Who Should Wear Swim Briefs?

Who Should Wear a Swim BriefI’ve seen the question who should wear a swim brief floating around. My answer to the question is anyone that wants to should wear a swim brief. Shouldn’t matter your shape, size, sexual orientation, age, or anything. You see all kinds of ladies wearing bikinis, so why can’t all kinds of guys wear a swim brief. Of course we’d all look better if we were in shape, but why should that be a requirement. People have the option of not looking if they do not like how someone looks in their suit.

Here are some examples of people that should wear a swim brief. If you don’t like coming out of the pool looking like a drowned rat, then maybe you should wear a swim brief. Don’t like the non support of trunks or board shorts, then wear a swim brief. Enjoy tucking your swimsuit into your wet suit? If not then go for a swim brief. Want to stay cooler at the beach or pool, break out the swim brief.

Please don’t wear a swim brief to just show off your bulged that hurts the image of the Speedo. Also don’t let your bulge be the reason not to wear a tight fitting suit. It’s not like we don’t know guys have the package. Be confident in yourself and wear a swim brief proudly if you so desire. They really are much better than the board short and swim trunks.

Here’s a few things people have told me over the years. Wear what makes you feel good. Act like it is what you always wear. Probably the best advice if you want to wear a Speedo or bikini is to just do it. Like I said at the start. Anyone that wants to wear a swim brief should give it a try and get the freedom you deserve from those bulky shorts.

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  1. T says:

    Here in the UK there is a dating programme called Take Me Out in which a guy comes down a glass lift which is situated in the middle of 30 girls in a semi circle who are all standing behind a podium with a light on. The guy then steps out of the lift and walks over to the host,turns around and introduces himself. If the girls like the look of the guy,they keep their lights on.If not,they switch them off.
    The second round is a short clip showing what job he does and favourite hobbies. The final round has him showing of a talent, or having a friend/family member revealing some embarrassing habit e.g manscaping. If,after all that, there are girls still with their lights on,the guy gets to choose one to take on a date to an island called Fernandos in the Med.
    Now you are probably wondering what the heck this has got to do with wearing swimming briefs? The fact is that in all the episodes I have seen,there have been only two guys brave enough to be seen in a speedo during the second round film clip,and most of the girls switched their lights off right away in horror at what they had seen. These two very fit looking guys did manage to make it to the island where they once again had the courage to wear their speedos,although one guy’s date remarked that his “shorts” were smaller than her’s. I should also point out that all the girls who get a date seem compelled to wear a bikini at the beach,but the guys,with those two exceptions,cover up in baggy shorts.Once again,double standards when it comes to beachwear.

  2. Black Stallion says:

    I think its women who poison mens mind into thinking that you have to be a certain kind of guy to wear bikinis briefs.

    • I’ve actually have had positive attitudes from women. Online I see a lot of negativity. I think how they are typially protrayed in society is causing a lot of the negativity. They are used to get laughs. Seems like every kid movie I’ve seen lately uses a swim brief and even a thong to get a laugh. Women celebrities are typically praised for wearing skimpy swimwear and guys are ridiculed. Very rarely you see swim briefs in a positive light.

  3. Owen says:

    What happened? Back in the 70’s lots of guys were wearing speedos at the beach and swimming.
    Perhaps just trends… I like to see some guys are trying to bring back the one piece.

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