Best Men’s Swimwear for the Beach in 2021

Best men's swimwear 2021

As I write this we have had a significant snowfall with more to come. Not quite beach weather, but one can still dream about it. So why do we like to head to the beach? Some of the reasons are probably for the sun, sand, water, the sounds, etc. It’s a great place to getaway and just try to relax. So what type of swimsuit should you wear to the beach?

I suppose it would really depend on your reason for going. If it is for sun, water, and the sand then let’s explore my thoughts. Some things you may do to enjoy the beach is lay out and enjoy soaking up the sun. Maybe swimming in the water and riding the waves. Playing frisbee, catch with a ball, soccer, volleyball, or the like are all great options. When I think swimwear for any of the aforementioned activities, I think cool, comfortable, well fitting, supportive, multi-purpose, and functional.

Well that eliminates anything baggy like board shorts or trunks. Those aren’t going to keep me cool and supported. Not really well fitted either. Now comfortable I would argue not, since they’re hotter and don’t support. No support makes them not functional enough either. I suppose I’ll give them some what multi-purpose. So why do guys wear them? Short answer is they’re brainwashed.

Best swimwear for 2021 and beyond are swim briefs or less. Great for sunning, splashing in the water, and playing in the sand. More exposed skin means better for sunning and cooler. Form fitting fabric gives you great support for swimming and playing on the beach. More comfortable all around with support, coolness, and better fit to your body. No looking like a drowned rat with soak and wet shorts clinging to you. Fast drying with the material and less fabric allows you to be on your way quicker. Go as you are or slip your clothes back on depending on your next stop. More functional than the bulky swim shorts and board shorts for really enjoying the beach.

Now for those that haven’t already have had the pleasure of breaking away from the dreaded shorts. Let me give you some potential swimwear options. I’ll start off with a little more of a revealing swim brief with one of my favorites that would be acceptable anywhere. Everyone knows the brand Speedo, so check out their Solar swim brief. It has the fuller coverage front and back, but has narrower sides than you’d think with a swim brief. They call it the 1″ Solar, but they are slightly wider than an inch. It’s a great fitting swim brief that I’ve worn many times. If too revealing for you then I’d say go for a fuller Speedo brand swim brief.

There really are lots of great swimwear options in swim briefs and less out there. I like slimmer side ones for the feel of more freedom of movement. Better for soaking up sun and I think they look better on me. I also like my swim briefs’ backs to be a little less than full coverage. So my next potential one for you to check out is Kiniki’s Riviera swim bikini brief. Hard to beat the price of it for the quality. Locally this is the smallest I’ll most likely go.

Want something with a little more coverage, but not quite a full fledged swim brief check out Slugger’s swim briefs. I have one of their classic swim briefs, which is a nice choice for a conservative swim brief. I still need to try one of their racer back swim briefs, but they could be a good option too. The classic is the one I decided to go with to introduce some of the family to my swim brief wearing.

Those are some of the swim briefs in my drawer that are still available to purchase. They are ones I have worn locally without any issues. Some of my skimpier ones aren’t available anymore. Then for thongs I don’t have many, since they aren’t legal locally. Plus I’m happy as a swim brief wearer. I’ll suggest one that is a fuller thong that is similar to the Riviera swim brief I mentioned above. Take a look at Kiniki’s St. Tropez thong. I personally like the fit of it and would be a great option for a first appearance at a beach in a thong. You could also go with the Llyod from Kiniki, which seems to be the same without a drawstring.

It is hard to believe it is 2021 and we’re still lacking societal acceptance for form fitting swimwear for men. The so-called fashion media outlets are not giving them any recognition. It’s time to change that and enjoy the beach the right way. The best men’s swimwear for 2021 in my book is swim briefs or less.

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  1. Paul Brochner says:

    You should also maybe check out the line up of swim and water polo briefs from Turbo. They are my go to.
    I’m not associated with the company, I just really like the products and nobody seems to know about them over here in North America.

    • Pablo says:

      Hi Paul, Turbo is a Spanish company, they made swimbriefs since the 80s,unfortunately when they were no more fashionable, Turbo specialized in waterpolo briefs (thicker and lined everywhere). They sell a lot of them here

  2. PABLO says:

    Hi from a Southern European to Nate and all of readers. This is my first comment in the blog,as for the selection of swimwear for next beach season I would like to comment upon some brands that are not frequently mentioned in this page . They are Calzedonia (Italy) and Sauwy (Spain). Calzedonia is widely popular here, they have swimbriefs with regular width in many colours and patterns, as for Sauwy, they offer narrower sides in high quality. Both at good prices. (around 15 euros).
    Can’t wait to new beach season

  3. Bill says:

    I’ve worn some addicted bikini swimwear. And I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from girls that thought they were really hot.

