).

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  1. Stephen says:

    Well said, well written.
    Completely agree. Just a shame it’s frowned upon by many

  2. Bill says:

    Great article. After I tried my first thong I was hooked. I’m probable in the 70-80 percent range even though I still love wearing bikini’s and sometimes fashion briefs. But thongs are by far the best. And the woman in my life loves seeing me in them. Which is an added bonus. Please keep up the great work educating those afraid to give it a try.

  3. BC says:

    Agree 100%. I am a senior, wear thongs about 50% of the time, more in summer, less in winter. I find them extremely comfortable and supportive. No issues with tales between the cheeks on most thongs but some with a wider tale can be somewhat uncomfortable.

  4. G says:

    That’s pretty much how it is for me. I wore tangas as a teenager, but they have entirely given place to thongs and g-strings now, apart from a couple of swim tangas that I have for pools wear I wouldn’t get away with a thong (sadly an increasingly common occurrence).

    • PETER BURNHAM says:

      I wear bodysuits 24/7. I like them because they don’t ride up if I put up my hands .

      • David_nc says:

        You hit the nail on the head, like Nate and others here I tested the thong world around age 19. Some were bad and some were great. It took time to find the style, material, sizing that I like best. I took a hiatus wearing them for a while, but so glad I added them back. I did noticed I didn’t wear them as often in the winter months, but as summer approaches I’m ready to begin wearing them more often. I do wish I could get my wife to wear them, she did in her younger years but has since stopped. I told her I was going to buy her some and she seemed interested but isn’t quite ready to try them again, one day though.

  5. Shredhead says:

    Sorry for writing this twice, Nate you can remove the previous post.

    I wear thong always despite on bicycle trips, there I found thong to rub in the groin and boxer is the solution for that. The main reason for wearing a thong nowadays is I´m HSP and they feel sexy (I feel them very sexy in crotch area) and are comfortable in daytime use for package and the must for hot weather. I remember time before thong I felt boxers uncomfortable when they went between the cheek, now I have a piece of clothing that is already there 🙂

    I have different stretch levels for daytime and nighttime thongs. Recently I have designed my own thong underwear line, there is soon 3 different patterns. One wonderful woman will knit them for me. That was my dream and it´s even more delight wearing thong, which is unique and designed only for me.

  6. Funderwear says:

    Great article. There are so many good reasons to wear a thong if you’re a guy. You pretty much nailed them all. For me comfort is number one. I find thongs by far the most comfortable for sleeping, running and wearing while working at my desk. Second I’ve always liked how they look on me. When I’m wearing thin cloth pants there are no lines and it accentuates my booty which I really like too. Finally they just make me feel sexy so they check all the boxes for me.

    It’s unfortunate there’s still a social stigma that goes against men who want to wear sexy underwear in the year 2021. I think men’s thongs will eventually become “normal” or at least more so than they are perceived to be today. The great news is there are so many great options online to buy sexy and high quality mens undies online. Some of my fav brands are Gregg Homme, Jack Adams, and Delio Dietz. International Jock is great place that sells a variety of sexy high end mens underwear too.

    It’s crazy to me that less than 2 years ago I wore only boxer shorts as my everyday underwear. Now thongs are my daily go to.

  7. T says:

    As someone who is known for being passionate about g-strings in particular, I thought I would approach this topic as if I was yet to transition from boring undies to sexy ones, but I was unsure about making that change.
    “I Wear Thongs, Why Don’t You?” I would like to try a thong, but my local stores only sell boxers and long trunks. I know you can buy them online, but how do you know if they will fit, and I’m worried that they won’t come in discreet packaging, and I’d die if my flatmates see what I’ve bought. I know thongs are popular with girls because you often see them showing through their leggings etc, but I’ve never seen a guy wearing one. Doesn’t having a strap, you know, up there between your cheeks bother you? Is it not like the worst wedgie ever? People will automatically assume that I’m not straight because only gay men wear thongs. Isn’t that the case? What do I do if my wife/girlfriend hates the thought of me wearing one of those and banishes me to the spare room until I come to my senses? I wouldn’t dare hang them on the washing line for fear my neighbours would see them and laugh.
    Just a few questions that someone contemplating wearing a thong might have, and I think I’m right in saying that all of these questions have come up at some point on this blog and forum.

    • David_nc says:

      T, great perspective as always. I will that it was obviously easier for some of us 20+ years ago since bikinis and thongs were easier to find in big box stores. They weren’t always the best, but it helped to narrow down what style/cut you did like and we had the options like Undergear and Prevail Sport that offered a variety at good prices. Many thongs today are prices $20 or more, unless you can find a sale here or there. But for the reader that doesn’t own a thong and wants to try it, I say go for it. They may not be your thing but you never know if you don’t at least try them.

    • Jason says:

      I have satirically posed this question of social media, “If men’s underwear can be gay, does that also mean that women’s panties can be lesbian?”

  8. Shredhead says:

    Slowly I´ve been undressing and dressing thong more freely in swimming hall locker room. No matter what other people think if they see. This is my life 🙂

  9. Jason says:

    and now, amidst this covid plandemic, we are bombarded with with endless tiresome jokes about thongs being masks. retailers advertising thongs for men on facebook are the constant butt of jokes for meatheads asking the same stupid question over and over again, “Is that a mask?”Dude thinks he’s being funny, but in reality he just makes himself look like an idiot that can’t tell his bumhole from a hole in the ground!

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