  4. mrrigid says:

    Oh, I can’t wait for summer and this pandemic to end!
    My wife and I like to hang out at the snackbar/drink hut at our local beach. I find a great solution is to wear my bikini under just a hawaiian shirt.
    With the shirt closed, it could look like I’m not wearing a bathing suit at all, but I’m perfectly outfitted to stand on line at the bar, or on the snack like with little kids and their moms and dads. However, if I’m comfortable, (and once I’ve had a drink or two!) I can open, or take off my shirt and quickly be as exposed as I want.
    I do have a Speedo Solar and an N2N Vortex, though I particularly like my Swimoutlet Sporti Euro – the best deal in bikinis!

  5. swimmer78 says:

    During this miserably cold winter and pandemic, I’ve found myself daydreaming about hitting our favorite beach spot near Pensacola wearing my speedo. I’m longing to layout and get tanned and ride some waves. Last year I usually wore my brief under a square cut. When I got brave enough I would take the square cut off and just rock the bikini. Sometimes this was when it was almost time to leave. This year I want to challenge myself to only wear the brief under my shorts so I don’t have any choice but to wear my brief the whole time on the beach.

    I highly recommend Swimoutlet’s Sporti or iswim briefs. My go-to brief for the beach or casual pool wear is their Sporti Splice. They are inexpensive suits but last a long time and are very comfortable. Mine is the navy/gold combo. The Sporti Euro is also a great bikini. I use it for swim workouts. Happy speedoing in 2021!

  6. T says:

    I think we’d all agree that it is easy to let our thoughts and minds wander to sunny beaches and warm seas especially when the temperature outside is hovering around freezing,or lower in some cases. Unfortunately,due to the ongoing pandemic and travel restrictions that are currently in place,no-one can be certain that the opportunity will arise for us to be somewhere that we can wear a speedo,thong or whatever else we may choose.
    Having been spoiled for many years by the high temperatures and warm seas of Sicily,I have to say the prospect of spending time at a Scottish beach(yes we do have them),does not fill me with joy. Even if we are lucky to get an occasional hot sunny day,the seas remain very cold and my fellow Scotsmen are not renowned for their eyebrow raising swimwear. I may be doing a disservice to them,but I think speedos on a Scottish beach would be as rare as hens teeth. Anyway,getting back to the subject matter. If I do end up staying in Scotland and venturing to the seaside, depending on the location and personal space,or lack of it,I would probably take a choice of swimwear. I would already have on a g-string,but I would also pack a swim thong and tanga by Kiniki, and a Daniel Alexander halfback string bikini. Any of these would probably get me more (unwanted) attention than baring all in
    It is great that so many of the guys who follow the blog will be wearing speedos and possibly thongs(where allowed by local bylaws and partners). But how many of them are longing to push the envelope just a little further by reducing the sides and the back of their swimsuits,or realising the dream of swimming and sunbathing in a skimpy thong? Could this be the year that we all say there are worse things in this world to be genuinely worried about than how ignorant people might react to the size of my swimsuit,and life IS too short to let others dictate what I can or cannot wear?
    Here’s hoping that we will all be able to expose our skins to the sun’s warm rays this summer and will enjoy many positive experiences that we can share here on the blog.

  7. Jonathan G says:

    I don’t know if I’ll buy anything new this year. I’m in Uruguay and our summer is coming to an end, but I will head north for a few months soon and probably have some weeks of a northern summer too. We’ll have to see what new suits come out. Hoping to go to Curacao for a few weeks and work from there. My go-to this year have been Manstore bikinis and Skinz thongs.

  8. Jordan says:

    I live in France, on the beaches of the South West or the Mediterranean you can easily wear a bikini or even a thong. I have always done it even after the years 1995 when the sexist hegemony of swim shorts or Bermuda shorts has imposed itself on beaches around the world … I say sexist because it was more than a fashion: it was to create a sartorial distance between men’s briefs and women’s panties …
    You should still avoid putting on mini swimsuits on the beaches where there are groups of teenagers and young people: they will laugh at you because they are very conformist and even homophobic because they think that only gays wear this. kind of swimsuits (Which is further proof of their stupidity).
    So on the beaches where there are not many people I put on thongs or mini-bikinis in wedgie, if there are more people I opt for the tanga thats hides the buttocks …
    In September bought two “cheeky” swimsuits: the Adria by Manstore and the Pollock by Rufskin, and I plan to wear them on the more populous beaches! Can’t wait for summer to come!

    • Jordan says:

      I specify that the cheeky Manstore model is m911 or m861, Adria is the color brilliant blue. The Manstore goes higher in the back than the Rufskin, both show a good part of the buttocks from below. The Manstores are wider on the sides and finer in fabric than the Rufskins

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